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Zombies At The Door

by Peter and Sons





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Zombies At The Door





Zombies At The Door

Zombies At The Door

Get ready to face the undead in Zombies At The Door from Peter & Sons. With a traditional 5x3 reel layout and 20 paylines, this game allows you to battle it out with the zombies in an epic showdown. You can count on wilds and scatters to help you in this fight, and the bonus games are sure to give you a breath of fresh, zombie-free air.

The Quick Hit function is the perfect way to unleash a barrage of attacks when a Scatter symbol appears on the fifth reel. It's like taking a chainsaw to a horde of zombies with reckless abandon. With the increasing panels, you can unlock lucky winnings quickly and without breaking a sweat - unless you're sweating from the fear of being eaten alive!

Bonus Features - The More Scatters, the Merrier

If you love big wins as much as zombies love brains, you'll be pleased to know that 'Zombies at the Door' has several bonus features!

With five Scatter symbols, you'll get your hands on the Free Spins bonus game. This awards ten free spins on a deluxe 5x4 panel with 40 paylines. And if you're lucky enough to stumble upon five Scatters as the game unfolds, guess what? You gain access to the Super Free Spin game and are awarded ten additional free spins. The game grid extends to a 5x5 panel and a total of 60 paylines.

But that's not all! There's also the Quick Hit function that provides winnings on high symbols every time a scatter appears on the fifth reel. Frankly, it's like having a shotgun with unlimited ammo - you just keep winning!

Spooky & Whimsical Graphics

If you're tired of the same old, boring slot game graphics, Zombies At The Door is here to save the day (or night)! The game's unique comic book style adds a touch of humor that will have you giggling even as you spin the reels, hoping to avoid becoming a zombie's dinner.

The symbols are carefully selected to enhance the game's spooky and whimsical atmosphere. And with every win, you're one step closer to unlocking special features that could multiply your winnings. It's like trick-or-treating, but without the cavities!

Get Brain-Melting Wins With Zombies At The Door

Are you ready to push your luck and become a zombie-slaying winner? Look no further than Zombies At The Door, where the maximum win is a mind-blowing 9500x! Whether you're a fan of free spins or Super Free Spin games, this slot has you covered. Just make sure to stay alert and keep your wits about you- you never know when those zombies will come knocking!

Scatter Symbols in Zombies At The Door

Let's talk about everyone's favorite part of slot games - Scatter symbols! In Zombies At The Door, Scatters are essential to unlocking the Free Spins bonus game. And if you're lucky and hit five more Scatter symbols during the bonus, you'll unlock the Super Free Spin game - jackpot!

The Quick Hit feature adds even more excitement, awarding winnings on high symbols every time a Scatter appears on the fifth reel. It's like the Scatter symbol is throwing a party and everyone's invited - even the high symbols.

So, without a doubt, keep an eye out for those Scatter symbols in Zombies At The Door. They are the key to unlocking some seriously fun features with big potential payouts. Get ready to scatter your way to victory!


What is the structure of Zombies At The Door?

Zombies At The Door has a classic structure with a 5×3 grid and 20 paylines.

What special features does Zombies At The Door have?

Zombies At The Door has special features such as Wilds, Scatters and two bonus games.

How can players unlock free spins?

With 5 Scatter symbols, a Free Spins bonus game is unlocked which awards 10 free spins. This can be extended with an additional 10 free spins in the Super Free Spin game.

How many paylines are available to the player in the Super Free Spin game?

In the Super Free Spin game, players have a total of 60 paylines available.

What is the Quick Hit function?

The Quick Hit function offers immediate winnings on High symbols every time a Scatter appears on the fifth reel.

What is the maximum win in Zombies At The Door?

The maximum win in Zombies At The Door is 9500x.

What is the graphic style of the game?

The game has a comic book style with a touch of humor.

What is the central symbol of Peter & Sons?

The graphic is the central symbol of Peter & Sons, with a focus on clean and fun graphics even when dealing with dark themes.

What we like

  • Classic structure with 5x3 reel set and 20 paylines
  • Several bonus features for big wins
  • Comic book style graphics with a touch of humor
  • Maximum win of 9500x

What we don't like

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