4 Fowl Play

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RTP 90.2%

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4 Fowl Play
RTP 90.2%
Volatility LOW

4 Fowl Play

Four Fowl Play

Are you ready to dip your beak into one of the most exhilarating casino games around? Then get ready to experience the four-in-one version of Fowl Play Gold with 4 Fowl Play! This game steamrolls the competition with its unique gameplay mechanics and multiple slots, all on a single screen.

If you’re really feeling bold, you can choose to spin all four slots simultaneously for a chance at some truly feathery wins. And with a maximum bet of 16, the sky’s the limit when it comes to payouts. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch, as each of the four slots uses a 5×3 mechanism and ten pay lines each, making it a challenge to keep up with all the spinning reels.

But that’s just part of the fun! In the first phase of the game, all slot machines display the same symbols. But then comes the twist. Players are given the option to lock some reels, while spinning the others again. This creates a unique scenario where each of the four slots displays different symbols, leading to an increased chance of winning big.

But here’s the catch- the locked reels are the same for all four slots. So while you can’t employ different strategies for each slot, you can use one lock for all four for a higher chance of payouts. Just make sure to wear your lucky feather, as with multiple spinning reels happening at once, it can get quite wild!

Let’s Talk About the Looks of 4 Fowl Play

Oh boy, have you seen this game? If you’re a fan of Fowl Play Gold, then you’ll feel right at home with 4 Fowl Play. It’s simply a bird of the same feather. Get it? Bird? Because it’s a chicken-themed game? No? Tough crowd…

In all seriousness, the graphics in this game are just as colorful and eye-catching as its predecessor. You won’t find any dull moments here, folks. If you’re like me, and enjoy a pleasant aesthetic experience when playing online slots, then you’ll appreciate the effort put into the visuals of this game.

The symbols used in 4 Fowl Play are just as rural as you’d expect. You’ve got your chickens, corn, barns, eggs, and even a wolf to keep things interesting. And don’t worry, the chickens aren’t running around like headless, well, chickens. They’re just there to be a part of the game. No foul play here. See what I did there? Alright, I’ll stop.

Discover the farm-tastic world of 4 Fowl Play

Looking for a clucking good time? Look no further because 4 Fowl Play is here! This game brings together the best of the farmyard and the casino, giving you an egg-straordinary experience that is sure to leave you feeling plucky. So grab your overalls and let’s get started on this feather-filled adventure.

To get the party started, you need to set your bet. With a maximum of 4 bets allowed, you can play it safe or go all out. Then, it’s time to decide whether to spin all four slots simultaneously, three, two, or just the main one. If you’re feeling particularly daring, go for it and spin all four slots at once!

Each of the four slots uses a 5×3 mechanism, with ten pay lines each. In the first phase of the game, all slot machines will show the same symbols. It’s like looking at a bunch of clones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get rich; matching symbols mean big wins. At that point, the player can lock some reels and spin the slots again. The new reels will differ for each slot, thus increasing the possibility of obtaining a win. The locked reels are the same for all slots involved – it’s like having a clucking good plan in place for guaranteed success!

Get ready to squawk with excitement and enjoy the thrill of the farmyard with 4 Fowl Play. Who knew that chickens could be so entertaining? This game has everything you could want in a casino game – cute animals, fun features, and big wins. Play it safe or go all out – either way you’ll be laughing all the way to the barnyard with your pockets full of prizes.

Try These Fun Alternatives: Similar Slots to 4 Fowl Play

Looking for more feathered fun? Look no further than Fowl Play Gold and Get Clucky slots! They’re two other bird-themed games that share many similarities with 4 Fowl Play. For starters, both feature adorable farm-fowl as their main characters. The single version of Fowl Play Gold, in particular, has a similar style of humor and quirky animations that fans of 4 Fowl Play will love.

But Get Clucky is no slouch either—the colorful graphics and catchy music are sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. And with its fun gameplay and frequent payouts, Get Clucky is quickly becoming a fan-favorite in the online casino world. So why not spread those wings and give these alternative slots a spin?

Generosity Soars in 4 Fowl Play

Get ready to enter the world of fowl play, where the chickens are up for grabs and the winnings are hot! The 4 Fowl Play slot is a game you will keep coming back to. Though the game features a lower RTP of around 96-97%, it makes up for it with its generous prizes. The game’s potential win of 100x your bet makes it worth a try- that’s a lot of feathers!

There’s no need to chicken out when spinning for chances to win. The 4 Fowl Play slots game offers dynamic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. With each spin, players stand a chance of scoring at least one combination, even when the prize amounts are lower than the value of their bet. You will feel the thrill each time, whether you’re an experienced gamer or a new player in the casino space.

The game’s generosity does not come as a surprise, considering the fowl theme and cartoon-like graphics. The comical aspect of the theme makes the game light and enjoyable, while the game’s sound effects brilliantly capture the excitement of a big win. Go ahead and give it a try. Who knows, you may soon be the proud owner of a bigger nest egg than you’d ever imagined. Here’s wishing you the best of luck as you wade through this fowl play land of opportunity.


Can you try 4 Fowl Play for free on an online casino?

Yes, you can try it out in demo version on our website or by selecting the right online casinos that have placed it in their game catalog.

What is the maximum win in 4 Fowl Play?

The slot has a potential win of 100x, that is, 100 times your bet.

Does the 4 Fowl Play slot have a good RTP?

Unfortunately, no. Its RTP is low, as on average, online slots have a return to player that settles at around 96-97%.

How many screens are there in 4 Fowl Play?

There are four screens in 4 Fowl Play, offering a four-in-one version of Fowl Play Gold on a single screen.

How many pay lines does each screen have in 4 Fowl Play?

Each screen in 4 Fowl Play has ten pay lines using a 5×3 mechanism.

Can I choose how many screens to play in 4 Fowl Play?

Yes, it is up to the player to choose whether to spin all four slots simultaneously, three, two, or just the main one.

Are there consecutive bonus modes in 4 Fowl Play?

Yes, if players find three white hens in the first spin, they will automatically have access to four consecutive bonus modes.

What are some similar slots to 4 Fowl Play?

Fowl Play Gold (single version) and Get Clucky are similar slots to 4 Fowl Play.

What we like

  • Four-in-one version of Fowl Play Gold in one screen
  • Colorful and well-designed graphics with countryside theme
  • Locked reels strategy increase possibility of winning
  • Generous in-game payout and fun gameplay

What we don’t like

  • Locked reels apply to all slots involved
  • RTP is relatively low compared to other slots
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