Break Away Deluxe

by Stormcraft Studios

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RTP 96.88%

Volatility HIGH


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Break Away Deluxe
RTP 96.88%
Volatility HIGH

Break Away Deluxe

Break Away Deluxe

Break Away Deluxe, developed by Microgaming, offers a unique gameplay experience compared to other online slots games. The game grid has a 5×5 mechanism that allows for 25 symbols at a time, creating more opportunities for winning lines. And with more lines comes more chances for you to strike it lucky, or as your ex-girlfriend used to say – ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, loser’

But don’t worry, this game has so many ways to win it will have you jumping up and down like a penguin on a trampoline. Players can choose between 18, 38, 68, or 88 winning lines, a choice that can significantly change the gaming experience. And if you’re like me and can’t make decisions for your life, you can always let fate (or the computer) choose for you.

The game also offers two exciting functions. The first is falling symbols which is the opposite of my hopes and dreams (zing!). But seriously, it means that any symbols in a winning combination will disappear and the symbols above will fall into their places. This creates an opportunity for even more winning combinations…honestly, it’s like a never-ending party.

And then there’s Smashing Wild which sounds like the perfect way to let out some steam after a terrible day. In this feature, hockey players appear on the reels and smash into reels 2, 3, or 4, turning them wild and increasing your chances of winning big. It’s like having a personal hockey team at your fingertips…if only they were real and could actually take me on a date.

Experience a Unique Grid Structure

Are you tired of the same old slot game grids? Look no further than Break Away Deluxe! This game features a 5×5 mechanism, allowing for 25 symbols in each spin. That’s 2 more symbols than your average slot game, which means more opportunities to win big!

But the unique grid structure isn’t just for show. It also allows for a greater number of game lines, meaning there are even more ways to hit those winning combinations. Plus, let’s be honest, it adds a fresh spin (pun intended) compared to the classic 5×3 mechanism.

So, if you’re looking for a game that takes a different approach than the norm, Break Away Deluxe is the perfect choice. Who said all slot games have to be boring?

Winning Lines

Are you tired of playing slot games with limited winning lines? Well, Break Away Deluxe has got you covered! This game offers not one, not two, not three, but multiple opportunities to win big. With four different options of winning lines, you can choose your preferred play style. Want to go for a high-risk, high-reward option? Then go for the 88 winning line option and watch as your winnings skyrocket, faster than a hockey puck on ice.

What’s great about Break Away Deluxe is that it offers a gaming experience that truly caters to players’ individual preferences. Not a fan of taking big risks? Opt for the 18 winning line option and enjoy a more relaxing game. Or, if you’re after something in between, choose the 38 or 68 winning line options – a sweet spot for those wanting to win big without entirely relying on luck.

The best part is that you can switch between these options as you please, giving you complete control over your gaming experience. It’s like being a coach and making strategic substitutions mid-game – but with Break Away Deluxe, you’re the star player.

So, if you’re looking for a slot game with more opportunities to win, Break Away Deluxe is the perfect choice. With its customizable winning line options, it offers a unique gaming experience that no other slot game can match. Give it a go, and you might just score a goal (or a jackpot).

Falling Symbols

Get ready to rock the ice with Break Away Deluxe’s falling symbols function. Not only does it add an extra level of excitement to the game, but it also gives players the chance to win big. It’s like bowling, except instead of pins, you’re knocking down symbols and getting rewarded for it. So, grab your stick and puck and get ready to hit the ice!

This feature is not just another gimmick to make the game stand out but it’s also present in other Microgaming slots. However, Break Away Deluxe takes it to the next level with the frequency in which it appears, giving players more chances to walk away with wins. It’s like a never-ending snowfall of riches!

With every disappearing symbol, the excitement builds – it’s like waiting for that perfect pass to set up the winning goal. And just like a hockey game, Break Away Deluxe will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the thrill ride!

Smashing Wild Function

Break Away Deluxe has got some serious wild action going on with its Smashing Wild Function. It’s like the game is telling us to break things and get rewarded for it! Who needs therapy when you have a slot game that lets you smash stuff for money?

But in all seriousness, the Smashing Wild Function is an incredible feature that appears randomly during gameplay and turns the central three lines into Wild symbols that guarantee a win. The adrenaline rush is real when you see those Wild symbols smashing their way onto the screen!

It’s exceptionally high, making it a highly valued feature of the game. You’ll be smashing Wilds left and right when you give this slot a spin!


What is Break Away Deluxe?

Break Away Deluxe is an online slot game developed by Microgaming with an ice hockey theme.

What is the game mechanics of Break Away Deluxe?

Break Away Deluxe has a 5 by 5 mechanism which allows for 25 symbols per spin, giving players a greater number of winning lines. The player can choose between 18, 38, 68, or 88 paying lines.

What is the falling symbols mechanic in Break Away Deluxe?

With the falling symbols mechanic, every time a player gets a winning combination, the symbols in question will disappear and others will fall from above, potentially leading to concatenated wins that increase the value of the play.

What is the Smashing Wild in Break Away Deluxe?

The Smashing Wild is a random function that can appear during the game and transforms the three central lines into Wild symbols, ensuring a win and a high value prize.

What are some other similar online slot games to Break Away Deluxe?

Other online slot games that deal with different sports are Fisticuffs by NetEnt, an excellent game about boxing, and Football Frenzy by RTG which revolves around soccer.

What is the theme of Break Away Deluxe?

Break Away Deluxe’s theme revolves around ice hockey. Its symbols include the field, players, the referee, skates, and machinery used to maintain the ice.

What sets Break Away Deluxe apart from other online slot games?

Break Away Deluxe stands out for its unique game mechanics with its 5 by 5 grid mechanism which allows for 25 symbols per spin, and the option to choose between 18, 38, 68, or 88 paying lines leading to an increase in winning chances. Plus, its Smashing Wild function can give players a high value prize.

Is Break Away Deluxe available on mobile devices?

Yes, Break Away Deluxe is available on different platforms including mobile devices, making it easily accessible for playing on the go.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay mechanics
  • Unique grid structure for more winning lines
  • Customizable winning lines for an exciting gaming experience
  • Falling symbols and Smashing Wild functions for increased value of play

What we don’t like

  • Frequency of falling symbols and Smashing Wild functions may vary
  • Limited number of winning line options
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