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Zeus Ancient Fortunes





Zeus Ancient Fortunes

Zeus Ancient Fortunes

Zeus Ancient Fortunes is shaking up the online slot game world with its 'falling symbols' mechanic. Instead of the classic spinning reels, symbols fall from above, creating even more opportunities to strike it lucky. It's like playing slot machines in space while floating around like Sandra Bullock.

And speaking of striking it lucky, the multiplier system in this game is something Zeus himself would be proud of. It's like he's up there in the clouds, wielding his lightning bolt to zap some major wins into our accounts. With its ability to give us access to higher winnings than traditional online slots, we'll be shouting 'Zeus-sy does it' all day long!

Theme and Design

Zeus couldn't help but feel a little jealous when he saw the gorgeous game grid in Ancient Fortunes. The circular reliefs represent the most well-known deities of Olympus and various creatures from Greek mythology. It's like stepping into the Elysian Fields! It has a classic taste blended with modern influences, making it one of the freshest games on the market. And the music? Let's just say it sounds like the gods themselves are dishing out some epic wins. Overall, this game is a stroke of creative genius.

Unleash The Power: Multiplier System of Zeus Ancient Fortunes

Zeus Ancient Fortunes is not just another slot game. It's a trip down to the underworld of Mount Olympus. And one of the things that makes this game really stand out is its innovative multiplier system.

Trigger an extra combination and you'll receive an x2 multiplier. Get three and now you are playing with an x3. The fourth combination is when things get really exciting. You'll get an x7 multiplier, or what we like to call the 'Thunderbolt Bonus.'

The multiplier system is what adds more Zeus' to the game and sets it apart from the rest. With this dynamic game design, players have a chance to win significantly higher payouts than they would with typical online slots. Don't blame us when you feel like you are in Zeus' kingdom of lightning and thunder!

Get electrified with Free Spins!

Just like Zeus' thunderbolt, the Free Spins feature in Zeus Ancient Fortunes is a real game-changer. It's like getting a free ticket to the biggest electronic music festival in the world, except you don't have to spend a dime! Nothing beats the thrill of spinning the reels for free and watching your balance go up.

All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for those elusive lightning bolts. Once you have enough of them, you're in for a treat. The number of Free Spins you get is random, but one thing is for sure - the more you get, the better your chances of hitting the jackpot!

So, get ready to be struck by lightning and electrify your gameplay with the Free Spins feature. Who knows? You might just win enough to buy your very own thunderbolt.

Zeus Ancient Fortunes vs. Other Greek Slots

Move over, Legends of Greece and Zeus III, there's a new Greek god in town - Zeus Ancient Fortunes! This game brings a fresh take with the falling symbols mechanism, giving players an electrifying gameplay experience. You won't be stuck in the classics with this cutting-edge slot!

While other slots may stick to the traditional ways, Zeus Ancient Fortunes takes things to the next level. It's like comparing Zeus' lightning bolt to a static shock from touching a doorknob! Overall, the mechanics and design of this game are top-notch.


What is Zeus Ancient Fortunes?

Zeus Ancient Fortunes is an online slot game developed by Microgaming with a theme based on ancient Greek gods and mythological figures.

What is the visual aspect of the game?

Zeus Ancient Fortunes has a classic taste but with modern influences. The symbols are circular reliefs with well-known deities of Olympus and creatures related to various Greek myths.

What are the technical innovations of the game?

Zeus Ancient Fortunes uses the 'falling symbols' mechanism where winning symbols disappear, and other symbols fall from above to take their place. This mechanism allows for triggering additional combinations, which will also be rewarded by a multiplier on winnings.

What is the multiplier used in the game?

In Zeus Ancient Fortunes, multipliers from x1 to x7 are used. From the first combination, no changes are made; from the second, the multiplier will be x2. The third will be rewarded with an x3, and the fourth with x7.

What is the Free Spin feature of the game?

Zeus Ancient Fortunes has a Free Spin feature, which can be obtained by finding enough lightning bolts and can give us access to a variable number of free spins.

What other similar slots are there?

Legends of Greece by Saucify or Zeus III by WMS are some of the similar slots based on the theme of ancient Greece.

What grid mechanism does the game use?

The game grid mechanism used by Zeus Ancient Fortunes is falling symbols where the symbols fall from above, and when a combination is obtained, winning symbols disappear, and other symbols fall from above to take their place.

What is the maximum amount of multiplier and free spins rewarded?

Zeus Ancient Fortunes offers a maximum multiplier of x7 and a variable number of free spins, which can be obtained by finding enough lightning bolts.

What we like

  • Falling symbols mechanism for additional combinations
  • Multiplier system for higher winnings
  • Well-designed game with an exciting theme
  • Free Spins feature adds excitement and more chances to win

What we don't like

  • No jackpot feature
  • Limited number of Free Spins awarded
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