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Pirates of the Mediterranean





Pirates of the Mediterranean

Pirates of the Mediterranean

Pirates of the Mediterranean has everything you need to feel like a real pirate - treasure, adventure, and a love affair with a pirate queen. With 5 reels and 3 rows, you have 10 paylines available, giving you plenty of chances to win big booty. Speaking of booty, the parrot symbol is the highest-paying of them all, and also serves as a wild symbol. And if you're lucky, you might even spot a gold version of the parrot symbol that can randomly appear on the reels.

But the real treasure lies in the game's special features. Walking Wilds can be triggered at any time and can lead to Free Spins that are multiplied by 4X and 8X if a Wild is involved. This means that you could potentially win up to 9,000X - enough to make Blackbeard himself jealous. And if you're feeling especially bold, you can enter your winnings into the Betting Scale to potentially multiply your wins up to 30,000 Dollars. So hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail with Pirates of the Mediterranean!

Graphics and Sound

Ho ho, me hearties! Ye be in for a treat with this game's booty - ahem, I mean graphics and sound effects! Ye'll be transported to a time when pirates roamed the seas and pillaged merchant ships, with reels set against a breathtaking backdrop of an ancient city and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. And the symbols - arr, they be stunning! From the fierce pirate maiden to the trusty cannon and the mighty pirate captain, each one be designed with meticulous attention to detail, bringing the adventurous pirate theme to life.

Symbols and Paylines for Pirates of the Mediterranean

Avast, ye landlubbers! Are you ready to sail the high seas with Pirates of the Mediterranean? This swashbuckling slot game has ten standard symbols, including a sassy pirate maiden, six colorful playing card symbols, and the intimidating cannon, pirate sailor, and pirate captain symbols. But keep your eye on the prize, mateys - the highest-paying symbol is the parrot, who also doubles as a wild symbol! And if you're lucky enough to spy the elusive gold version of the parrot, you'll really be raking in the booty.

With ten paylines to choose from, you'll have plenty of options to place your bets and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime. And if you're feeling daring, don't be afraid to up the ante and put all your doubloons on the line!

Progressive Jackpot? Not on this ship!

Avast ye! Pirates of the Mediterranean doesn't have a Progressive Jackpot, but don't be a landlubber just yet! Ye can still increase yer booty with the Betting Scale. This be a special feature where ye can enter all yer wins to raise the stake. Ye be thinkin' the max be 500 Dollars? Nay! Ye can raise it up to 30,000 Dollars like a true captain of the waves! Get ready to shiver yer timbers and increase yer treasure horde!

Get Your Free Spins and Bonus Rounds!

If you're looking for excitement on the high seas, Pirates of the Mediterranean has got you covered. Their Walking Wilds feature is so good, you'll be saying 'Ahoy!' in no time. This badass bonus symbol will land on a reel and trigger free spins, multiplying your wins by 4X and bringing a boost up to 8X if a Wild is in the mix. That's a chance to win up to 9,000X your original bet!

There aren't too many other bonus rounds to look out for, but with these Walking Wilds, who needs 'em? It's like having a mischievous monkey on your shoulder, but instead of stealing your fruit, it's multiplying your booty. It's time to raise the Jolly Roger and sail into the sunset with all those winnings in tow.


What is Pirates of The Mediterranean?

Pirates of The Mediterranean is a free online slot game that follows the story of Captain Blackbeard and features unique icons related to the adventurous pirate theme.

How many reels and paylines does Pirates of The Mediterranean have?

Pirates of The Mediterranean is a 5X3 online slot with ten paylines.

What are the standard symbols in Pirates of The Mediterranean?

There are ten standard symbols in Pirates of The Mediterranean, including a pirate maiden, six playing card symbols in different colors, a cannon, a pirate sailor, and a pirate captain.

What is the highest-paying symbol in Pirates of The Mediterranean?

The parrot is the highest-paying symbol in Pirates of The Mediterranean and also serves as a wild symbol.

What are the random Walking Wilds in Pirates of The Mediterranean?

The random Walking Wilds are symbols that can appear on one of the five reels and can trigger Free Spins. They are multiplied by 4X and, if a Wild is involved, by 8X, making wins up to 9,000X possible.

What is the gold version of the parrot symbol?

The gold version of the parrot symbol can appear randomly and will trigger a Re-spin that stops when there are no gold parrots walking on the reels.

Can I increase my winnings in Pirates of The Mediterranean?

Yes, all basic and extra wins can be entered into the Betting Scale to potentially increase the level of the win, up to 30,000 Dollars!

Is Pirates of The Mediterranean available only in real money mode?

No, Pirates of The Mediterranean is available for free and does not require registration.

What we like

  • Free online slot game
  • Unique pirate theme with well-designed symbols
  • Walking Wilds and Free Spins with 4X and 8X multipliers
  • Potential wins up to 9,000X and 30,000 Dollars

What we don't like

  • No Progressive Jackpot
  • No additional bonus rounds
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