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Robin – Sherwood Marauders





Robin – Sherwood Marauders

Robin – Sherwood Marauders

Get ready to take on the Sheriff of Nottingham with Robin: Sherwood Marauders! This game has higher ups and downs than a rollercoaster with its high volatility gameplay style. With the help of Wilds and cascade symbols that offer increasing multipliers, it'll feel like you're getting away with all the loot.

The game's 6x4 structure with 4,096 ways to win and an RTP fixed at 96.10% gives you all the more reason to try your luck. With each winning combo that is immediately eliminated using the cascade mechanic, new symbols are added, thus increasing your chances of generating an additional win by a factor of 1. That's right, you can win big on this game an unlimited amount of times. What are you waiting for? Play now and show the Sheriff who's boss!

Payout Potential

Looking for big payouts? Robin - Sherwood Marauders has got you covered. With progressive multipliers and Super Free Spins mode, players have the opportunity to win up to 35,000 times their original bet! That's enough to make even the richest monarch envious. Just don't let the Sheriff of Nottingham catch wind of your winnings!

But beware, this game is not for the faint of heart. With a high volatility style of gameplay, you need to be willing to take risks if you want to reap the rewards. Every spin counts, and with Robin Hood by your side, you might just be able to strike gold.

Don't worry, if you're more of a cautious player, the game offers a fixed RTP of 96.10%. So, whether you're a daring outlaw or a careful thinker, there's something for everyone in Robin - Sherwood Marauders.

Graphics And Sound Design

Prepare to be whisked away to the famous forest of Nottingham in Robin: Sherwood Marauders, with delightful graphics and artistic visuals. The medieval soundtrack perfectly complements the game, making you feel as though you've been transported back in time. However, let's face it, the wooden card graphics that pay out less are the ugly ducklings of this game. But luckily, the expert design of the Maces, Swords, Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham, will definitely catch your eye. The Wild and Scatter symbols are also incredibly well-designed, so you won't miss them.

Special Symbols

What do you need to make a great slot game? Not much, just Wilds, Scatters, and Robin: Sherwood Marauders. This game has everything you need to win big and have fun. The Wilds only appear on reels two through six, giving you just the right amount of chance to win big. As for the Scatter, it's a treasure chest, so it's like hitting the jackpot within a jackpot.

If you're lucky enough to trigger the free spin rounds, the Jokers will expand to cover an entire reel, increasing your chances of winning. And if you've managed to accumulate 670 points from the Scatters during previous spins, guess what? You've made it to the Super Free Spins mode! This is where Robin steps in and activates a 2 to 5x multiplier, so you can turn those winning combinations into massive payouts.

Get ready to spin for free!

So you're a fan of free stuff, eh? Well, Robin: Sherwood Marauders has got two free spin modes that'll have you feeling like you hit the jackpot. All you need to do is land 3, 4, 5, or 6 Scatters, and you'll be awarded with 10, 12, 14, or 16 free spins respectively. And that's just the beginning...

In the free spin modes, Jokers are no joke. They expand to cover the entire reel and disappear at the next lucky combo. That's like getting a free fireworks show with your winnings! ..

For the ultimate big win experience, activate the Super Free Spins mode with 670 points from previous spins. Robin comes out to play and adds a cool 2 to 5x multiplier, giving you the chance to win up to a whopping 35,000 times your original bet. That's right, you read that correctly. Your bank account is about to see a lot of zeros!


What is the RTP of Robin: Sherwood Marauders?

The RTP of the slot is 96.10%.

How many ways to win are there in the game?

There are 4,096 ways to win in the game.

What is the highest payout of the game?

The game allows you to win up to 35,000 times your bet.

What symbols pay the most?

The Maces, Swords, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Robin symbols pay the most.

What is the special symbol in the game?

The special symbol is the W, which represents the Wild symbol.

What is the function of the Wild symbol?

The Wild symbol appears only on reels two through six and can substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter.

What is the cascade mechanic in the game?

When you get a winning combination, it is eliminated and leaves space for new symbols. You can thus increase the chance of generating other lucky wins by increasing the multiplier by 1 every time you win a prize.

What is the function of the Super Free Spins?

The Super Free Spins are activated with 670 points accumulated thanks to the positioning of the Scatters during the spins on the reels. Robin will activate a multiplier from 2 to 5x to send your winnings skyrocketing.

What we like

  • High volatility gameplay with increasing multipliers
  • Chance to win up to 35,000 times original bet
  • Artistic graphics and imaginative forest background
  • Special symbols and free spin modes for additional excitement

What we don't like

  • Standard RTP of 96.10%
  • Wooden card graphics could be more visually appealing
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