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Fruit Combinator





Fruit Combinator

Fruit Combinator

If you're tired of the typical, run-of-the-mill online slot machines, then Fruit Combinator by ReelPlay may just be the game you need to add some zesty excitement to your life! The game's grid is befitting of a futuristic casino, where the rows and reels go beyond the conventional layout to offer players a unique gaming experience.

The six reels and five rows combination means there are a total of 707 ways to win, giving players ample opportunities to collect some juicy rewards. And with an RTP of 96.1% and low volatility, it's the perfect game to chill out with while sipping on a fruit smoothie.

The graphics may not be the most detailed, but the vibrant symbols and colors make this game quite appealing to the eye. Given that ReelPlay is a relatively new player in the game development world, it's exciting to see how they've crafted a game that's both innovative and fun to play. Once you hit the spin button, you'll certainly agree that the gameplay is smooth, and you can sit back and watch as the reels come to life.

Fruit Combinator's standout feature is the range of bonus features that add oomph to the gameplay. There's a chance to activate multipliers, wilds, a free spins bonus round, and much more. The game's overall design is meant to keep players engaged and entertained, and it succeeds with flying colors.

In summary, if you're looking for a game that's just as fun as it is unique, Fruit Combinator is the perfect choice. With its interesting layout, vibrant graphics, and fun-filled bonus features, you'll be entertained for hours, all while having a peel of a time.

Revolutionary Progressive Cascade Mechanism

One of the most creative aspects of the Fruit Combinator slot game is the revolutionary progressive cascade mechanism it offers.

Say you have just scored a paying combination. A process with four distinct phases begins - explosion, morph, booster, and drop- like a complex chemistry experiment. During the explosion phase, the symbols that formed the combination explode and are replaced by new ones, which in turn makes way for more winning possibilities. Talk about chain reactions!

In the morph phase, the game's algorithm transforming all symbols into the highest paying symbol present at the bottom of the slot grid. Let's face it - nobody wants to end up with low paying symbols. This neat trick guarantees a better payout!

During the booster phase, the Fruit Combinator throws in identical symbols to form additional paying combinations. If you're lucky, this can lead to a chain reaction of winning combinations that'll light up the screen like a Christmas tree.

In the drop phase, newly generated symbols fall to fill the grid. If these new symbols do not form a winning combination, they explode and make way for new ones. The scatters are kept in this phase, so hold on to them for dear life.

This innovative mechanism puts a new twist on traditional slot games and makes them more exciting than ever. Get your hands on the Fruit Combinator and experience the thrill of the progressive cascade mechanism today!

Demo Version Available on Website

Attention all avid gamblers and casual players alike! Are you ready to have a blast with the Fruit Combinator slot game? Look no further, because a demo version of this fruity and colorful game is readily available on the developer's website! You can now try your luck without having to wager any real money, and you never know – you might just hit the jackpot!

Not only does the demo version of Fruit Combinator allow for risk-free gameplay, it also gives players the opportunity to become familiar with the game's features and mechanics before investing any real money. Think of it as a practice round that could help you become a Fruit Combinator master! It's like getting a sneak peek of the game, but with a chance to win!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the developer's website now and give the demo version of Fruit Combinator a spin – or several! Just be warned, you might become addicted to the sweet sensations of earning virtual winnings in a fun and stress-free environment. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Crank up the Action with Wilds and Scatters

If you're a slot fan who loves some extra spice in their gameplay, you'll be pleased to know that Fruit Combinator comes packed with some impressive twists. Firstly, the game offers both Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol is represented by the Fruit Combinator logo and can replace all symbols except the Scatter. This means that if you're missing a symbol for a winning combo, the Wild is there to give you a hand. Talk about teamwork!

Now, let's talk about those Scatters. The star symbol is the Scatter for Fruit Combinator. Not only does it come with its own cash prize, but it also rewards players with 3 respins for free! During each respin, if a winning combo is achieved, the number of spins immediately resets back to 3. That's a feature we can all get behind.

The Wild and Scatter symbols in Fruit Combinator add an extra level of excitement to the game. It makes you feel like you always have a fighting chance and keeps the anticipation high with every spin. Who knew fruits could be so thrilling?


What is the RTP of Fruit Combinator?

The theoretical return to the player (RTP) is 96.1%.

How many ways to win are there in Fruit Combinator?

There are 707 ways to win in this game.

What is the maximum win in Fruit Combinator?

The maximum win is 6,224 times the bet.

What is the minimum bet in Fruit Combinator?

The minimum bet in this game is $0.20.

What are the Wild and Scatter symbols?

The Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter. The Scatter is represented by the star and rewards with respins and cash prizes.

What is the game mechanic of Fruit Combinator?

Every payable combination starts a four-phase process of explosion, morph, booster, and drop with the aim of forming new winning combos.

What is the volatility of this game?

The volatility of Fruit Combinator is low.

What we like

  • Innovative gameplay mechanics with a progressive cascade feature
  • Demo version available on the developer's website
  • Low volatility and RTP of 96.1% ideal for a relaxing gaming experience
  • Both Wild and Scatter symbols available

What we don't like

  • Graphics are not the most detailed
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