French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the favorite variants of players in land-based and online casinos, along with European and American Roulette. The wheel is divided into 36 pockets colored alternately red and black in addition to the green zero. There are no particular differences from the traditional European roulette except for exclusive bets. Numerous professionals prefer French rather than stars and stripes roulette due to the existence of the single zero which guarantees a greater advantage during the game if we make a comparison with the other versions. However, the game mode remains the same, you can bet on a single number or on a series of numbers that form a numerical combination following the rules of traditional roulette. 

French Roulette

This page lists the best online casinos where you can get your first experiences by not making any deposits, or alternatively try one of the different types of Roulette, always using a responsible approach when playing for real money. Furthermore, you will be able to find a series of variants relating to the 3 different Roulettes, which can be automatic or give the possibility to play directly live with the presence of the croupier. 

Rien ne va plus…

At the start of each spin, you will be able to place different bets in any section of the single zero layout. Also through combination bets you can bet on two numbers with a 17-1 payback, for example, or bet on a row of three to earn 11-1 if one of your numbers hits. There are also (Outside) bets which cover very large areas of the wheel simultaneously giving the player the option to bet on a dozen numbers with 2-1 odds or to select only a group of even/odd numbers or the color red/black for the only peers. These options are found on the outside of the layout and are known as outside bets. 

Important! If there is a minimum limit on a table, every outside bet must be at least equal to this amount; conversely, Inside Bets can be smaller, as long as the sum of your total bet equals the minimum table value. 

The French version of the table

In addition to the traditional bets, there are some expanded layout options, better known under the name of French Bets, which by themselves have no special advantages or disadvantages, but add some spice to the game and allow you to cover certain segments of the wheel. For example, “Jeu 0” (or “Zero Game”) covers zero and neighboring numbers. 

Now let's see the three main bets of French Roulette: 

  • Series ⅝ ( tiers du cylindre) : this is a bet that is made on 12 numbers, by placing the chips between the digits between 27 and 33, called sei cheval . 
  • Zero and neighbors of zero (Zéro et les voisins du zero) : this series is located on the upper side of the wheel, practically on the opposite side of the previous series and includes the numbers from 22 to 25. During this bet the player can bet up to 9 fees. 
  • Orfanelli : are the groups of remaining numbers on which you can bet up to five chips. 

Note well! The French Roulette variant has 2 distinctive rules named En Prison and La Partage . 

En prison: If a player places a simple outside bet, but the single zero wins, he will have to decide the next move between two options – lose 50% of the bet amount, or let the entire bet remain “imprisoned” during the spin next of the boule (ball). 

La partage: A rule directly related to En Prison is La Partage which simplifies the detention system, but has essentially the same long-term results. Under La Partage, if the ball lands in the single zero pocket the simple bet will automatically be split in two. In this way the player can recover 50% of the bet, while the other 50% will be withdrawn by the dealer. 

The croupier quadruples

One of the most curious aspects of French Roulette is the number of croupiers used. In fact, the table of this variant involves four croupiers who position themselves in this way: a croupier at the back of the table, facing the columns dedicated to the bets, two on the sides positioned between the green gaming carpet and the roulette wheel and a tournant who it serves to take over the other three. To supervise everything, a fifth croupier enters the scene who has the task of supervising the progress of the hands including payouts. 

Some practical advice If you are not a roulette professional, don't worry, just follow two small practical tips for your first bet:

1. Before placing a bet, select a free table and take all the time necessary to better understand the rules of the game, clarifying any doubts. Only when you feel really ready can you challenge the dealer for real money. 

2. Always if you are a beginner among the variants present on online gaming platforms, we advise you to start with European Roulette, which uses the wheel with a single zero, leaving the American wheel with double zero, which has a slightly lower RTP.

Bet in a logical way

If you are thinking of exploiting some particular trick to know in advance where the ball will land at the end of a spin, you must know it is clearly impossible. There are however strategies, with which the chances of winning and the payout declared in advance can be known earlier. At this point, a bettor can only start placing “logical bets”. There are several articles and online guides to consult to learn more about the subject, while remaining aware that the luck factor is totally unavoidable. Once this aspect is clarified, you will be able to enjoy the numerous online casino games , in total serenity and safety. 

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