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Wild Streets

Wild Streets

Wild Streets is a funkadelic five-reel slot game that'll make you feel like you're cruising through the streets of the 80s. The game packs a punch with Wild Graffiti symbols, multipliers, free spins and even a jackpot round. With 20 paylines, you may not be getting quite as many opportunities to win as other machines, but don't worry, the bonus features more than make up for it. And let's face it, there's nothing cooler than hitting it big with some old school graffiti.


Prepare to be transported right into 80s New York City with Wild Streets, an online slot game with graphics so edgy, they might just give you a mohawk. The flashy symbols on the reels range from classic card symbols to images of young rebels with dyed hair and, wait for it, even boomboxes! It's like you're walking down the subway platform straight into a breakdancing battle.

The grungy urban backdrop is covered in graffiti, metal doors and LED signs, and really captures the rebellious spirit of the game. And don't worry, you won't have to deal with any broken glass or pickpockets here!

Let's be real, if you don't feel like you're running from the cops through the streets of 80s NYC while playing Wild Streets, you might need to readjust your mood settings.

Bonuses That Will Blow Your Mind

Hold onto your seat because this is where the real fun begins! Wild Streets has got a lot of goodies to keep you entertained, starting with the Wild Graffiti symbol. It's like having your very own graffiti artist who can substitute any symbol and create winning combinations for you. How cool is that?

If you're all about the money, the golden cash register symbol is the one to look out for, offering multipliers that can go up to a whopping 500x your initial bet. That's no chump change, folks.

The Jackpot Arcade symbol is the gateway to winning big and entering the bonus round, where you get to test your luck and hit the jackpot. Meanwhile, the bonus symbol is your free ticket to even more glorious spins without spending your hard-earned cash.

With the Wanted Level free spins, you get ten chances to increase your payouts, while the Subway Ticket free spins give you not one, not five, but twelve opportunities to add even more money to your bankroll. It's a win-win situation!

Similar Games

Are you on the hunt for more urban-themed slot machines? Look no further than Legends of New York - it's like Wild Streets' edgier and broodier cousin. You'll navigate through the dark and murky sewers of the Big Apple, so make sure you bring a pair of boots!

Other slots with street-smart themes include Street Magic, where you can wave your wand for some magical wins, Kings of Chicago, which combines the best of slot games and poker, and Mega City Slots, where you can be the hero in your own urban adventure. These games are purrfect for city slickers looking for a change of pace from the usual jungle-themed games.

Overall Experience

Prepare to hit the streets with Wild Streets, a high-energy slot machine that promises players a thrilling ride through an urban jungle. With its unique graffiti-infused design and immersive gameplay, Wild Streets delivers a satisfying experience that will leave players wanting more.

Despite having a relatively low number of paylines, Wild Streets offers ample opportunities to strike it rich with its various bonus features. And while the urban theme may eventually lose its charm for some players, there are plenty of other slot machines out there that can offer a fresh and exciting experience. But for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, Wild Streets is an outstanding choice.


What is the theme of Wild Streets Slot Machine?

The theme of Wild Streets Slot Machine is an urban and wild lifestyle during the Eighties.

How many reels and paylines does Wild Streets have?

Wild Streets has 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Does Wild Streets have bonuses?

Yes, Wild Street is full of bonuses including Wild Graffiti, Golden Cash Register, Jackpot Arcade, and free spins.

What is a Wild Graffiti?

A Wild Graffiti is a symbol that replaces any symbol within the pay line to create a winning combination.

What is the maximum multiplier offered by the Golden Cash Register?

The maximum multiplier offered by the Golden Cash Register is up to 500x.

What is the Jackpot Arcade in Wild Streets?

Jackpot Arcade is a bonus feature in Wild Streets Slot Machine that allows players to try for a jackpot prize when all the letters of the word 'Jackpot Arcade' light up.

How many free spins can you win with the Wanted Level Free Spins?

You can win ten free spins with the Wanted Level Free Spins bonus feature in Wild Streets.

What other Slot Machine is similar to Wild Streets?

Legends of New York is another Slot Machine with an urban theme that is similar to Wild Streets.

What we like

  • Themed design captures the spirit of the 1980s urban culture.
  • Numerous bonus features enhance the chance of winning significant payouts.
  • Graphics create an immersive environment that enhances the gameplay experience.
  • Selection of other similar slots available for fans of the theme.

What we don't like

  • May not appeal to players who do not enjoy urban-themed slots.
  • The number of paylines is lower than some other slot machines on the market.
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