Lilith's Inferno

by AvatarUX Studios

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RTP 96.4%

Volatility HIGH


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Slot review

Lilith's Inferno
RTP 96.4%
Volatility HIGH

Lilith’s Inferno

Lilith’s Inferno

Prepare for an adventure of epic proportions! Lilith’s Inferno is a video slot game created by AvatarUX Studios that will transport you to a mystical world full of action and thrilling encounters. With 25 paylines and a 5×4 design, this game is nothing short of stunning.

Battle against fearsome monsters and come out a winner with the game’s big prizes. The design is smooth and the autoplay feature makes it easy to sit back and enjoy the ride. Just don’t fall asleep at the wheel, or you might find yourself in a real-life monster battle!

The Graphics: Get Ready to be Mesmerized!

If you’re a sucker for great graphics, Lilith’s Inferno is right up your alley! This online slot game boasts mesmerizing visuals that take you on a journey into a world filled with magical monsters and mayhem. You’ll find yourself completely immersed in the game’s well-designed characters and smooth graphics. Although the frequent cinematic bonus events can briefly pause the gameplay, they are well worth the temporary break for the stunning visual experience they provide!

Winning Potential

Step right up, lucky players! Lilith’s Inferno has an impressive top-paying symbol that can payout up to 24x your bet, making it rain some serious winnings. In fact, you could win over 100,000 pounds (or the equivalent in your currency), which is enough to make any high roller scream with excitement.

But for those of you on a budget, fear not! With a minimum bet of 0.10 Dollars and a maximum of 150 Dollars per spin, Lilith’s Inferno caters to any and all thrill-seekers (and penny-pinchers). Plus, with 25 paylines and a bet of 6 Dollars on each, the game offers major potential payouts – who knew hell could be so lucrative?

Get Punchy with Lilith’s Inferno Free Spins Feature

Who knew punching a monster could be so rewarding? Lilith’s Inferno takes typical free spins to the next level with a feature that punches up the excitement. Land three, four, or five crystal skulls on the reels to determine the number of free spins. Then get ready to throw down with the monster of your choice. Each punch counts as an extra spin, so harness your inner Rocky Balboa and go for it!

Trigger three symbols and receive 10-20 free spins or land a lucky five symbols and see your rewards sky-rocket to the 25-50 range. For the ultimate player brave enough to land the VS symbol twice, get ready to rumble with a boss for an epic payout.

The Inferno of Fun

Are you ready to enter the fiery pits of Lilith’s Inferno? This slot game is not for the faint of heart. With heart-pumping gameplay, hypnotizing graphics, and huge potential payouts, Lilith’s Inferno is a must-play for any experienced gambler looking for a thrill. The unique features of this game, like the epic boss battles and free spin frenzy, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But don’t just take our word for it – try out Gorilla Slot from Novomatic or the forest demon-themed game from Yggdrasil for similar excitement. Lilith’s Inferno will have you feeling like the ruler of the underworld. Happy spinning!


What is Lilith’s Inferno?

Lilith’s Inferno is a visually stunning video slot game by AvatarUX Studios set in a fantasy world packed with fighting wizards and monstrous creatures.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

Lilith’s Inferno comes with a five-reel, four-row reel set, spinning on 25 fixed paylines.

How much can I win playing Lilith’s Inferno?

The game comes with a top-paying symbol that can pay out 24x the bet, with a theoretical maximum prize of over 100,000 pounds or the equivalent in your currency.

How do I start playing Lilith’s Inferno?

To start playing, you need to select your bet per spin, with the smallest bet available being 0.10 Dollars and the maximum being 150 Dollars per spin, with a payline bet of 6 Dollars on each of the 25 lines.

Does Lilith’s Inferno have an autopay feature?

Yes, it does. To activate it, simply select it and open the setup menu, which reveals a list of preset automatic spin options.

How do I trigger the free spins feature in Lilith’s Inferno?

The free spins feature is triggered when three, four, or five crystal skulls land on the reels, and allows the player to punch the monster for each spin, with each hit counting as a spin.

What is the potential for big wins in Lilith’s Inferno?

The game comes with a theoretical maximum prize of over 100,000 pounds or the equivalent in your currency, with a top-paying symbol that can payout up to 24x the bet.

Are there any similar games to Lilith’s Inferno?

Yes, some similar games to Lilith’s Inferno include the Gorilla Slot from Novomatic or the Yggdrasil slot game set in a forest with demonic gorillas.

What we like

  • Beautifully designed graphics
  • Engaging free spins feature
  • Smooth gameplay
  • High winning potential

What we don’t like

  • Frequent cinematic bonus events can interrupt gameplay flow
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