Haunted House Rest in Paradise

by WMG

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RTP 90%

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Haunted House Rest in Paradise
RTP 90%
Volatility MED

Haunted House Rest in Paradise

Haunted House Rest in Paradise

Prepare to scream- with pleasure that is! Haunted House Rest in Paradise is a visual treat that immerses you in an engaging and refreshing tropical setting. The traditional haunted house theme has been flipped on its head, giving you a refreshing experience.

The symbols of the game are intricate and detailed, making it a real joy to stare at. You might take some time identifying all the different symbols, but hey- that’s part of the fun, right?

The crystal-clear water backdrop might make you forget that you’re sitting in front of a screen, and instead make you feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation. If only we could jump in and swim with the symbols!

Gameplay and Mechanics

Get ready to spin those reels once again! The gameplay of ‘Haunted House Rest in Paradise’ may not reinvent the wheel, but why change something that already works so well? It’s like putting ketchup on your fries – you already know it’s gonna be good. The five-reel slot with three horizontal lines and fifteen symbols per turn is a tried and true formula. And if you’re feeling a bit risky, the customizable double-play mechanism will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now, the real fun begins when you hit the bonus mode. Three Scatter symbols? That’s easy peasy. The bonus mode is where you can really hit the jackpot and take a trip to paradise. Or, you know, at least feel like you’re on vacation for a little bit. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

Symbols and Bonuses: Scarily Good Fun!

The symbols for Haunted House Rest in Paradise are spooky and stunning, making the gameplay even more thrilling! Don’t worry about getting lost in the darkness – the vampire is here to light the way as the Wild card, and can replace any other symbol to help you score big wins!

If you’re lucky enough to find at least three Scatter symbols, you’ll get access to the bone-chilling bonus mode – a slot within the slot! You can play this mini-game multiple times, where each spin is a chance to win rewards corresponding to the symbol you find. The number of spins you get is equal to the number of Scatters that triggered the bonus round!

Overall, the symbols and bonuses in Haunted House Rest in Paradise are a scream! With so many chances to win, there’s no telling what kind of spine-tingling surprises are in store. So why not grab your garlic and wooden stakes-and give it a spin today!

Musical Magic and Spooky Sound Effects

The musical score and sound effects of ‘Haunted House Rest in Paradise’ work hand in hand to create an enchanting and eerie atmosphere. The tropical background music is so catchy, you might find yourself humming it for hours after leaving the game. Just don’t be surprised if your coworkers start asking if you’re secretly planning a vacation to a remote island.

As for the sound effects, the developers spared no expense in delivering an immersive aural experience. Winning and triggering bonuses is a true treat for the ears. You’ll be hearing those spine-chilling sound effects long after you’ve stopped playing. However, the background music loop can get a bit monotonous after a while. Best to take breaks and enjoy the silence now and then. But overall, the sound design is top-notch and adds to the overall feel of the game.

Similar Slot Games for Haunted House Rest in Paradise

Looking for similar slot games to Haunted House Rest in Paradise can be as difficult as finding the ghosts haunting the house. Fear not, for those seeking similar gameplay mechanics, Fowl Play London by WMG is a cracking good option.

But if you’re after the same eerie theme as Haunted House Rest in Paradise, then Trick or Treat by Saucify is not to be missed, especially if you’re a fan of Halloween – just don’t let the spooky noises scare you.

Another slot game that takes on the spirit of the afterlife is Oh Catrina by Booming Games. This one’s for those who celebrate the Day of the Dead, which coincidentally may be the day you win the jackpot and skip straight into the afterlife.


What is Haunted House Rest in Paradise?

Haunted House Rest in Paradise is an online slot game that is a spiritual successor to Haunted House. It has a tropical island theme.

What are the graphics and music like in Haunted House Rest in Paradise?

The graphics and music in Haunted House Rest in Paradise are immersive and engaging and fit the tropical island theme of the game.

How does the gameplay of Haunted House Rest in Paradise compare to the original?

The gameplay is not very different from its predecessor. It still has the same mechanics, making it easy to master.

What are the symbols in Haunted House Rest in Paradise?

The symbols in Haunted House Rest in Paradise include hula dancers, bellhops, and tropical plants. The vampire symbol is the Wild and can be used in all possible combinations.

How can you trigger the bonus mode in Haunted House Rest in Paradise?

You can trigger the bonus mode by finding at least three Scatter symbols (the luxury car) in one round. In this mode, you play a single-line slot game.

Is Haunted House Rest in Paradise easy to play?

Yes, Haunted House Rest in Paradise is easy to play, with familiar game mechanics from its predecessor and simple bonus mode rules.

What are some similar slot games to Haunted House Rest in Paradise?

Similar slot games to Haunted House Rest in Paradise are Trick or Treat from Saucify and Oh Catrina from Booming Games, which take on different horror themes.

What other WMG titles are recommended?

All WMG titles are recommended, with Fowl Play London being the spiritual successor to Haunted House and having similar gameplay mechanics.

What we like

  • Immersive and engaging environment
  • Detailed and intricate symbols
  • Customizable double-play mechanism
  • Satisfying sound effects

What we don’t like

  • Background music can get repetitive
  • Recognizing symbols may take time
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