Dog Town Deal

by Quickspin

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RTP 96%

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Dog Town Deal
RTP 96%
Volatility LOW

Dog Town Deal

Dog Town Deal

Dog Town Deal is much more than an average slot game. It’s a perfect combination of slots and Blackjack, which Quickspin has taken to the next level. Gambling has never been so adorable, with a cast of furry characters that will steal your heart. The dogs in this game are known for their poker faces, but the paw print stamped chip sets the tone for the gambling journey that you are about to undertake.

Get ready to experience the excitement of gambling at a clandestine den, far away from prying eyes. In Dog Town Deal, you will be immersing into a world full of mystery, and thrill. The game features 20 fixed paylines, offering you an ample chance to score a win with every spin. Place your bets starting from 0.20$, and brace yourself for the winnings of a lifetime, as you can potentially win up to 1,116 times your initial stake. The game’s volatility is set at a low, which means you get a lot of chances to take home a win.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Dog Town Deal is quite attractive at 96.15%. This means that you have a high chance of getting your money’s worth during your gambling journey. With such an RTP, it’s no wonder why this game has become a fan favorite when it comes to online slot games.

Be warned; this game is highly addictive, thanks to its charming graphics and nerve-tingling gameplay. So get ready to sit at the table and place your bets, as these canines show off their poker faces and put their chips on the line for a chance to win big. But remember, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so good luck beating these puppers at their own game!

Graphics and Sound

Dog Town Deal is basically like a Pixar movie, except with the added thrill of a casino slot game. The graphics are so good, you’ll want to reach into the screen and give the dogs a pat on the head. Each of the canine characters is full of personality, from the slick-talking pug to the gruff bulldog with a heart of gold. Quickspin has gone above and beyond with the attention to detail, and it truly shows in the finished product.

The soundtrack is just as impressive as the graphics. Instead of generic slot machine tunes, Dog Town Deal has an enchanting jazz soundtrack that wouldn’t sound out of place in a swanky New York club. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the game, complementing the gameplay and immersing players in the world of the dogs.

Overall, the graphics and sound are the highlight of Dog Town Deal. Even if you don’t end up winning big, at least you’ll have fun watching the dogs bust a move to the beat of the music.

Get Lucky with Dog Town Deal Game Mechanics and Features

Dog Town Deal is one of the most fascinating slot games out there. It’s a 5×3 reel that’s packed with symbols that will make your tail wag with excitement. On top of that, the game’s multiplier column ranges from 1x to 15x on the left-hand side, which is like having a doggy treat delivered to you every time you hit the spin button.

You can’t deny the thrill of the game’s row of progressive numbers– from 16 to 21 to assist with Blackjack. If you’re lucky, and who knows– maybe you are– you might hit the Blackjack max number and claim your winnings like a Dog who’s just caught a bone.

Don’t forget about the Autoplay feature either! You can activate the Autoplay feature and play from anywhere between 10 to 1,000 automatic spins. That’s enough to make any pup excited. Even though the game has set its volatility level at low, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is still at 96.15%. With those kind of odds, you’ll be barking for more.

The free spins feature in Dog Town Deal gives players even more opportunities to score big wins. Each time a winning combo is delivered, you’ll unlock another chance to hit higher payout multipliers. It’s a great way to stack up your doggy bowl with wins and treats.

Get Ready to Bark: High and Low Paying Symbols in Dog Town Deal

Are you ready to fetch some cash while scoring big with adorable pooches? Dog Town Deal online slot has you covered with its exciting reels. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for those high and low-paying symbols. Here’s everything you need to know about them to get those pawsitive results.

First things first, if you want to wag your way to a big win, make sure you get a combo set of the same symbols next to each other. These combos have to start from the first reel at the left and move on to the right in an adjacent fashion. The colorful chips may be cute to look at, but they are the least profitable symbols in the game. If you want to get those treats, aim higher.

And what’s higher, you ask? The answer is four different kinds of dogs – Chihuahua, Beagle, Bulldog, and Greyhound. These four furry friends have a higher payout potential than any of the other symbols in the game. But among them, there is one king of the dogs – the Greyhound. He pays out three times more than the other breeds. So make sure to pet him well the next time you see him on the reels.

But if you want to wag your tail with excitement, keep an eye out for the Wild symbol too. It can substitute for all other symbols, except the special ones. And not only that, any combination that features three or more Wild symbols will earn you double the score of the Greyhound. Woof, that’s a lot of bones for one spin!

So, there you have it, folks. Keep these symbol payouts in mind and you’ll be on your way to becoming the top dog of the Dog Town Deal online slot. With exciting graphics and a fun gameplay concept, Dog Town Deal is sure to be a hit with dog lovers and online casino enthusiasts alike. Get ready to take a walk on the wild side and spin those reels today!

Maximize Your Winnings with Scatters and Free Spins

Get ready to experience the excitement of Dog Town Deal. This game is all about maximizing your winnings with scatters and free spins. Unlike other casino slot games, Dog Town Deal has a unique approach to how you can win big. Let’s take a closer look at how to leverage scatters and free spins to rack up some serious coin.

The Scatter symbols in Dog Town Deal are not the typical fancy symbols you may find in other casino slot games. Instead, they are represented by simple playing cards. But don’t let their simplicity fool you. Land just two Scatter symbols during a single spin, and they will be flipped over. If the sum of the card total equals 16 or more, then a multiplier will be applied to the initial bet. That’s right – this is one of the few casino slot games where even the lowly playing cards can help you rack up some serious cash.

If that wasn’t enough, landing three or more Scatters in a single spin will unlock up to 15 Free Spins. Who doesn’t love a free spin? You can use these spins to increase your winnings without risking any more of your own money. Be sure to take full advantage of these free spins to maximize your earning potential.

Overall, scatters and free spins are key to raking in big rewards in Dog Town Deal. The simple playing card Scatters, combined with the possibility of up to 15 Free Spins, make this game unique and exciting. So go ahead and give Dog Town Deal a try – you never know when those Scatters will land in your favor.


How many paylines does Dog Town Deal have?

Dog Town Deal has 20 fixed paylines.

What is the minimum bet amount for this game?

The minimum bet amount for Dog Town Deal is 0.20$.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) of Dog Town Deal?

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of Dog Town Deal is 96.15%.

What is the maximum number of automatic spins that can be activated through the Autoplay feature?

The Autoplay feature of Dog Town Deal allows for up to 1,000 automatic spins.

What is the most rewarding symbol in Dog Town Deal?

The Greyhound symbol is the most rewarding symbol in Dog Town Deal, offering a payout potential of 3x more than the other dog symbols.

What is the function of the Wild symbol in this game?

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all other symbols except for the special ones. Combinations with 3 or more Wild symbols will reward double the score of the Greyhound symbol.

What are the Scatter symbols in this game?

The Scatter symbols in Dog Town Deal are simple playing cards.

How many Free Spins can be awarded through landing Scatter symbols?

Up to 15 Free Spins can be awarded through landing three or more Scatter symbols in a single spin.

What we like

  • Outstanding graphics and attention to detail
  • Enchanting jazz soundtrack complements gameplay
  • Unique combination of slot machines and Blackjack
  • Free Spins feature adds excitement and chances for higher payouts

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