Flash Cash

by Ainsworth

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RTP 93.93%

Volatility MED


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Flash Cash
RTP 93.93%
Volatility MED

Flash Cash

Flash Cash

Are you a fan of the thrill and excitement of racing games? If so, then you’re going to love Flash Cash – the adrenaline-filled casino slot game by Ainsworth that takes you on a fast ride like no other!

With its impressive graphics and old-school gameplay, Flash Cash celebrates the passion for motors and the joy of winning. The reels are packed with symbols of racing cars, drivers, and checkered flags, making it impossible not to feel the need for speed.

This game is for any casino player who loves their slot games with a bit of grit, a bit of danger, and a whole lot of fun. Get your engines ready and prepare yourself for an epic ride you won’t forget anytime soon!

And don’t forget to keep your eyes on those jackpots, because you never know when you’ll hit the big time and be able to afford your very own luxury sports car!


Looking for a classic slot experience that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than Flash Cash. This game features a 5×3 grid and up to 30 variable paylines, giving players plenty of chances to hit it big. And with a minimum bet of just $0.01 per active line, you won’t have to flash too much cash to get in on the action.

Now, we have to admit: the game’s medium volatility and slightly lower-than-average RTP might not make it the most lucrative option out there. But let’s be real, who plays slots just to make money? Sometimes you just want to unwind with some flashing lights and spinning reels.

And if you’re really feeling lazy, Flash Cash has got you covered with automatic spins for up to 100 rounds. So sit back, relax, and let the (hopefully lucky) combinations roll in.


Oh, paylines, how we love thee. Flash Cash provides players with the option to choose up to 30 variable paylines to activate. The more paylines you activate, the better your chances of hitting those winning combinations. It’s like having multiple Tinder matches to choose from – the more, the merrier!

Personally, I always go for the maximum number of paylines, because why not? You might as well go big or go home – unless you’re already at home, in which case, stay there and keep spinning those reels. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those special symbols, like the Wild or Scatter, because they may just be the boost you need to hit the jackpot.


If you’re tired of playing slot games with the same old boring symbols, Flash Cash has got you covered! The symbols in this game are a mix of both thematic and non-thematic symbols. The non-thematic symbols include playing cards from 10 to Ace, so if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and give them a try. But if you really want to hit the jackpot, you’re going to have to rely on the thematic symbols.

Let’s start with the helmet symbol. It’s not just a protective headgear for the racers; it’s also a symbol that can pay out significant rewards. And the speedometer symbol is not just a gauge for how fast you’re going; it’s also a symbol that can accelerate your winnings at an incredible pace. The checkered flag with the champagne bottle symbol is not just a victory flag; it’s also a symbol that can toast to your good fortune and pour out some extra cash for you.

But the real star of the show is the race car symbol. It’s not just a card on the reels; it’s a symbol of speed, agility, and most importantly, money. And if you’re lucky enough to hit the Wild symbol, represented by the dollar sign, it’ll substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination for you. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a wild ride with Flash Cash!

Get Ready for Some Free Spins!

Oh, you have to love those free spins! Flash Cash is fully loaded with awesome features that keep the game entertaining and quite lucrative – just the way we like it. And speaking of good times, let’s talk about the game’s Scatter trophy symbol. This little guy may seem insignificant, but if you land it on the reels three times, you activate the game’s 10 free spins feature. Bam!

During free spins, things get really exciting. The Wild symbol can now transform all symbols on reels 2 or 4 into Wilds, boosting your chances of hitting a winning combination. An extra reel will appear during free spins, with a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5. That means you can increase your winnings even further. Who doesn’t like some extra cash, right?!

If you’re lucky enough to land three or more Scatter symbols during free spins, you can earn an additional 5 free spins. This means that the fun and winning possibilities can go on and on. Woo-hoo! Flash Cash proves to be a top-notch slot game that definitely keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Remember, folks, the only thing better than a good slot game is a good slot game with free spins. Here it is, Flash Cash. You won’t regret giving it a spin or two.


What is the maximum number of paylines in Flash Cash?

The maximum number of paylines is 30 and it is variable. We can choose how many to activate.

What is the RTP of Flash Cash?

The RTP of Flash Cash is 93.93%, which is slightly lower than the average. It means that the game rewards fewer winnings than other games on average, but that does not affect the probability of winning after one or a few games.

What is the function of the Wild symbol in Flash Cash?

The Wild symbol acts as a wildcard that replaces all symbols except the Scatter. It can appear on reels 3, 4, and 5.

What is the Scatter symbol in Flash Cash and what does it do?

The Scatter symbol is represented by a trophy. If it appears three times in any position, it gives us 10 free spins. Moreover, during free spins, the Wild symbol may appear on reels 2 or 4 and transform all symbols on these reels into Wilds. An additional reel may appear during free spins, with a multiplier x2, x3, x5. If three or more Scatter symbols appear during free spins, we’ll be rewarded with five additional free spins.

Is there any background music in Flash Cash?

No, there is no background music in Flash Cash, only the sound of the reels interrupted by the sound of acceleration and braking in curves.

What is the volatility of Flash Cash?

The volatility of Flash Cash is medium, with little but frequent wins.

Can we activate automatic spins in Flash Cash?

Yes, it is possible to activate automatic spins in Flash Cash by clicking on the ‘+’ button next to the start button. The maximum number of automatic spins is 100, without any limit to winnings or losses.

What is the value of non-thematic symbols in Flash Cash?

The non-thematic symbols in Flash Cash are represented by playing cards from 10 to Ace, and they pay the least. Next comes the helmet, the wheel, the speedometer, the checkered flag with the champagne bottle, and the race car.

What we like

  • Impressive graphics
  • Classic gameplay
  • Variable paylines
  • Free spins feature

What we don’t like

  • Medium volatility
  • Slightly lower RTP
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