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Jungle Gold

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Jungle Gold





Jungle Gold

Jungle Gold

Listen up, folks! Jungle Gold is as straightforward as a monkey swinging on a vine. With only one line of five boxes, you'll have to dig deep to unearth the riches hidden beneath. But don't get your loincloth in a twist just yet, because the game can reveal even more boxes, up to seven in total!

The five reels are already out in the open, ready for you to strike gold on your very first spin. But if you're feeling extra lucky, keep an eye out for those Machetes that will unlock the secret boxes. And don't forget to choose your betting range wisely, from 0.10 to 100 coins per spin!


Hold on to your vines, folks! The graphics for Jungle Gold are beyond impressive. The jungle is so vividly rendered in a cartoon-style that it'll make you feel like you're part of an animated adventure! It's like the staff at the casino not only took extra care to make sure this game looked amazing, but they also made sure the lighting was also spot on - adding to the game's aura of mystery and excitement.

And the music? Let's just say, if John Williams were to create a score for a jungle adventure, this would be it! It's as engaging as it is entertaining - sure to keep even the most seasoned slot player entertained for hours!

Bow Down to the Black Panther: Bonus Features in Jungle Gold

Attention all explorers! Jungle Gold has got some wicked bonus features that will have you roaring with delight. With free spins galore and the ever-majestic Black Panther as your wild symbol, your chances of hitting the jackpot just went up. Put all those years of watching Animal Planet to good use by playing Jungle Gold and celebrating every big win with a mighty jungle roar.

Perhaps your luck will be jungle-bound, and you'll unlock the legendary free spin feature. Trigger it with a successful combination and get ready for some serious jungle fever. With multiple chances to spin the reels for free, your odds of winning big are better than ever. And don't forget about the Black Panther - this sleek feline can substitute for any symbol, making your winning combinations more ferocious than ever before.

Symbols that make you king of the jungle

In Jungle Gold, the animal kingdom comes to life, or should I say roars to life on your screen! From the trendy frogs to the smooth-talking Machete, each symbol represents a different value in the game. But watch your back, you don't want to fall prey to the Black Panther who is the lucky wild symbol that can be used to complete winning combinations. And even the lowest value symbols, the oddly shaped gems, sparkle with delight.

Roll With the RTP

Psst! Jungle Gold has a dirty little secret: its RTP (Return to Player) is 95.6%, which is damn handsome and in line with industry norms. In layman's terms, for every Benjamin Franklin you bet, the game will return you $95.60 on average - isn't that cool?


What is Jungle Gold?

Jungle Gold is a slot game with unconventional mechanics that offers a single line consisting of five boxes that can expand to seven based on the extra game functions.

What's the RTP for Jungle Gold?

The RTP for Jungle Gold is set at 95.6%.

What is the betting range for Jungle Gold?

The betting range for Jungle Gold is from 0.10 to 100 coins per spin.

What symbols are found in Jungle Gold?

The symbols in Jungle Gold include colored gems, animals like Frog, Monkey, and Toucan, a Machete, and the Black Panther, which is also the lucky Wild symbol.

What are the features of Jungle Gold?

The features of Jungle Gold include free spins that offer lucrative payouts, Wild symbol, and unconventional mechanics with the potential to expand up to seven boxes.

Who developed Jungle Gold?

Jungle Gold was developed by Onlyplay software company.

What is the visual design of Jungle Gold?

Jungle Gold features stunning cartoon-style graphics with a jungle theme, animals, and heaps of cash prizes. The soundtrack is also engaging and entertaining.

Is Jungle Gold suitable for new players?

Yes, Jungle Gold's gameplay flows smoothly, and the commands and overall functions are intuitive, making it a suitable choice for both experienced and new players.

What we like

  • Unique game mechanics with expanding reels
  • Stunning graphics and immersive jungle theme
  • Engaging soundtrack that keeps players entertained
  • Lucrative bonus features for big payouts

What we don't like

  • Limited number of paylines with only a single line of five boxes
  • Higher betting range may not be suitable for all players
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