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Wings of Ra

by Red Tiger





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Wings of Ra

Wings of Ra

Wings of Ra will have you flapping your wings with excitement, with bonuses that can take you sky-high towards big wins. The game is stocked with many dynamic and moving parts that hint at almost-winning combinations and symbols payouts. With its dynamic reel-set and the possibility of getting multiple matching symbols on a single spin, who needs actual wings to fly?

Red Tiger Gaming has certainly delivered another exceptional slot game with Wings of Ra, adding to their line of fantastic games featuring over 10 pay-lines. Although the graphics may not be the most visually stunning, the gameplay is more than playable and enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, Wings of Ra is well worth the flight. Just don't forget your in-flight snacks!

Symbol Payouts

So you wanna win big in Wings of Ra? Well, my feathered friends, it's all about getting three matching symbols on one of the ten pay lines, easy-peasy right? The golden pharaoh sarcophagus is the one you want to see on your screen, as it pays out a whopping 300x the line bet! That being said, hold onto your wings because if you get a whole reel-set filled with high-paying symbols, you could potentially reach a maximum exposure of 3000x on the winning bet. Now that's something to tweet about!

Special Features

Get ready to soar towards big wins with Wings of Ra's special features! This game has more tricks up its sleeves than the Egyptian gods themselves. For starters, there's the mysterious coin feature, which is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. These sneaky coins can reveal a randomly chosen symbol from the payout table, shaking up the reels and keeping you on your toes. Plus, the number of coins that appear can magically convert into any other symbol, making for some seriously surprising payouts.

But that's not all - Wings of Ra also boasts a free spin bonus that's as rare and delightful as a phoenix sighting. All you need to do is land three winged scarab pins and you'll be whisked away to some free spin fun. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, each golden scarab coin you collect during the bonus round fills up a counter above the reels. When that counter is brimming with bling, all the boring low-paying symbols get converted into mysterious coins - ka-ching!

Maximum Payout: How to Strike it Rich on Wings of Ra

If you're looking for a game that pays out big bucks, Wings of Ra is the one. With high variance and a whopping payout of over 3000x the winning bet, this game is a goldmine waiting to be plundered. But how do you reach this holy grail of riches?

Well, here's the scoop. You can trigger the game's maximum exposure by getting an entire reel-set filled with high-paying symbols or by winning big in the free spin bonus round with the low-paying symbols transforming into mysterious coins, just like magic. And before you know it, you'll be swimming in so much gold, Scrooge McDuck himself will be envious.

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How many pay lines does Wings of Ra have?

Wings of Ra has 10 pay lines.

What is the maximum exposure on a winning bet?

The maximum payout on a winning bet is over 3000x.

What is the highest paying symbol in Wings of Ra?

The golden pharaoh sarcophagus is the highest paying symbol in Wings of Ra and yields a prize of 300x the line bet.

What is the mysterious coin feature in Wings of Ra?

The mysterious coin feature reveals a randomly chosen symbol from the payout table. The number of mysterious coins can convert into any of the symbols, and they will all match and interact with the remaining symbols.

What triggers the free spin reward in Wings of Ra?

Three winged scarab pins trigger the free spin reward in Wings of Ra.

What happens when the golden scarab coin fills the counter above the reels in Wings of Ra?

When the counter is full, the low-paying symbols convert into mysterious coins in Wings of Ra.

Does Wings of Ra have a high or low variance?

Wings of Ra has a high variance.

Is Wings of Ra available as a free demo game?

Wings of Ra may not initially be available as a free demo game, but Red Tiger Gaming may release it in the coming months for gamblers to try out.

What we like

  • Dynamic reel-set and potential for big wins
  • Many moving parts that create almost-winning combinations
  • Mysterious coin feature adds an exciting element to gameplay
  • High variance with a maximum payout of over 3000x

What we don't like

  • Graphic design may not be the best
  • Limited number of pay lines
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