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Dragon Shard

Dragon Shard

Get ready for an adventure with Dragon Shard casino slot game. The game features a 5x5 reel format that is sure to increase your chances of winning and give you a chance to try out different pay lines. But let's get real, you're playing to win big, and Dragon Shard has got you covered. Look out for the Dragon Shard symbol, as it serves as the game's Wild and can help you replace all other symbols on the board.

The game also has a surprise in store for you. Symbols may appear hidden behind question marks, but fret not, once revealed, the symbols turn out to be of the same type, allowing you to win big. Some symbols also appear in a stretched format that can cover more than one reel, particularly the ones that feature the game's characters and offer high-value combinations. So, crossing your fingers has never been more rewarding!

Dragon Shard is an excellent game that is perfect for any player looking for an adventure, excitement, and high payouts. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your lucky shoes and start spinning those reels. Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot and become the next big winner. And if that happens, don't forget to send us a postcard from your luxury yacht!

Graphics and Theme

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Dragon Shard's graphics? It's like entering a mystical world filled with dragons and treasures. I almost expected to see Daenerys Targaryen popping up to ride one of these fantastic beasts. The game board is set amidst enchanting visuals that make you feel like you're on a journey through a magical forest.

The use of precious gems to replace the classic card symbols is a creative touch that adds to the overall charm of the game. It's like playing with a bag of rare stones, each one more beautiful than the last. The dragon theme is expertly infused throughout the game, from the symbols to the sound effects, it will make you feel like you're on a mission to conquer a great dragon.

Unleash the Power of Dragon Shard's Wild and Scatter Symbols

This game will have you seeing dragons in your dreams!

Players looking for ways to increase their chances of winning need to pay attention to Dragon Shard's Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol, symbolized by the game's title, can replace any other symbol on the board, giving players more opportunities to complete a winning combination.

The dragon's eye scatter symbol, on the other hand, grants players access to the coveted free spin function. Collect enough scatters and watch as the game board explodes into a glorious display of fire-breathing dragons and shimmering gems. Miss out on that free spin action and you'll be left feeling like you were the knight who missed his dragon.

So whether you're an experienced slots player or just a beginner, Dragon Shard's Wild and Scatter symbols are the key to unlocking some seriously big wins. Don't be afraid to place your bets, take a deep breath, and let the dragons take care of the rest!

Bonus Features

Dragon Shard is a game that goes beyond the ordinary spins and wins. It offers several innovations that ensure players are always engaged and utterly captivated. Prepare for a roller-coaster of excitement as you play this extraordinary game.

You'll notice that every once in a while, symbols appear hidden behind question marks. When you reveal them, they turn out to be all of the same type– an excellent way of obtaining favorable winning combinations. It's like unwrapping a gift, except you don't have to wait until your birthday.

If that wasn't enough, the symbols can also appear in a stretched format, which covers more than one reel. In particular, the ones that depict the various characters offer high-value combinations. To put it simply, they're worth their weight in gold. With these characters on your side, you'll feel like you're part of an epic saga.

The cherry on the cake, or shall we say, the dragon's eye on the screen, grants access to the free spin function. That's right, the dragon's eye symbol is what you need to watch out for. It's rare, but once you get it, there's no going back. You'll be transported to a world where spinning the reels is not the same anymore, everything gets even more exciting, and the rewards are insane!

Comparing Dragon Shard to Similar Games

If you're a fan of slot games with a dragon theme similar to Dragon Shard, fear not! There are plenty of other games out there to satisfy your fire-breathing cravings. However, we think Dragon Shard sets itself apart from the pack in some meaningful ways.

First, Dragon Shard takes a Western perspective on dragons, which is a refreshing change from the more common Eastern take we see in other games. It's fun to see dragons represented in a new way, and the gorgeous graphics on display here make it all the more enjoyable.

If you're looking for other dragon-themed slots that incorporate Chinese culture, you might enjoy Pragmatic Play's Triple Dragons. This game features iconic Chinese symbols like golden dragons, red lanterns, and more for a truly immersive experience. And if you're a fan of Microgaming's offerings, they also have a slot called 8 Dragons that showcases creatures from Chinese folklore and culture.

Overall, while there are certainly other dragon-themed games out there, we think Dragon Shard stands out for its unique take on these mythical creatures and its stunning visuals. Give it a spin (or ten) and see for yourself!


What is the theme of the Dragon Shard slot machine?

The theme of the Dragon Shard slot machine is dragons, which are often associated with wealth and treasure in mythology and cultures around the world.

What is the game board like in Dragon Shard?

The game board in Dragon Shard is set in a lush valley with water, trees, and grass, and is surrounded by temple-like structures. The playing card symbols are replaced by gem-like suits, adding to the luxurious and fantastical environment.

How does the reel format in Dragon Shard differ from standard online slots?

Dragon Shard deviates from the standard 5x3 mechanism and instead uses a 5x5 reel format, which allows for up to 25 symbols per play and increases the possibility of using a greater number of pay lines.

What is the Wild symbol in Dragon Shard and what can it do?

The Wild symbol in Dragon Shard is the game's title and it can replace all other symbols on the game board, increasing the likelihood of winning combinations.

What symbol grants access to the free spin function in Dragon Shard?

The dragon's eye symbol grants access to the free spin function in Dragon Shard, which can lead to even more chances of winning big.

What are some of the unique features in Dragon Shard?

Dragon Shard offers unique features such as symbols that can appear hidden behind question marks, which turn out to be all of the same type, and stretched symbols that cover multiple reels for high-value combinations.

Are there other dragon-themed slots available?

Yes, there are other dragon-themed slots available, such as Pragmatic Play's Triple Dragons and Microgaming's 8 Dragons. Each game offers different perspectives and cultural references to the mythical creature.

What can players expect from the overall experience of playing Dragon Shard?

Players can expect to be fully immersed in a lush and fantastical environment, with multiple opportunities for winning big through unique features and innovative gameplay mechanics.

What we like

  • 5x5 reel format increases pay line possibilities
  • Dragon Shard Wild symbol replaces all other symbols
  • Various symbols appear in stretched format for high-value combinations
  • Engaging bonus features keep players captivated

What we don't like

  • Limited to dragon themed slots
  • Limited variety of bonus features
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