Amazon Gold

by Ainsworth

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RTP 96.54%

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Amazon Gold
RTP 96.54%
Volatility MED

Amazon Gold

Amazon Gold

Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of the Amazon jungle with Amazon Gold – the latest slot game by Ainsworth. This excitable non-downloadable game is a fantastic blend of exciting gameplay and stunning graphics.

As you set foot on this adventure, you’ll immediately get a glimpse of the rich world around you. Amazon Gold boasts five reels that hold three-by symbols, and thirty fixed paylines that ensure maximum chances of winning.

The game is teeming with exotic creatures like crocodiles, leopards, monkeys, snakes, and parrots. These colorful symbols add a layer of fun to the game, and they are accompanied by royal symbols and gold nuggets that elevate your gameplay experience.

Watch out for the special symbols as they can deliver massive rewards! Keep an eye out for the Parrot Wild, the elusive White-Beaked Parrot, and the Scatter, represented by the Amazon Gold logo that can trigger exciting bonuses.

If you’re lucky enough to hit five White-Beaked Parrots, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank – because we all know that parrots are a pirate’s best friend!

So, get ready to swing into big wins with Amazon Gold. This game is perfect for players of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie. You’ll love the exciting gameplay, and the chance to explore the wilds of the Amazon – all from the comfort of your couch!

Potentially Mammoth Rewards on Amazon Gold

Move over, Indiana Jones – There’s a new adventurer in town. Amazon Gold harnesses the classic theme of uncovering treasures in the mysterious Amazonian jungle, with the added bonus of potentlially mammoth rewards. Players can win up to 10,000 times their initial bet, with a maximum jackpot of $480,000 up for grabs. That’s a lot of bananas they can buy in the market!

In fact, with an RTP of 96.54%, Amazon Gold has some of the most enticing rewards in the slot game world. It’s a ton of fun trying to decipher which jungle pathway leads to the fortune, keeping players entertained and engaged for hours.

Just make sure you keep a Swiss Army knife handy to hack through the Amazonian foliage – and a cup of coffee to keep alert, as you never know what treasure might be lurking around the next bend. Or perhaps you could just follow the sound of the cheering crowds who have won big on this game.

Get Ready to Strike Gold with Free Spins and Wild Multipliers!

Are you ready to unleash your inner adventurer and journey deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle? Amazon Gold slot game offers you the chance to do just that, and with free spins and wild multipliers on the line, it’s time to spin those reels and strike gold!

This game is packed with amazing features that help players win even more. For starters, the Parrot Wild is your best friend. Watch it land on reels 3, 4, or 5, and it will replace standard icons and create some fantastic winning combinations. And that’s not all; the White-Beaked Parrot, which pops up on reels 2 and 4, triggers a fantastic multiplier, boosting your wins to new heights.

Amazon Gold also has not one but two Wild reels waiting for you – on the second and fourth reels. These Wild reels offer multipliers of 1x or 2x and 1x or 5x, respectively, able to multiply each other and deliver up to a massive 10x initial bet payout. The Scatter symbol features the Amazon Gold logo, and when you get it at least three times on the reels, you’ll activate ten free spins, giving you even more chances to win. And if you’re lucky enough for the function to restart, players can enjoy an additional five rounds!

So don’t wait any longer – it’s time to join the expedition and strike gold in the heart of the Amazon with Amazon Gold slot game!

Betting Options

Looking to strike it big in the jungle? Look no further than Amazon Gold – this slot game offers a betting range from $1.20 to $48.00 across 30 different lines. That means plenty of opportunities to hit the jackpot – or at least score some sweet payouts.

And don’t worry about breaking the bank – Amazon Gold’s flexible betting options make it easy to set a budget that works for you. Whether you’re a high roller or a more conservative spender, you’ll find plenty to love with this game.

Of course, the real appeal of Amazon Gold is the chance to explore the wilds of the rainforest and discover hidden treasures. Who knows what riches await those brave enough to spin the reels? So go ahead and place your bets – we can’t wait to see what the jungle has in store for you.

Unleashing the Fun with Amazon Gold’s Special Symbols

If you’re the kind of online slot player who is in it for the fun and entertainment value, Amazon Gold brings it all to the table. Featuring special symbols that up the ante in the excitement department, this game will surely be a hit with anyone who wants to win big and have an absolute blast doing it.

First off, we have the Parrot Wild, White-Beaked Parrot, and Amazon Gold logo Scatter, which are the main special symbols in the game. These symbols are not just cool to look at, but also offer fantastic opportunities to increase your winnings with every spin.

One of the highlights of Amazon Gold is the two Wild reels that can be found on the second and fourth reels. The multipliers offered by these Wild reels can range from 1x to 2x or even up to 5x. With that kind of boost, you’ll be driving off in a new Ferrari before you know it.

All in all, Amazon Gold delivers on the promise of special symbols that make the gameplay more interesting and engaging, while also giving players a real chance to strike it lucky. So what are you waiting for? Give those reels a spin today!


How many reels does Amazon Gold have?

Amazon Gold has five reels.

How many paylines does Amazon Gold have?

Amazon Gold has 30 active paylines.

What is the RTP of Amazon Gold?

The RTP of Amazon Gold is calibrated at 96.54%.

What is the minimum bet for Amazon Gold?

The minimum bet for Amazon Gold is $1.20.

What is the maximum bet for Amazon Gold?

The maximum bet for Amazon Gold is $48.00.

What is the maximum possible reward for Amazon Gold?

You can win up to 10,000 times your initial bet with a possible final jackpot of $480,000.

What is the Wild symbol in Amazon Gold?

The colorful Parrot Wild is the Wild symbol in Amazon Gold.

How many free spins can you win in Amazon Gold?

You can win 10 free spins with three or more Amazon Gold logo Scatters.

What we like

  • Potential for high rewards up to $480,000
  • Free Spins and Wild Multipliers
  • Flexible Betting Options
  • Exciting Special Symbols

What we don’t like

  • Limited Bonus Features
  • Fixed Layout
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