Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

by Foxium

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RTP 96.4%

Volatility MED


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Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion
RTP 96.4%
Volatility MED

Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion is not your average slot game, the hexagonal layout of 9 reels provide players with a unique and exciting gaming experience. Not to mention, it is super fun to say “hexagonal layout of 9 reels” out loud. Go ahead, try it.

The gameplay in Astro Legends also offers players a variety of ways to make winning combinations. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle, but instead of a prize at the end, you get actual mone- actually, who are we kidding, winning money is the real prize.

The respin function in Astro Legends lets you take a second shot at improving your winnings. It’s like getting a second chance with a cute date, except instead of a date, it’s a slot game. And instead of a second chance at a relationship, it’s a second chance at winning big.

So go ahead, take Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion for a spin. Who knows, with the unique hexagonal layout and respin function, you might be able to make the universe align and hit the jackpot.

Betting Range – Place bets like a space cowboy

When it comes to betting, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion offers a diverse range of options for players. You can bet as low as 0.10 cents or go as high as 100.00 Dollars per spin! You can also switch around how much you bet depending on how lucky you’re feeling on that particular day.

One thing to keep in mind is the RTP (return to player) is 96.5%, so you can rest assured knowing you still have a good chance of winning. Even if you’re not a high roller, you can still have a ton of fun, blasting through space while placing bets with a range as vast as the universe itself – okay, not quite that far, but you get the idea.

All in all, the betting options in this slot game make it accessible for players of all levels. Just don’t get too carried away, or you might blow through your space funds faster than a meteor. But hey, that’s the risk you take when you’re a space cowboy betting on a slot game.

RTP: How Much Bang for Your Buck?

Want your money to go further? Then look no further than Astro Legends. With an impressive RTP value of 96.5%, you’ll get more bang for your buck than a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

But let’s be real here – we’re here to win big, not just get cute fireworks. And with an RTP value this high, you better believe that Astro Legends means business. You’ll be raking in the coins like a slot machine pro in no time – unless you’re really terrible at gambling, in which case you might want to stick to playing Candy Crush.

So overall, we give the RTP value of Astro Legends a giant thumbs up. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal in the world of online slot games. Or, if you really want to test your luck, maybe try gambling on which celebrity is going to get married and divorced next. Just a suggestion.

Sonic Respin Bonus: Get Ready to Lock and Roll

If you’re anything like us, hitting a big win on the slots is one of the best feelings in the world. But with Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion, the slot game from Microgaming, that feeling gets even better when you activate the Sonic Respin Bonus.

Think of it like getting a bonus on your bonus. When you hit a win, you’ll have the chance to lock that group of symbols in place and spin the remaining reels again!

But it gets even better. If more symbols roll in that fit with the winning group, they’ll lock in place and the reels will spin again. This will continue until you run out of room on the board or no more symbols are added to the winning group. We wouldn’t be surprised if you called in sick to work just to keep playing this game!

All 22 spaces on the board can be filled with the same symbol to create a mega-win that will have you dancing all the way to the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start spinning those reels and see if you can activate the Sonic Respin Bonus. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you! And remember, if you hit it big, be sure to send some of your winnings our way so we can keep playing too 😉

Unleash Your Winning Potential with Astounding Wild Multipliers!

If you’re a seasoned online gaming enthusiast, you know the undeniable appeal of wild multipliers – more multipliers, bigger wins! And boy, does the Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion slot game deliver on that front. It’s time to buckle up and get ready to be dazzled by the magnificent wild multipliers available in this game!

What makes this game’s wild multipliers so special, you ask? Simple – they’re as rare as a unicorn in a sea of horses! But, boy oh boy, once you find them, you are in for a treat! With wild multipliers that can multiply your winnings by up to 5 times the bet, what’s not to love? Each wild multiplier only appears within three red boxes specially created for them.

Getting a winning combination with a wild multiplier icon is the cherry on top of your cake. When you do get it, the values in the multiplier field are added up to give you a winning spin you won’t soon forget!

All in all, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion has got the perfect mix of rarity, surprise and big win potential with its wild multipliers. So saddle up and spin those reels – may the wild multipliers always be in your favor!

Experience the Thrill of Lyra Spirit Bonus

Picture this: you are playing Astro Legends, and just as the game gets intense and you hit a sequence of wins, the Lyra Spirit Bonus kicks in! It’s like the universe has aligned to bring you happiness and prosperity.

