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Run with the Wolves Quad Shot

Run with the Wolves Quad Shot

Run with the Wolves Quad Shot

If you're ready to run with the pack and test your luck, check out Run with the Wolves Quad Shot. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot game is classic but with a twist! The symbols range from basic alphanumeric characters to majestic felines, soaring eagles, and even a beautiful Native American-inspired necklace. Don't paws for too long though because the bear symbol is what you want growling on the reels as it earns you up to 12 times your total bet.

The Wild symbol, represented by the lone wolf, is ready to support your pack by substituting for any symbol except the Scatter. Let out a howl of excitement when you see the Scatter symbol trigger free games, and maybe even award you a prize of 5, 20, or 100 times your bet!

Bonuses and Freebies: Run with the Wolves Quad Shot

Get ready for some howling fun with Run with the Wolves Quad Shot's bonus features and free games! You can choose from three different combinations of spins and multipliers to increase your chances of winning big. However, if you're feeling indecisive like a wolf in a pack, let the game choose for you. And don't worry, if you land three or more Scatters during free games, you'll be rewarded with an extra howl— er, 5 free spins.

The game also has four jackpot prizes up for grabs, so you better start chasing those paw-some combinations. This game is not just about running with the wolves, it's about winning big and becoming the alpha of the pack.

Winning Big with Quad Shot Bonuses

In case you're tired of the same old boring slot games, Run with the Wolves Quad Shot offers a four-pronged way to win big through its jackpot prizes. It's like having a quad of wolf companions to help you hunt for those juicy jackpots.

The Quad Shot Bonus is where the real excitement begins! By landing on specific combos, players have a chance to nab the main bonus, minor bonus, maximum bonus, and even a mini-bonus! Think of it like ordering a combo meal, but with more howling.

Feeling lucky? The maximum payout is 2,000 times the total bet, so it's definitely worth giving a shot. Who says a pack of wolves can't bring you fortune?

Graphics and Theme

Alright folks, let's talk graphics and theme. Run with the Wolves Quad Shot's designs may not be the latest and greatest, but they still manage to capture a hint of magic that'll have you howling. The symbols include letters, wild cats, eagles, feathers, and a divine necklace, which all come together in perfect harmony with the Native American-inspired theme.

Now, if you're looking for cutting-edge graphics that'll blow your mind, then my friend, you might be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a game that's charming, keeps you entertained and doesn't leave your eyes sore, look no further than Run with the Wolves Quad Shot.

Ready to Rumble with the RTP

So, you're wondering what the Return to Player percentage is for Run with the Wolves Quad Shot? Look no further, my slot game friend! This game's RTP is 94.41% - not too shabby, right? It's not like you're gonna be howling at the moon with joy, but it definitely gives you a decent chance to stack up some coins.

With such a good RTP, it's no wonder that Run with the Wolves Quad Shot is becoming as popular as a litter of wolf puppies! It's a game that can really grow on you, especially when you learn that you have some good odds of winning.


What is Run with the Wolves Quad Shot?

Run with the Wolves Quad Shot is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot game created by Ainsworth with classic free games and mini-games, and numerous spin and free multiplier combinations.

What can I expect from the graphics of the game?

The game has a classic look with slightly blurred images, with symbols that include numbers, feather, felines, eagles, necklace, bear, wolf, etc.

What are the gameplay features and functions of the game?

The game has a free games feature that allows you to choose from three combinations of spins and multipliers available. You can also win one of four jackpot prizes, which can be obtained by hitting a specific combination.

What are my options for the free games feature?

You have three options: 20 free spins paid at 1x, 12 free spins with doubled Wild wins, and 8 free spins with tripled Wild wins. You can also earn 5 additional free spins by finding 3 or more Scatter symbols.

What is the RTP of the game?

The game has an RTP of 94.41%.

What is the symbol that can earn me up to 12 times the total bet?

The best symbol of them all is the bear.

What is the Wild symbol of the game?

The wolf is the Wild symbol, which can replace any other value or game symbol, except for the Scatter.

Can I win more than one bonus from the Quad Shot Bonus?

Yes, with the Quad Shot Bonus, you can get the main bonus, the minor bonus, the maximum bonus, and a mini bonus, all of which are characterized by specific combinations.

What we like

  • Classic gameplay mechanics
  • Multiple bonus features
  • Four jackpot prizes
  • Respectable RTP

What we don't like

  • Graphics could be more innovative
  • Lack of unique design elements
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