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Get ready to feel like royalty with Im King, a 5×3 online slot game with 35 fixed pay lines that’s fit for a…well, you know. With symbols of Chinese Empire, you’ll be seeing dragons, gold coins, and emperors slide across the screen faster than you can say ‘fortune cookie’. But don’t worry, the game offers more than just pretty pictures — you can leverage the power of Wild symbols and free spins to boost your winnings and make your reign even more glorious. Plus, there’s a bonus game that gives you even more spins to add to your current ones. It’s almost too much power to handle!

Symbolism and Graphics

Prepare yourself for a royal treatment in IM KING, where the game symbols depict the luxury and elegance of the Chinese empire. You’ll see gold, beautiful women, and queens. Talk about goals! Even the cards have been reinvented with an Asian style – they’re not your grandma’s deck of cards. The graphics will transport you to the heart of the kingdom and make you feel like royalty. Just be warned, the music might have you feeling like you’re trapped inside an elevator – but hey, nothing’s perfect, right?

Betting Range: Not Just For High Rollers!

Get ready to roll with the big dogs and put your money where your mouth is with IM KING! With a betting range that starts at 0.35 cents and goes all the way up to 350$, even the most cautious players can join in on the excitement and try their luck.

But let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a high roller? Spin those reels like there’s no tomorrow and see how far your luck can take you. With a betting range this wide, the possibilities are endless and so are the potential payouts. So come on, step right up and take a chance!

Pros and Cons

Are you ready to become royalty? Yes? Then, ‘IM KING’ is the perfect slot game for you. Not only does it offer you the royal treatment, but you could be winning big in no time. The game is equipped with various bonus features that will make you feel like the king of the online casino world. You also have the flexibility to bet with the betting ranges. So, go forth and conquer!

However, let’s not forget the cons. We have to be honest here. The music could get a little annoying. It’s like a bad jester playing the same tune over and over again. Another downside is the lack of information on volatility and RTP. Come on, IM KING, you’re the ruler here, can’t you provide us with more information? Or are you afraid of losing your throne?

Game Stats?! You Ain’t Lion…

Well, well, well, looks like we’ve got ourselves a bit of a mystery here. This game is as volatile as a teenager and its RTP is about as clear as dirt in a muddy swamp.

But, fear not, players can still leverage the power of Wild symbols to increase their chances of winning and free spins can really up the ante. So, go ahead and take your chances, just don’t expect this game to hold your hand.


What is the theme of the IM KING slot game?

The IM KING slot game has a medieval China theme.

How many pay lines does the IM KING slot game have?

The IM KING slot game has 35 fixed pay lines.

What are the special features of the IM KING slot game?

The IM KING slot game has Wild Combination Rewards and Re-Triggerable Free Spin as special features.

How can I trigger the Wild Combination Rewards and Re-Triggerable Free Spin?

You can trigger the Wild Combination Rewards and Re-Triggerable Free Spin by collecting Wild symbols and finding three Free Spin icons during the spins, respectively.

How much can I bet on the IM KING slot game?

It is possible to bet from a minimum of 0.35 cents up to 350$ on the IM KING slot game.

Can I play the IM KING slot game even if I’m not experienced with the online gaming sector?

Yes, you can play the IM KING slot game even if you do not yet have much experience with the online gaming sector.

What is the appearance of the graphics in the IM KING slot game?

The graphics in the IM KING slot game are good.

What is the music like in the IM KING slot game?

The music in the IM KING slot game could be a bit annoying.

What we like

  • Opportunity to win significant payouts
  • Range of bonus features (Wild symbols, free spins)
  • Flexible betting range
  • Visually appealing graphics

What we don’t like

  • Annoying music
  • No information on volatility and RTP
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