As if that was not exciting enough, the Lyra Spirit Bonus is not like any other bonus game out there. To succeed in this round, you must collect special symbols scattered around the reels, kind of like a scavenger hunt. Collect 100 of these symbols, and you are rewarded with an entrance ticket to the Lyra Spirit Bonus.

Once inside, a 7-level playfield awaits. You get to guide Lyra’s spirit through three different paths, embodied by a majestic wolf. Your task is to collect precious gems without hitting any roadblocks, which would make you lose a life. Sounds too easy, right? Don’t be fooled! This round is designed to test your skills and agility.

The good news is that as you collect more gems, bigger and better rewards await. And if you brave to clear all seven levels, you get an extra 20x bonus applied to your win. It’s like hitting the jackpot of jackpots!

So, are you ready to test your luck and skills? We bet you are! Give Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion a spin and see if you can master the Lyra Spirit Bonus and claim your upper hand in this intergalactic adventure!

Try Your Luck for Free at SlotJava

If you’re looking for a way to experience the thrill of online slot games without breaking the bank, look no further than the SlotJava platform. With Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion, the latest in a long line of visually stunning and engaging casino slot games available for free play, you’ll be able to enjoy all the excitement and intrigue of intergalactic adventure without spending a single penny.

And let’s be real here, who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when it comes to gaming, where our wallets can sometimes take a hit. But, with SlotJava’s vast selection of free games, you can play to your heart’s content without ever worrying about losing your hard-earned money.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of online slot games or a seasoned pro, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion is sure to delight players of all levels with its whimsical, space-themed graphics and entertaining gameplay. And with the added bonus of free play, there’s no reason not to give this game a spin.

No download needed

Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion is not only an entertaining space-themed slot, but it’s also available to play directly in your browser, eliminating the hassle of software downloads. Say farewell to those terrible downloads that take hours, only for your computer to crash once it’s finally installed! With Astro Legends, the moment you press spin, the game starts instantly. It’s just like magic, except without the creepy magician’s assistant.

Moreover, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion is a fantastic online game that has excellent graphics, sounds, and game mechanics. The color scheme is wonderfully cosmic, and the soundtrack will soundtrack will transport you to another planet. But what if you don’t want to go to another planet? What if you like this planet just fine? Well, you may still fancy the game even if you don’t want to travel to space. You can still make it your mission to win big, all the while saving the galaxy from evil robots. What’s not to love about a game that combines cosmic adventures with good old-fashioned winning potentials?

Astro Legends is a fantastic game in general, but not having to download it makes it all the more fascinating and convenient. Whether you’re playing on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, there’s no download or installation required. No need to worry about disorganizing your files, clogging up your hard drive, or backing anything up. Just visit the casino site, choose Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion slot game, and get ready to blast off to an adventure-filled space odyssey without any of the unnecessary downloads.


Can I play Astro Legends slot without using real money?

Yes, you can play Astro Legends for free without registering or making a deposit on SlotJava platform.

Does the Astro Legends slot offer free spins?

No, there are no free spins, but you can trigger a respin bonus round after a winning combination.

Can I win real money playing Astro Legends slots?

Yes, if you sign up with an online casino that offers Foxium’s games, you can have a chance of winning real money prizes.

Can I play Astro Legends slots without depositing anything?

Yes, you can enjoy Astro Legends without having to make a deposit on SlotJava platform.

Can I download the Astro Legends slot?

No, Astro Legends is a browser-based online slot, which means that there is no need to download any software.

What is the RTP (return to player) percentage of Astro Legends slot?

Astro Legends slot has an RTP of 96.5%.

What is the Sonic Respin Bonus feature?

It’s a bonus feature where all the winning symbols are held in position while the reels spin again until no more symbols are added or all 22 spaces are filled with the same symbol.

What is the Lyra Spirit Bonus feature?

The Lyra Spirit Bonus awards points as you collect special symbols and activates a 7-level round where you collect gems, earn rewards, and a 20x bonus for clearing all 7 levels.

What we like

  • Hexagonal gameplay with 9 reels
  • Respin function for improved winnings
  • Wide betting range from 0.10 cents to 100.00 Dollars
  • Sonic Respin Bonus and Lyra Spirit Bonus for extra excitement

What we don’t like

  • Limited number of symbols in the winning group
  • Chance of losing a life in the Lyra Spirit Bonus round
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