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Milky Ways

by Nolimit City





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Milky Ways

Milky Ways

Let's talk about Milky Ways - the casino game, not the candy bar. Developed by Nolimit City, this simple online slot has 243 ways to win that expands to 3125 in the Free Spins Bonus Round. Who needs physics when you have expanding slots?

As experienced players, we know that activating wilds and multiplier repetitions are essential to win big. Luckily, Milky Ways players can do just that. And with betting ranging from $0.20 up to $100.00 per spin, you can bet your bottom that you won't be disappointed with this sweet game.

Bonus Features for the Ultimate Big Win!

Who doesn't love a good multiplier? With Milky Ways, you can find wild symbols that can appear on the three central reels- and let's just say, they're 'out of this world!' These wilds come packed with a multiplier ranging from 1 to 3 times.

The Milky Ways Spins Round also brings in three bonus symbols that work their magic on the central reels. And guess what? Two extra rows are added to the game, which gives us a total of 3125 opportunities to hit those winning combinations.

And if that wasn't enough, we've got the Fusion Spin. This baby is a re-spin that activates during your Milky Ways Free Spins bonus. Watch those winning symbols lock in place and all non-winning symbols get spun again in hopes of adding to your win! It's like getting a second chance at life, but with more winning potential.

The Red Diamond: Big Bucks and Bling

Move over, Liz Taylor - the red diamond in Milky Ways slot game puts your rock to shame! This precious gem is the highest paying symbol in the game - and it's got the bling to back it up. With a prize worth 2.5 times the bet, players can turn their winnings into X5664 in total final prizes.

So while diamonds may be a girl's best friend, they're definitely a player's secret weapon in this game. Just don't let them get too shiny -- you don't want to blind the competition!

Multiplier Repetitions

What's better than a Solar Wild? Two, of course! In the Milky Ways slot game, you can get multiple Solar Wilds in one spin and watch your winnings skyrocket. And the more Solar Wilds you land, the more they multiply each other. It's like a math problem, but with money.

And don't forget the Free Spins Bonus Round - it's where the real magic happens. Every time you win during the bonus round, you get even more repetitions. It's like the game is daring you to keep winning, like a sassy slot machine that knows you can't resist its charm.

Accessibility: It's Free and Mobile!

Why jump through hoops when you can jump through the Milky Ways? This intergalactic wonder is available to players without the hassle of registration on Slotajava and other online casinos. Plus, it's mobile! Play this game while on the move and win big while doing so.

If you're tired of other games that require you to sit in one spot like a lump of space debris, Milky Ways is the perfect solution. It's accessible and convenient, just like a snack bar on a rocket ship!

Get your sweet tooth ready for Milky Ways by Nolimit City!

If you're looking for a no-frills, classic-style slot game with a modern twist, look no further than Milky Ways by Nolimit City. Sure, it may not have the same level of zaniness as Bonus Bunnies or Punk Rocker, but sometimes less is more, which is certainly the case here.

The combination of traditional and contemporary design elements makes for a gameplay experience that is both familiar and fresh at the same time. And while the gameplay mechanics won't make your brain hurt, the potential winnings certainly will during the Free Spins round. With big payouts on the line, it's worth giving Milky Ways a spin - or several.


What is the RTP of Milky Ways?

The RTP of the Nolimit City Milky Ways slot is 96.14%.

What is the biggest payout available on Milky Ways?

The biggest payout you can get while playing Milky Ways is 5664 times your bet.

Is there a Free Spins bonus in Milky Ways?

Yes! The Free Spins bonus is activated when you get three bonus symbols. Here, 2 wilds are always guaranteed to land on the reels and repetitions are awarded every time you get a win.

What are Nolimit City's most volatile slots?

If you are looking for a higher gain, we suggest trying the free slots Tombstone, Punk Rocker, and Deadwood in the virtual Slotjava library.

How do you start playing Milky Ways?

To start playing Milky Ways, look at the Paytable and Rules by clicking on the menu. Choose your bet by clicking on the dollar sign button on the lower left. Check the autoplay options, and press SPIN.

What is the Solar Wild feature in Milky Ways?

The Solar Wild is the first special bonus feature in Milky Ways. This is a wild symbol that appears only on the three central reels and has a multiplier from 1 to 3 times. If more than one Solar Wild appears in one spin, they will be multiplied by each other.

What is the Milky Ways Spins Round feature?

The Milky Ways Spins Round is composed of three bonus symbols that work on the central three reels. Two more rows are added to the game to give a total of 3125 chances of winning combinations!

What is the Fusion Spin feature in Milky Ways?

Fusion Spin re-spins are activated during the Milky Ways Free Spins bonus. During this bonus, winning symbols are locked in position, and all non-winning symbols are spun again to have the chance to add more symbols to the win.

What we like

  • 243 ways to win, expands to 3125 in Free Spins Bonus Round
  • Multiple bonus features including wild symbols and multiplier repetitions
  • Highest paying symbol offers a prize worth 2.5 times the bet
  • Available for free play and mobile accessibility

What we don't like

  • Game may be too basic for some players
  • Free Spins round is the main highlight, rest of the gameplay can feel ordinary
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