Best Roulette Strategies 2023

Knowing the history of Roulette, its rules and how to play is without a doubt important to approach this online casino legend, but with this in-depth review we want to do something more. We want to introduce you to the best Roulette strategies and all the useful tips to learn how to best beat the odds in your next session at an Online Roulette table. 

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Get ready to find out how to put your knowledge to good. This will give you the boost you need once you face that Roulette wheel and set free that lucky bet that you were waiting for.  

Rules to Play Roulette with a Flat Betting Progression 

There is a central topic that embraces the game of Roulette – how players actually end up betting. It’s important to know that a safe approach towards the betting area can prevent unwanted outcomes, which is why you will need flat progression methods. These methods are created with inside bets. Flat progression means, you will have to bet the same amount every time you win or lose. 

However, remember that in this case both the single “0,” which we find in European Roulette, and the double “00” in American Roulette will tilt the odds in favor of the casino. Here are a few examples, which will help you find the best Roulette strategies – right here in our guide! 

European Roulette 

  • Increase the Bet When You Lose 

This system is geared toward achieving a slight, equal profit at the end of the betting session. But it must be said that when implementing negative betting progression you are relying on a risky choice that requires good budget management, since you will lose a bunch of times – possibly. Within this system we’ve got the Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert methods, which we will discuss down below! 

  • The Positive Progression of Betting 

The exact opposite of the previous method is the positive progression, which causes the player to increase the bet following a win and reduce the value when losing. In our experience, they are not always the best choice to implement at the game, as there is never a certainty of winning. They could be tried in demo game version, playing Free Roulette, but it becomes risky if you play with real money. 

  • Non-Progressive Betting 

Anyone who’s looking to bet all on just the essence of fun, while trying one of the many new versions of Roulette games, such as Deal or No Deal Roulette for example, can do so using a non-progressive betting system. What does this mean? It means you can bet the same amount each round or change whenever you want without following a precise or mathematical system. This offers maximum freedom on any type of Roulette, without worrying about precise rules, but following your instincts. 

The 3 Roulette Strategies You Absolutely Must Know 

Before even wondering how to play Roulette, a new player should approach the best Roulette strategies and betting systems that revolve around this table game. It’s not our intention to make an endless list of tips, choices, and solutions that can make you dizzy. Therefore, we have gathered the 3 best Roulette strategies that are perfectly suited to this game: so, let’s see what they are! 

The Martingale System 

The old-school Martingale method is considered the best strategy in general and is without a doubt the ideal starting point for those approaching the Roulette tables for the first time. Its strong point is the simplicity of doubling the bet in case of a negative outcome. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be taken easily because it can do some damage if the bets are not properly placed. Our tip is to bet small amounts of money since this could prevent you from losing too much money in an instant. 

Here’s a practical example: if you bet $1 with an outside bet and lose, the next round you will have to place a bet of $2. In that case, if you win you can start from scratch and bet $1 again. As you gain experience you can clearly raise the bar and thus the value of your bet. 

However, we recommend not using it in the case of American Roulette, where the odds are lowered due to the presence of the double zero, which clearly favors the house edge. 

The Fibonacci Method 

If you are not necessarily going to double with very high numbers, the Fibonacci strategy could be the right choice for you. However, in this case, you need to enhance that logic and mathematical calculation, starting with a precise sequence: 

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987. 

Each number is the sum of the previous 2 numbers and the method is used for outside bets as well, which are Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36. 

Each number represents how much you should bet round after round. However, it’s possible to stop before the end of the sequence, of course. This applies specially considering that the value becomes very high. If you get a win you have to start the sequence over again, and if you lose you have to go back 2 numbers in the sequence. 

This method is ideal for any type of game, including French Roulette and Live Online Roulette. 

The D’Alembert Method 

Among the most interesting Roulette strategies we must also include the D’Alembert method, which is based on the most interesting and functional elements of the Martingale system. It’s an interesting method because it’s not so risky for your bankroll in the short term. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of possible losses that can put pressure on the gaming session, and by that, the player. In fact, remember that even when we talk about the best Roulette strategies we are never talking about foolproof methods and miracles, but about strategies that can improve a player’s chances to win. 

To use the D’Alembert strategy, you have to bet a unit value and you place chips on even bets. If you lose that round, you will have to increase the bet, while lowering it if you win the round. The idea behind this method is that you end up taking home some cash, even if there are the same amounts of wins and losses. 

If you bet $1 and lose you will have to increase to $2 bet. If you win you can bet at $1 in the next round – it’s that easy. 

The 3 Key Factors Beginners Need to Consider When Playing Roulette 

All new players who decided to approach a version of Online Roulette should start with 3 important factors that are helpful to begin to enjoy the game. Let’s see what they are! 

  1. Find Out What the Roulette Versions Are & Learn the Differences 

Each version, while having similar rules, has a slightly different table, especially in terms of layout and bets. Learn the differences so you always know your way around, while also taking advantage of the better odds that will help you to beat the house edge. A good example of that would be French or European Roulette. 

  1. Start with Outside Bets 

A player who is not very experienced should start playing Roulette with outside bets, which offer a better chance of winning at the table. This means not just betting on one number, but on groups. For example, you can play on Odd/Even, Red/Black, or choose the 1-18 or 19-46 range. 

  1. Get to Know the Odds 

What are the odds in a game of Roulette? Can each bet predict an accurate payout? It’s good to know that outside bets will pay 1:1, while inside bets pay from 6:1 up to 35:1. You should always try to know the odds to understand how best to manage your funds and how to place your bets. 

8 Tips That Can Help You Win at Online Roulette  

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  1. Before jumping into the world of real money betting, try Free Roulette tables and go ahead with recommended strategies, or familiarize yourself with the odds. 
  1. Learn the rules of the game and especially the type of bets you will be able to place. This allows you to always know what to do before you place your bet. 
  1. Look for the best odds, which are those offered by French or European Roulette, since these don’t have such a high house edge due to the absence of the infamous “00”. 
  1. If you bet on multiple numbers and/or groups, you certainly risk a lower payout, but this also gives you a better chance of winning, since you are not limited to betting on the draw of a single number. 
  1. Bets should be smaller so that you can play over the long term without abruptly halting your gambling sessions due to a large loss generated. 
  1. After each hour, get used to taking breaks so that you never lose focus. 
  1. Get in the habit of always setting a maximum bet limit, so that you never go over a bet limit. 
  1. Choose only reputable casinos or gambling sites which allow you to bet without taking unnecessary risks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do zero and double zero affect Roulette strategies?

Yes, because their presence slightly lowers the player's chance of winning, especially in the chaos of American Roulette, where the 00 increases drastically the house Edge. 

Can I use the best Roulette strategies to play for free without real money?

Of course, indeed its always preferable to try the recommended Roulette strategies before placing real money bets. 

What is the best Roulette version to start with?

The best odds of beating the house edge are offered by European Roulette and French Roulette. 

What are the most profitable bets?

Definitely bets on Red/Black, Odd/Even or groups 1-18/19-36, given that they have a lower risk rate. However, the highest paid bet is the single number bet. 

Do the best Roulette strategies really work?

Roulette strategies, methods, or systems can work and enhance your chances, but they are not a miracle solution that ensures winning. 

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