Book of Darkness

by Betsoft

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RTP 96.48%

Volatility MED


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Slot review

Book of Darkness
RTP 96.48%
Volatility MED

Book of Darkness

Get ready to enter the mystical world of Book of Darkness and experience exciting gameplay features that will leave you begging for more. The game offers something extra special compared to other online slots – the Clash for Power and Shadowform features.

The Clash for Power feature is the ultimate battle between the warrior and the magician, each fighting for their own rewards. The winner of the battle allows you to trigger a variety of bonuses including free spins, multipliers, and expandable symbols – not bad for just playing a slot game, right?

So, what about the Shadowform feature? Well, it’s something out of this world! During this feature, you can land Shadowform symbols that increase multipliers and offer an incredible gaming experience.

If you’re more into traditional gameplay, fear not, Book of Darkness offers a base game where players match identical symbols along paylines like any other online slot. But, why settle for traditional when you can experience extraordinary?

Overall, Book of Darkness is a game that offers players the perfect mix of excitement and enjoyment.

RTP and Volatility

Are you a high-risk, high-reward gambler? Then Book of Darkness is the perfect game for you! With an RTP of 96.23%, this slot game offers a great chance of winning big. However, players should be aware that this game has high volatility, meaning that wins are less frequent but also more substantial. So, brace yourself for a wild ride!

But don’t let the high volatility scare you off. The thrill of hitting a massive payout is what makes this game so exciting. And with a minimum bet of just 10 cents, you don’t have to break the bank to get in on the action.

Overall, the RTP and volatility of Book of Darkness make it a great choice for players who enjoy taking risks and winning big. So, gather your courage, grab your lucky charm, and let’s see if you have what it takes to claim those massive payouts!


Are you tired of being restricted to playing slot games on your desktop? Well, fear not my friend! Book of Darkness is here to provide you with the flexibility you crave. Not only is the game compatible with desktop devices, but it also works on mobile devices. No more tedious downloads or installations- just a few clicks and you are ready to play and win big.

Whether you have an iOS or Android device, Book of Darkness runs smoothly on both operating systems. If you’re like me, you appreciate gaming on-the-go, and this game’s compatibility allows me to do just that. I can simply whip out my phone and start playing in line at the grocery store or even on my lunch break without any issues.

This game’s compatibility is impressive, to say the least. You can play it on whatever device suits your fancy without any glitches or delays. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on an epic slot adventure with Book of Darkness wherever and whenever you want!

Theme and Storyline

Prepare yourselves for a dazzling adventure filled with magic and thrill as you dive into the mystical world of Book of Darkness. The game takes you on a ride to the age-old conflict between good and evil. But trust us; this isn’t your mothers’ plain ol’ good vs. bad story.

You take on the magical world as a warrior fighting against an evil magician who’s on a mission to bring darkness to overpower humanity. That’s where you step in with the Clash for Power and Shadowform features in Book of Darkness. With each feature, you’re taken on an immersive and thrilling journey that engages players with a sense of urgency that’s hard to ignore.

It’s a story that’s expertly crafted to keep you entertained, and let’s be real, there’s no way we’re letting evil win here. We’ve got a warrior on our side, and let’s just say we’d never bet against them.

Overall Experience

Book of Darkness is not your typical online slot game, it has a strong mythology theme throughout, which adds an element of mystery making the game both exciting and entertaining to play.

The graphics are superb, with the characters and the mystical background in full high-definition, it feels like you’re getting a sneak-peek into another world. And when the Book of Darkness appears, you know you’re on the verge of a win. Unless, of course, it’s trying to cast a spell on you to take away your money. Okay, maybe I’ve been playing this game too long. Just remember to play responsibly.

The volatility of this game is high, which might lead to some long stretches of frustration, but when you hit that big win, it’s oh-so-sweet. You’ll feel like a wizard who just magically made all their student loans disappear. If only it were that easy, am I right?

The ability to play the game on both desktop and mobile devices is a massive plus, it gives you the convenience to play on the go while you’re waiting for your bus or in line at the DMV. Or, if you’re like me, while you’re pretending to work in a meeting.

In conclusion, Book of Darkness is a highly recommended slot game that is worth checking out to experience the exciting visual graphics and storyline. Just be prepared to cast some spells and maybe spend a bit longer playing before you see big wins.


How many paylines does Book of Darkness have?

Book of Darkness has 10 paylines.

What is the RTP of Book of Darkness?

The RTP of Book of Darkness is 96.23%.

What is the volatility of Book of Darkness?

The volatility of Book of Darkness is high.

What is the minimum bet per spin in Book of Darkness?

The minimum bet per spin in Book of Darkness is 10 cents.

Is Book of Darkness compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Book of Darkness is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices running Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Does Book of Darkness have any special gameplay features?

Yes, Book of Darkness has special gameplay features including Clash for Power and Shadowform, where you can choose a character to battle and potentially win free spins with multipliers and expandable symbols.

What is the aim of Clash for Power gameplay feature?

The aim of Clash for Power gameplay feature is to choose a character who will prevail over the other in a battle to the death and potentially win additional free spins.

What is the aim of Shadowform gameplay feature?

The aim of Shadowform gameplay feature is to win additional free spins and potentially receive multipliers or expandable symbols based on which character wins in the Clash for Power feature.

What we like

  • Exciting gameplay features
  • High RTP
  • Strong storyline
  • Compatibility across devices

What we don’t like

  • High volatility
  • Less frequent payouts
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