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Shields of the Wild





Shields of the Wild

Shields of the Wild

Prepare yourself for Shields of the Wild, a NextGen Gaming masterpiece that boasts 5 reels and 10 paylines. With a payout of up to $25,000 per spin, this game is a medieval adventure that you won't want to miss. It comes with a fleet of features including wilds, scatters, Marching Stacks, and the elusive Shield Wall Bonus. Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Shield Wild, which can trigger up to 8 times. It's like that extra boost you need when you're running a marathon but in slot form.

As the scatter symbol, this bad boy can transform into an upgrade symbol and trigger the glorious Marching Stacks feature. We all know that one knight who's always bragging about their sword, but the Sword in Shields of the Wild is the real deal. Sorry, Sir Brags-a-Lot.

Medieval Warfare Comes to Life in Shields of the Wild

Get ready for a battle in the virtual world with Shields of the Wild casino slot game! The game is set in a hilly, grassy field with soldiers visible in the distance. However, the real action happens on the reels, where shiny shields adorned with wild beasts dominate the battlefield. These shields bring a unique element to the design and make the gameplay that much more intriguing.

Speaking of intriguing, the graphics and detail in Shields of the Wild are remarkable. The designers have gone above and beyond with interesting messages and ancient proverbs appearing below the reels. They're enough to bring out the warrior in even the biggest pacifist! Once you start spinning, the music only adds to the excitement, completing the medieval atmosphere and making you feel like you're actually in the midst of battle.

Plus, this game packs enough punch to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you're in the mood for some epic battles and wild beasts, this is the perfect casino slot game for you. Shields up, slots lovers!

Where Can You Play Shields of the Wild?

Listen up, gamers! Shields of the Wild is accessible on more devices than you can shake a joystick at. This slot game is versatile enough to make your desktop computer and laptop happy, as well as your smartphone and tablet. You can even play it on your TI-83 calculator if you're feeling nostalgic.

Score Big and Win Big with Shields of the Wild

Hold on to your helmets, folks! Shields of the Wild ramps up the fun with a max payout of $25,000 per spin. That's enough to buy you a real suit of armor! Okay, maybe not, but it's still a lot of dough. The potential best single combination win is 250x the bet line, giving you up to $2,500 if you get all five symbols to align just right. Keep winning, and you can end up with a maximum potential of $25,000 per spin. The game boasts an RTP of 96.52%, so you'll never walk away empty-handed. While it may not be the biggest jackpot in town, Shields of the Wild certainly rewards you for your spins. And who doesn't love earning a little extra cash?

Symbols: Beasts and Swords

Get ready to face off against some of the toughest beasts in Shields of the Wild. The symbols on the reels are perfectly designed to represent the theme, with intricate details that bring them to life.

But don't forget about the Sword symbol! It's the scatter and can help you unlock some epic bonuses. Pro tip: the Sword isn't just for decoration, so keep your eyes peeled.

We're talking beautiful animations and attention to detail that will make you feel like you're right in the action.

Oh, and did we mention that the background changes color when you activate a bonus feature? It's like the game wants to party with you. Who knew slot games could be so festive?

The Soundtrack and Atmosphere:

If you're the kind of person that likes to play online slots with the volume up, then the music in Shields of the Wild won't disappoint. It transports you back in time to the medieval era which is way cooler than playing with elevator music in the background. The reels are set in a hilly field background with soldiers visible in the distance making you feel like you're right in the thick of the action. Plus, the interesting messages and ancient proverbs that appear below the reels give it an extra touch of authenticity you won't find in most slots.

Slashing Through the Numbers: Return-to-Player Percentage

Prepare to shield yourself from disappointment because the Return-to-Player percentage for Shields of the Wild is a whopping 96.52%! That means you'll be rolling in the coins for a long time. Don't believe us? Give it a spin and let the good times (and wins) roll!


What is Shields of the Wild?

Shields of the Wild is a medieval-themed online slot game from NextGen Gaming.

How many paylines does Shields of the Wild have?

Shields of the Wild has 10 betting lines on 5 reels.

What is the maximum payout for Shields of the Wild?

Shields of the Wild has a potential of up to $25,000 per spin.

What are the key features of Shields of the Wild?

Shields of the Wild has wilds, scatters, Marching Stacks, and the Shield Wall Bonus.

What is the RTP for Shields of the Wild?

The RTP for Shields of the Wild is 96.52%.

Can Shields Wild replace all symbols?

Shields Wild can replace symbols to the next highest payout position up to 8 times, but not scatters or other wild symbols.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Shields of the Wild?

The minimum bet is 10 cents and the maximum amount is 100 Dollars per spin.

What other similar slot machines are there to Shields of the Wild?

One similar slot machine in terms of features is Fishin’ for Gold, another high variance slot from NextGen Gaming.

What we like

  • Impressive graphics and remarkable detail
  • Availability on various platforms
  • Unique medieval warfare theme
  • Reasonably high payout potential

What we don't like

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