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Secret Treasures

Secret Treasures

Unlocking secret treasures just got more exciting in this game with the Scatter symbol in the form of a Key. With three Scatters, the player can unlock 12 free spins to increase their chances of a big win. And don't worry about those pesky symbols getting in the way, because the Wild symbol, represented by a sneaky Snake, can replace everything except the Scatter. Achieve three consecutive wins and activate the Bonus Wild function, filling the grid with Wild symbols. It's like having a treasure map with an X that always marks the spot!

Let's Talk Paylines and Reel Configuration

Get ready for a classic setup with Secret Treasures! With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this game will have you feeling like a seasoned slot player in no time. Just remember, all wins need to be made from left to right on adjacent reels - so don't get too crazy with your bets.

But who needs craziness when you have secret treasures to uncover? With this game's exciting reel configuration, you'll have plenty of opportunities to strike riches beyond your wildest dreams - or at least enough for another round at the bar.

Theme of the Game

Get ready to embark on a wild jungle adventure with Secret Treasures! You play the daring role of an explorer who's made it their mission to uncover some mysterious hidden treasures.

But be warned, this game is filled with unexpected obstacles such as slithery snakes and tantalizing pitfalls that can change your fate in a blink of an eye. One thing's for sure, you're in for one exhilarating ride!

The Secret to Riches: RTP (Return-To-Player)

Are you ready for a game that truly gives back? Look no further than Secret Treasures, boasting an impressive RTP ratio of 97.28%! This means for every dollar you put in, you'll be getting back almost all of your treasure-- er, winnings! It's no secret experienced gamblers will swoon over this game.

Get lost in the jungle with the Secret Treasures soundtrack

If you want to feel like a true explorer on a quest for riches, the Secret Treasures soundtrack is the perfect companion. It's not just simple sounds, it's a whole journey into the jungle, with birds chirping, monkeys howling and the distant sound of rushing water.

They're so visually stunning you'll forget you're not actually in the jungle. The symbols on the game grid are so detailed, it's like you're holding the treasure map in your own hands.

So if you want to go on a true adventure without leaving your couch, Secret Treasures is the game for you. It's like Indiana Jones, but with less snakes and more chances to win big!


What is Secret Treasures?

Secret Treasures is an online slot game that features an explorer trying to uncover hidden treasures amidst the jungle.

What are the game symbols in Secret Treasures?

The game symbols in Secret Treasures include a Knife, a Torch, a Compass, an explorer, and playing cards with A, K, and Q as well as a Scatter symbol (Key) and a Wild symbol (Snake).

What is the Scatter symbol used for in Secret Treasures?

The Scatter symbol (Key) in Secret Treasures is collected and placed on the left side of the grid. If three keys are found in a single spin, 12 free spins can be unlocked.

What is the Wild symbol used for in Secret Treasures?

The Wild symbol (Snake) in Secret Treasures has the power to replace all symbols during gameplay except the Scatter symbol.

What is the Bonus Wild function in Secret Treasures?

In Secret Treasures, the Bonus Wild function is activated after signing three consecutive victories. The stone snake placed on the left side of the board comes to life and through its venom makes Wild symbols appear on the game grid to allow you to achieve a Big Win with bells on. The Bonus Wild function can be activated only once per game.

What is the RTP for Secret Treasures?

The return to the player (RTP) is set at a value of 97.28% in Secret Treasures.

Is Secret Treasures a modern-looking game?

Graphically, Secret Treasures may not be one of the most modern machines in history, but its operation and gameplay mechanism run smoothly.

Is the soundtrack in Secret Treasures impressive?

Yes, the soundtrack in Secret Treasures is quite simple but with a strong charge that recalls unique atmospheres to experience in the jungle.

What we like

  • Great return-to-player ratio
  • Engaging jungle adventure theme
  • Fun and exciting game features
  • Visually appealing graphics

What we don't like

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