Ice and Fire

by DreamTech

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RTP 96.64%

Volatility HIGH


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Slot review

Ice and Fire
RTP 96.64%
Volatility HIGH

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire

Prepare to experience something truly unique with the Ice and Fire slot game. With two identical 5×5 grids representing different dragon realms, it’s double the fun! Just don’t let the dragons catch wind of each other – we don’t want any fire and ice clashes.

Your goal is to rake up at least four consecutive combinations, fill up the gem counter, and unlock the special mode. Think of it as winning the jackpot of dragon treasure!

Just remember, the only time these two realms come together is when the Wild symbols appear. Good thing they come around as often as a dragon sheds its skin!

Special Symbols and Features

Prepare for some hot and cold action with the Ice and Fire slot game! This game is loaded with special symbols such as the dragon egg Scatter and the grimoire Wild. You’re going to need these symbols to trigger the fiery bonus features.

The Wild symbols are so nice, they appear twice! That’s right, these helpful symbols land in the same spot on both grids, increasing your chances of scoring big wins.

Visually and Aurally Stimulating

If you’re looking for a game that will transport you to another world, look no further than Ice and Fire. The dual-screen design is like having two dragons for the price of one! The ice screen is cool as a cucumber, while the fire screen is hotter than a three-alarm fire. Feast your eyes on stunning designs that will surely leave you in awe. And don’t even get me started on the music score – it’s like listening to dragons roar to the beat of a drum set. Percussions and strings create a mystical atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dragons and Riches and Fire, Oh My!

If you’re tired of the same old themed slots, Ice and Fire is here to breathe some fresh, scorching-hot air into your spinning experience. This online casino game takes players on a journey through the world of Eastern and Western dragons, with both an ice dragon and a fire dragon that will leave you breathless. Let the dragons clash, complement, and bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

The game’s unique imagery, music, and symbols transport players right into a world of mythical creatures. Who doesn’t love dragons, right? These legendary beasts represent strength, power, and wealth, all of which are key elements to a great online casino experience. Players can choose which dragon to follow when spinning the reels in search of treasures. Will you go for the icy elegance of the ice dragon or the fiery ferocity of the fire dragon? Either way, you’re sure to have a blast… a fiery one, of course!

Comparison to Similar Games

Are you tired of the same old dragon-themed slots? Look no further than Ice and Fire – the slot game with TWO playing fields! That’s right, two! Because one just wasn’t enough. Double the playing fields means double the chances to win big.

But, if you’re still feeling a little dragon-crazy and need some other options to satisfy your fire-breathing fix, you could check out Dragon Slot, Dragon Wins, Dragon’s Myth, A Dragon’s Story, Double Dragons, and Dragon Kingdom. Warning: playing these games may result in a sudden urge to hoard all the gold in your house and breathe fire like a boss.


What is Ice and Fire?

Ice and Fire is an online slot game that revolves around two dragons, ice and fire, that battle in a unique game grid.

How can I play Ice and Fire?

To play Ice and Fire, you need to select your betting amount and spin the two grids to get at least 4 consecutive combinations.

What are the bonus features of Ice and Fire?

Ice and Fire has special symbols such as the dragon egg Scatter or the grimoire Wild that can trigger bonus features.

How many game grids does Ice and Fire have?

Ice and Fire has two identical game grids representing the realms of the ice and fire dragons.

What is the Wild symbol in Ice and Fire?

The Wild symbol in Ice and Fire can appear on one grid and will also appear in the same position on the other grid, giving the possibility of obtaining more combinations.

What are some similar slots to Ice and Fire?

Some similar online slots to Ice and Fire include Dragon Slot, Dragon Wins, Dragon’s Myth, A Dragon’s Story, Double Dragons, and Dragon Kingdom.

How many symbols are there per spin in Ice and Fire?

There are fifty symbols per spin in Ice and Fire.

How can I access the special mode in Ice and Fire?

To access the special mode in Ice and Fire, you need to fill the gem counter at the top of the game grid by getting at least 4 consecutive combinations.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay with dual 5×5 grids
  • Special symbols trigger bonus features
  • Visually appealing dual-screen design
  • Engaging dragon-themed experience

What we don’t like

  • Limited interaction between the grids
  • Requires consecutive combinations to access special mode
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