Foxin' Wins Football Fever

by NextGen

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RTP 95.61%

Volatility MED


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Foxin' Wins Football Fever
RTP 95.61%
Volatility MED

Foxin’ Wins Football Fever

Foxin’ Wins Football Fever

Are you ready to hit the jackpot with Foxin’ Wins Football Fever? This NextGen slot game is a 5×3 grid with 25 fixed paylines that will leave you breathless! The game is designed to give players a chance to increase their winnings with exciting features and mechanics.

Not only can you win big, but you can do so with a wager as low as 0.25 $ per spin. For the daring and bold, be sure to try out the Super Bet function! With two betting levels, the minimum cost per spin is at 0.35 $ with level 1 and 0.50 $ with level 2. Though the cost might be a bit higher, players receive unique bonuses that increase their chances of almost a guaranteed win.

This game is perfect for both the casual players and the high rollers. With the minimum bet at 0.25 $ and the maximum at 625 $, everyone can have fun and potentially bring home the bacon. With exciting features and unique mechanics, Foxin’ Wins Football Fever by NextGen stands out among the crowd!

Graphics and Design

Foxin’ Wins Football Fever by NextGen has visually stunning graphics that are rich in color and are close to the style of cartoons. The aristocratic fox with his fancy suit and top hat is not only the central character in the game, but he also adds a sense of humor to the experience. You can’t help but smile when you see this dapper fox rolling around on reels.

The soccer stadium design of the game is impressive and makes you feel like you are at a real match. The cheering crowds and the thundering sound effects add to the atmosphere, making it seem like the match is happening right before your eyes. The audio design of the game is spot on. With lively jingles that start spinning in conjunction with the reels or with winnings, it really captures the excitement of a real soccer match. You might never have been interested in soccer before, but Foxin’ Wins Football Fever might just change that.

Bonuses and Special Symbols

Gear up for some exciting action and bonuses in the Foxin’ Wins Football Fever slot game. The game features several unique symbols that add charm to the game, making it even more fun. For instance, the Wild symbol, represented by a suave fox puffing on a pipe, can help players increase their wins by substituting for other symbols except the Scatter. If you land three Scatter symbols represented by a pot full of gold coins, you can earn yourself 10 free spins.

The game also has an array of exciting features such as Fox Cubs, which randomly appears on the reels and can transform symbols into Wilds. During free spins, the Fox Cubs are even more frequent and can appear on multiple reels, increasing the chances of getting winning combinations. If you turn on the Super Bet feature, the Fox Cub can appear on all reels and have a higher rate of creating Wilds.

If that’s not enough, there are also two random bonuses, the Fox Funds and the Leprechaun Shakedown, which can provide players with some major winnings. With a multiplier ranging from 2x to 50x their bet, these bonuses are worth looking forward to.

All in all, Foxin’ Wins Football Fever has a variety of symbols and bonuses that players will appreciate. The game is undoubtedly a fun way to spend some time and potentially earn some money at the same time. So, grab your lucky jersey and hit the reels with Foxin’s Wins Football Fever!

Betting options and RTP

Foxin’ Wins Football Fever is not just any ordinary slot game – it’s a game that lets you bet and win like a pro! With a minimum bet of only 0.25 $ per spin, this game is suitable for any online gaming enthusiast. The Super Bet function available in two levels 1 and 2 opens up the possibility of winning big, but it costs a little extra with a minimum of 0.35 $ for level 1 and 0.50 $ for level 2. But hey, with greater bonuses at your disposal, it’s a win-win situation!

Do you think that the game’s RTP can make or break the fun? Fear not, as Foxin’ Wins Football Fever has got you covered. With an RTP set at 95.61%, you can be assured that your chances of winning are consistent and fair. However, bear in mind that these numbers are just an indication that your wins and losses may fluctuate. All in all, any player of any budget can comfortably enjoy this game with its flexible betting options.

This game is perfect for those who want to have a bit of fun while watching their wallets, so why not give it a try? With the lower betting options and Super Bet function, it’s never been easier to hit that jackpot. Plus, you can always have a bit of a laugh while you’re betting. After all, what is football without a bit of humor?!

Symbols and Paylines

So, you want to know which symbols will make you feel like you’ve just won the world cup? Well, the lowest paying symbols in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever are the boring, old playing cards from 9 to Ace. But who cares about those when you can win big with the banknotes and golden statues! Especially, when Fox drives a car towards the stadium, because let’s be honest, that’s just hilarious!

And during the free spins, these adorable fox cubs seem to multiply faster than rabbits, and lead to even bigger payouts. With 25 fixed paylines, this game provides a classic slots experience, and players can review the paytable to understand the potential payouts of each symbol. Just don’t forget to stretch before you start spinning those reels, because with this game, the excitement can have you jumping out of your seat!


What is Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

Foxin’ Wins Football Fever is an online slot game created by NextGen featuring a charming, aristocratic fox playing soccer and offering valuable prizes to players.

What is the Super Bet function in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

The Super Bet function is a feature present in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever that costs a little more to use but boasts bonuses that almost guarantee a win.

What is the grid size and how many paylines are there in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

The grid in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever is a classic 5×3 with 25 fixed paylines.

What is the RTP and volatility of Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

The average RTP of Foxin’ Wins Football Fever is 95.61% with average volatility.

What are the symbols in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

Symbols in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever range from low-level playing cards to foxes and other valuable objects. The Wild is the fox with the pipe, while the Scatter is a pot full of gold coins.

What does the Scatter symbol do in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

Getting three Scatter symbols in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever triggers 10 free spins, during which fox cubs appear more often. These symbols transform other symbols into Wilds and can help players earn bigger prizes.

Are there any bonuses in Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

Yes, Foxin’ Wins Football Fever has 2 random bonuses that can be awarded from time to time: Fox Funds, which awards a prize no matter what, and Leprechaun Shakedown, which rewards players if they manage to catch all the leprechauns.

What is the minimum bet to play Foxin’ Wins Football Fever?

The minimum bet to play Foxin’ Wins Football Fever is 0.25 $ per spin. Players can also choose to use the Super Bet function at a higher cost for better bonuses and rewards.

What we like

  • Exciting gameplay mechanics and features
  • Visually stunning graphics and design
  • Multiple bonuses and special symbols
  • Flexible betting options for players of any budget

What we don’t like

  • Average RTP of 95.61%
  • Limited paylines compared to some other slot games
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