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Gold Pile Tigers Pride

Gold Pile Tigers Pride

Gold Pile Tigers Pride

Are you ready to experience all the beauty and excitement of the desert from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than Gold Pile Tigers Pride, a video slot game with 5 reels and 25 paylines!

If you're a fan of these beautiful creatures, you're in for a treat with this game. Rarestone Gaming (Playtech) has done an excellent job of seamlessly tying together the animal and desert themes.

But don't worry, you won't be roughing it out in the hot desert sun. You can stay as cool as a cucumber as you spin the reels and rack up the wins.

They say that cats have nine lives, but with Gold Pile Tigers Pride, you'll feel like you have nine chances to hit the jackpot. So what are you waiting for? Give this slot game a spin and see if you can become the pride of the jungle.

Volatility and RTP

Let's talk about volatility first. Gold Pile Tigers Pride sits comfortable at its own intersection of medium-high volatility - which basically means it's not for the faint of heart but rewards the bold.

As for RTP, it's fixed firmly at 96.47%, making this game one of the better options for players who want a decent shot at winning some money back.

But what about the prizes? Well, there are Mini and Maxi awards to be won by forming 5 combinations, but that's not even the best part. If you're feeling lucky enough, you can go for the Grand prize - the biggest and most significant reward the game has to offer.

However, don't forget that the amount you bet plays an important role in determining your chances of winning. So, make sure you're ready to take the risk and go all-in!

Symbols and Paylines

Are you ready to hear about the symbols and paylines in this exciting slot game? Tigers and their imprint are the symbols with the highest value, so keep an eye out for those big cats! But don't worry if you don't hit those tigers, there are still plenty of other valuable symbols on the reels.

You'll also see an emerald ring, the tiger's tooth, its statue, and a luxurious vase. And keep an eye on the Gold Meter, which plays a key role in the game with its 25 paylines, increasing the value of your bet.

If you're lucky enough to hit the right combination, you could also win one of the Mini, Maxi, or Grand jackpots, depending on the amount of your bet. So, don't be shy, give Gold Pile Tigers Pride a try!

Extra Features

Feeling lucky? Adjust the Gold Meter, located on the left of the grid, to increase your chances of hitting it big. It ranges from 10% to 100%, so go for gold and crank that baby up as high as you dare.

And when it comes to earning free spins, three Scatters is the magic number. Once triggered, the initial eight spins are just the beginning. Keep collecting those Scatters and you'll be rewarded with four or eight additional spins for every new one that appears, giving you the chance to spin and win to your heart's content.

Get Your Free Spins and Win Big!

Are you ready to roar like a tiger with excitement? Well, Gold Pile Tigers Pride has got you covered! You can activate your free spins by simply getting three scatters. No need to jump through hoops like a circus animal!

Once you activate your free spins, the real fun begins. With 8 free spins and the possibility of increasing them to 12 or 16 spins with more scatter symbols, your chances of hitting big rewards are sky high! So don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side and let those free spins roar!


What is Gold Pile Tigers Pride about?

Gold Pile Tigers Pride is a slot game centered around a desert theme where players embark on a journey to search for treasures and win big prizes.

Who developed Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

Gold Pile Tigers Pride is developed by Rarestone Gaming (Playtech).

What is the RTP of Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

Gold Pile Tigers Pride has an RTP fixed at 96.47%.

What kind of volatility does Gold Pile Tigers Pride have?

Gold Pile Tigers Pride has medium-high volatility.

What are the notable symbols in Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

The notable symbols in Gold Pile Tigers Pride are the tiger, the Wild (tiger's imprint), the emerald ring, the tiger's tooth, the tiger statue, the luxurious vase, and the cards (K to 9).

What is the Gold Meter in Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

The Gold Meter is a feature in Gold Pile Tigers Pride that can be adjusted with a value ranging from 10% to 100%. The higher the value, the easier it will be for symbols to arrive on the assigned reel.

What is the free spins feature in Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

The free spins feature in Gold Pile Tigers Pride is activated with three Scatters and starts with 8 spins, adding 4 or 8 additional spins if you find other Scatters on the reels during the round.

What are the jackpots in Gold Pile Tigers Pride?

Gold Pile Tigers Pride offers three jackpots: Mini, Maxi, and Grand. The jackpot prizes vary depending on how much you bet.

What we like

  • High-quality graphics with an attractive animal and desert theme
  • Exciting gameplay with multiple jackpots and bonus features
  • Adjustable Gold Meter adds an extra layer of strategy
  • Free spins offer a high chance of winning big rewards

What we don't like

  • Medium-high volatility might not appeal to players seeking frequent small wins
  • Limited number of paylines compared to some other slot games
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