Little Bighorn

by Nolimit City

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RTP 94.09%

Volatility HIGH


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Little Bighorn
RTP 94.09%
Volatility HIGH

Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn

Get ready for a wild ride with Little Bighorn, a slot game packed with excitement! With 5 reels and a variable number of rows (3-4-5-3-2), you’ll feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of fun.

To score a winning combination, you’ll need at least three identical symbols starting from the left reel and proceeding to the right. And if you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry – the automatic spins feature lets you sit back and relax without having to click the Play button every time. Plus, there are win and loss limits available to keep things interesting.

With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.06%, the odds are in your favor. And with high volatility, you never know what kind of crazy ride you’re in for – it’s like the slot game version of a thrill park!

Get Them High Symbol Values in Little Bighorn!

Unlike other casino slot games that use boring old playing card symbols, Little Bighorn offers a whole new level of thematic symbols. Your lower value symbols include everyday weapons like knives, guns, maces, rifles, and axes, while the more lucrative symbols feature captivating historical figures like Two Moons, Captain Thomas Custer, Crazy Horse, Colonel George Custer, and even Sitting Bull himself!

And if that’s not enough, there are also several Wild and Scatter symbols that add a whole new level of excitement to the game. So get those reels spinning and aim for the big wins in Little Bighorn!


In Little Bighorn, you can enjoy more bonuses than Sitting Bull had arrows! Starting with the Scalp Wild, which is like a tomahawk to any American soldier. It lands only on the third reel and can turn them all into Jokers, expanding to the whole reel. And for every scalp, you get a +1 multiplier! Don’t worry; no actual scalping is involved. Phew!

The Totem Wild could grant you eight Spins for free if it appears thrice. And if you get the No Mercy Scatter, oh boy, you’re in for a treat! The symbol travels west to the left, revealing some fantastic effects:

  • Sitting Bull: Like a good medicine man, he’ll convert the symbols into expansive Wilds.
  • Crazy Horse: This one’s got a real horse power! He’ll give you a Wild symbol and the +1 multiplier to each symbol.
  • Two Moons: The answer to all your prayers! The symbol will turn all its symbols wild.

If you’re really feeling lucky, you can also purchase special functions by clicking on the star symbol. But remember, the only thing you can scalp here is the big win!

Hold on Tight! Volatility and RTP

Get ready for a wild ride with Little Bighorn’s high volatility – you might want to strap yourself in for this one! On the bright side, this game boasts a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.06%, so you’ll have plenty of chances to hit those big wins. Just keep in mind that the RTP can change when you trigger one of the game’s exciting bonus features. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Get ready to play Little Bighorn on any device, including the smallest screen of them all – your mobile phone. This game is perfect for playing on the go, which is good because once you start playing, you won’t want to stop!

For a mere $0.20, you can start your journey to victory with 360 different ways to win. And, the best part? You could potentially win up to 23,676 times your original bet. Just imagine what you could do with all those extra coins – buy a pony, invest in a cattle ranch, or treat yourself to a fancy new headdress. The possibilities are endless!


What is the minimum bet for Little Bighorn?

The base bet for Little Bighorn is $0.20.

What is the volatility of Little Bighorn?

The volatility of Little Bighorn is high.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) of Little Bighorn?

The theoretical RTP of Little Bighorn is 96.06%.

What is the Scalp Wild symbol in Little Bighorn?

The Scalp Wild can only land on the third reel and turns all American soldiers into Jokers. It expands to the entire reel and can award a +1 multiplier for every American scalp obtained.

What is the Totem Wild symbol in Little Bighorn?

The Totem Wild symbol also expands and awards 8 Free Spins if it appears 3 times.

What is the No Mercy Scatter symbol in Little Bighorn?

The No Mercy Scatter symbol moves to the left and reveals one of the following special symbols: Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, or Two Moons.

Can I purchase special functions in Little Bighorn?

Yes, you can purchase special functions by clicking on the star symbol.

Which symbols are higher value in Little Bighorn?

The more lucrative symbols are Two Moons, Captain Thomas Custer, Crazy Horse, Colonel George Custer, and Sitting Bull.

What we like

  • Multiple bonus features
  • Expanding Wilds and free spins
  • High RTP and volatility
  • Accessible on mobile devices

What we don’t like

  • Only thematic symbols
  • Need to purchase special functions
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