Krakatoa Lucky Break

by Ainsworth

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RTP 96.43%

Volatility MED


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Krakatoa Lucky Break
RTP 96.43%
Volatility MED

Krakatoa Lucky Break

Krakatoa Lucky Break

Get ready to blow up your gaming experience with Krakatoa Lucky Break! This game features a 5×3 grid with 30 paylines and a payout rate that will knock your socks off at approximately 96.5%. The game’s volatility is just like the volcano it’s named after, with frequent smaller wins and rare big wins that’ll explode into your wallet.

Watch out for the Scatter symbol that triggers a round of free spins, giving you a chance to win without breaking a sweat. And, if you’re lucky enough to get six bonus symbols, hold on tight because you’ll activate the Krakatoa Lucky Break feature. Dare to play with fire as this feature offers the chance to win it big with multipliers or even jackpots!

Bonus feature and jackpots

Hold onto your hats, folks! Krakatoa Lucky Break has jackpots that can make you feel like a winner. We’re talking MINI jackpots that can earn you around 30 game credits all the way up to the GRAND jackpot that boasts a staggering 15,000 game credits. That’s enough moolah to make it rain, baby!

Get your hands on six bonus symbols and you’ll unlock the coveted bonus feature. This feature can earn you a 200x multiplier or the chance to hit one of those sweet jackpots we mentioned above. Who said lava can’t be lucky?

The Volcanic Experience of Krakatoa Lucky Break

Hold on to your hats, folks! Krakatoa Lucky Break is a ride that will take you on a thrill-a-minute volcano adventure. But be warned – this game is not for the faint-hearted. With high volatility, expect frequent small wins and rare big ones, like catching a glimpse of the elusive Bigfoot.

It’s like trying to outrun a lava flow – your heart will be racing as you spin the reels, hoping for the ultimate eruption of winnings. And when it finally happens, you’ll be jumping with joy as if you’ve just found a hidden treasure trove.

Graphic Design & Theme: A Volcano of Fun

Hold onto your hats, folks – Krakatoa Lucky Break is about to blow you away with its explosive theme! Based on the infamous Indonesian volcano, this game takes players on a blast to the past with electrifying graphics and vintage vibes. The colors are so vivid, you’ll feel like you’re getting a suntan from your screen. And those symbols? They’re hotter than molten lava!

More Ways to Ignite Your Wins with Volcano-themed Slots!

If you’re ready to take your gaming to new heights, then you won’t want to miss these other fiery volcano-themed slots!

First up, we have Volatile Slot from Williams Interactive. It may not have the big jackpots like Krakatoa Lucky Break, but it packs a punch with its modern graphics and sizzling gameplay.

Next, we have Volcano Eruption from NextGen. With 25 paylines, this slot is always hot and ready to blow! It may not have a Krakatoa-sized eruption, but it’s sure to get your volcano flowing.


What is the RTP of Krakatoa Lucky Break?

The payout percentage of Krakatoa Lucky Break is around 96.5%, which is higher than the average for other slots on the market.

How many paylines does Krakatoa Lucky Break have?

The slot machine has a 5×3 grid and 30 paylines.

What is the volatility of Krakatoa Lucky Break?

The volatility of Krakatoa Lucky Break is high, which means the wins are frequent, but the big ones, such as the jackpots, are truly difficult to hit.

What are the bonus symbols in Krakatoa Lucky Break?

Getting six bonus symbols in a row will activate the bonus feature, giving you a 200x multiplier or one of the various jackpots listed above the slot machine’s grid.

What are the jackpots in Krakatoa Lucky Break?

The jackpots, from left to right, range from major to minor. The minor jackpot usually amounts to about 30 game credits and is called MINI, while the major, known as GRAND, offers around 15,000 game credits.

What is the Scatter symbol in Krakatoa Lucky Break?

Each Scatter obtained allows you to get a free spin, which means a round where you don’t have to use your game credit.

What is Volatile Slot?

Volatile Slot is a slot machine from Williams Interactive with a volcano eruption theme.

What is Volcano Eruption?

Volcano Eruption is a slot machine from NextGen with 25 paylines and a volcano eruption theme.

What we like

  • Fair level of volatility
  • Frequent smaller wins
  • Rare big wins with jackpots
  • Electrifying graphics and vintage look

What we don’t like

  • High level of volatility
  • Could offer more paylines
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