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Super Hot 7s

Super Hot 7s

Super Hot 7s

Looking for a slot game that's more explosive than the salsa bowl at your local Mexican restaurant? Look no further than Super Hot 7s! This five-by-three reel fruit machine will have you on the edge of your seat with its five fixed paylines and exciting betting range. Sure, the graphics and sound effects might remind you of your grandma's old slot machine, but at least this one won't lecture you on the importance of finishing your vegetables.

The game's symbol selection is as straightforward as a toddler's art project, with classic fruit icons like cherries, oranges, grapes, lemons, and plums. Throw in the Super 7 symbol and a scatter symbol, and you've got a recipe for some spicy wins. Admittedly, the lack of a wild in the base game might feel like a cold shower for some players, but Super Hot 7s more than makes up for it with its free spins and bonus rounds. It's like getting an extra scoop of ice cream on top of your pie - you didn't really need it, but damn does it feel good.

Symbol Variety

What's a slot game without a little bit of fruit? Super Hot 7s has got your fruit fix covered with its selection of symbols, including cherries, oranges, grapes, lemons, plums, and melons. It's like a farmer's market, but with less mud and more chance of winning big. And if that's not enough excitement for you, there's also a Super 7 and a star-shaped scatter symbol. However, if you're looking for a wild time in the base game, you might be disappointed – there's no wild symbol to be found. But who needs wild symbols when you've got juicy fruits and stars, am I right?


Let's talk about the visuals for Super Hot 7s. It has a simplistic, retro-inspired graphic design that may remind some players of an 8-bit video game from the 1980s. It's like playing a slot game while listening to your favorite mixtape from way back when. Don't expect any fancy animations or flashy effects, but rather a charming nod to the past.

Now, the game's audio may also take you back in time, but it's not exactly a symphony. The sound effects, while fitting to the retro theme of the game, can become a bit monotonous after a while. It's nothing a good ol' mute button or some background music can't fix, though. Plus, these simplistic graphics and audio make the game run smoothly on any device or screen size, so you can keep on spinning those reels without any hiccups.

Betting Range: A Gamble for Everyone!

The stakes have been set with Super Hot 7s and they cater to both casual players and high rollers. You can bet from the comfort of your couch with as little as 1 Dollar or go all in with a bold 10 Dollar bet per spin.

With fixed paylines that offer the player ample opportunity to adjust their bets, this game is truly a gamble for everyone. Just keep your fingers crossed for those hot 7s!

Free Spins and Bonus Rounds: Make Some Cash, Baby!

So, here's the deal, honey. The base game of Super Hot 7s might not look like much, but just wait for those free spins and bonus rounds to hit. Trust me, they won't disappoint (unlike your ex). Once you hit three scatter symbols, you'll be treated to 14 free spins, and the Super 7 symbol becomes wild. And hey, who doesn't love a good wild? This little guy will double any winning combination it completes. Plus, the scatter can trigger even more free spins, and if you miss that third scatter, don't worry, there's still a chance for a reel spin bonus. Oh, and during those free spins? All rewards are tripled. Now that's what I call making some serious cash.

During the free spins, there's even a new paytable in use. That's right, folks, things just got a little more interesting. So don't give up on this game too soon. Stick around for the free spins and bonus rounds, and who knows? You might just end up with enough money to finally hire that personal chef you've been dreaming about.

Cash Prizes and Jackpots: Cha-ching!

Get ready to hit the jackpot with Super Hot 7s! While the base game may be a little lackluster, the cash prizes and jackpots more than make up for it. We're talking major cha-ching here, folks. The 5 of a kind combination with the 7s can pay out up to 40,000x your bet - not too shabby, right?

During the free spins and bonus rounds, your rewards can be tripled. That's right, three times the payout for those treble 7s. And that's just the beginning. The Wheel Bonus feature offers four potential jackpot prizes, with the Grand Jackpot topping out at a whopping 10,000 Dollars. That's enough to make anyone feel like a high roller.

Super Hot 7s - Where's the Wild?

Super Hot 7s is a slot game that boasts a variety of fruity symbols, but there is a noticeable absence - the wild symbol! It's like a fruit salad without the cherry on top. While it may leave some players craving the excitement of the wilds, fear not, Super Hot 7s makes up for it with some incredible free spins and bonus rounds.

Ah, the elusive wild symbol, the holy grail of slots. Its absence in the base game may leave some players feeling like they're missing out on the magic, but the game's bonus rounds will light up your world like a sizzling seven on a hot summer day. In these rounds, the base game's Super 7s become wild, so all is not lost.

Who is the Right Fit for Super Hot 7s?

Attention all fruity fans! If you're in the market for a classic, old-school slot game that doesn't require an advanced degree to understand, you've arrived at the right place! While the graphics might not make you weak at the knees, the uncomplicated visual effects allow for smooth gameplay on any platform. Whether you're a penny-pinching player or a high-rolling hotshot, you'll enjoy the broad range of betting options at your disposal. Sure, there may not be any wilds in the base game, but don't worry - Super Hot 7s has got you covered with some killer bonus features!


What is Super Hot 7s?

Super Hot 7s is a 3 reel fruit machine with a classic selection of fruit symbols. It features 5 paylines and a free spin bonus round where the Super 7 symbol becomes wild.

What is the betting range for Super Hot 7s?

The betting range for Super Hot 7s is between 1 and 10 Dollars per spin.

What is the RTP for Super Hot 7s?

The RTP for Super Hot 7s is not mentioned in this review.

What is the jackpot prize in Super Hot 7s?

Super Hot 7s has 4 potential jackpot prizes up for grabs. The Grand Jackpot pays a prize of 10,000 Dollars.

Does Super Hot 7s have a free spin bonus round?

Yes, Super Hot 7s has a free spin bonus round that is triggered by landing three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. You can win up to 8 free spins, and all rewards are tripled during the bonus round.

Is Super Hot 7s available on mobile devices?

Yes, Super Hot 7s is available on mobile devices, and it should work smoothly on even the smallest mobile screens.

How is the design in Super Hot 7s?

The design in Super Hot 7s is very simple and looks like a physical casino slot machine. It features a traditional yet engaging graphics, which includes symbols like cherries, bells, bars, and 7s symbols.

What are the features and symbols available in Super Hot 7s?

The features and symbols available in Super Hot 7s include 5 paylines, a free spin bonus round, and a spins-the-wheel bonus round that offers potential jackpot prizes. The symbols include cherries, oranges, grapes, lemons, plums, melons, and 7s symbols with no wild in the base game.

What we like

  • Wide variety of classic fruit machine symbols
  • Generous betting range for casual players and high rollers
  • Exciting free spins and bonus rounds
  • Chance to win cash prizes and jackpots

What we don't like

  • Lack of a wild symbol in the base game
  • Basic graphics and sound effects
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