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Clone Bonus

Clone Bonus

Clone Bonus - the name sounds like it could be a sci-fi movie, but it's actually an online slot game. This game has everything you could want from a classic slot machine: three reels, three rows, and five fixed paylines.

But the real excitement lies in the symbols on the reels. You'll see all the traditional fruit symbols, but keep an eye out for the three symbols that spell the word BONUS. These symbols can trigger some seriously big payouts, so you'll want to be on the lookout for them.

As with any slot game, your odds of winning will depend on your strategy. But with Clone Bonus, it's all about high variability. That means there are plenty of opportunities for big wins, but also some big risks. So, if you're feeling lucky, give Clone Bonus a spin and see if you can hit the jackpot.

Experience the Clone Bonus Feature!

Clone Bonus is an amazing casino game that features one of the most innovative features you can find on slot games - the Clone Bonus feature. It's not every day you get to be a scientist cloning symbols for fun and profit!

During this unique feature, symbols come to life and multiply in front of your eyes. It's like watching a science experiment, except you get money at the end of it. And the best part? You get ten free spins!

Before the bonus starts, a symbol is selected to reveal the special clone symbol that will last during the bonus. It's like picking the right test tube that will lead to your greatest discovery. And the clone symbol can expand to cover its entirety, so you get more chances to win!

If that's not enough, how about having more than one clone symbol appearing on the reels on the same spin? Now, that's a winning result nobody can resist!

As you can see, Clone Bonus is a unique and exciting game that will make you feel like a scientist on the quest for the perfect experiment. So, put on your lab coat and get ready to create some winning combinations!


Are you looking for a slot game that offers excitement and fun at the same time? Look no further than Clone Bonus! The gameplay is straightforward and easy to understand. Just press the green spin button on the right side of the reels, and you're off to the races.

If you want to change the bet, you have a few options. You can press the circular button on the left side of the screen to open a grid with different bet amounts. Or, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can use the upward and downward pointing arrows to browse the available bets.

And what about those lucky players who want to sit back and enjoy the show? Clone Bonus has got you covered with its autoplay option. You can choose from preset automatic spins or add in your own settings, such as spending controls, to help you stay in control.

But the best part? Winning! Clone Bonus pays out winning combinations when three symbols match on a payline. And don't forget about the wild symbol, which can help you achieve even more wins. So what are you waiting for? Give Clone Bonus a spin!


Clone Bonus's graphics feature fruit symbols similar to those in classic fruit slot machines. At first glance, it might seem like the game designers were a little lazy. But then again, who doesn't love a good fruit-themed slot game? The graphics may not be as flashy as other online slot games, but let's be honest - you're here to play and win, not to admire the art style. Plus, the simplicity of the graphics allows for the game to have a smooth and energetic gameplay experience.

When you do win, the flashing fruit symbols on the screen make for a satisfying celebration. The game also has a musical theme that complements the analog sounds, making it feel like you're playing a classic fruit slot on the casino floor. And hey, if you really want to admire some flashy graphics, just take a look at the exciting bonus features Clone Bonus has to offer!

Betting Options

Clone Bonus offers something for both penny pinchers and high rollers alike. However, the minimum bet is 25 cents, so you won't be able to throw in your spare change and hope to hit a big win. But hey, who said gambling was cheap? Plus, with only five paylines, it's not like you're going to be betting the farm to begin with.

But if you're ready to really roll the dice, you can up the ante all the way to $125.00 per spin. That's enough to make even the most seasoned gambler think twice before pulling the trigger. And if you're somewhere in between, you can select a betting amount that suits your style by using the circular button on the left or the handy upward and downward-pointing arrows.

So whether you're a high-roller or a low-roller, Clone Bonus has got you covered. Just remember, the bigger the bet, the bigger the potential reward, but also the bigger the potential loss. But hey, that's why they call it gambling!

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How many paylines does Clone Bonus have?

Clone Bonus has five always-active paylines.

What are the symbols in Clone Bonus?

The symbols in Clone Bonus are typical of fruit-themed slot machines, but also include the word BONUS divided into three separate symbols.

What is the Clone Bonus feature?

The Clone Bonus feature is where symbols multiply, along with free spins where you can always take advantage.

What is the minimum bet for Clone Bonus?

The minimum bet for Clone Bonus is $0.25 per spin.

What is the maximum bet for Clone Bonus?

The maximum bet for Clone Bonus is $125.00 per spin.

What is the autoplay option?

The autoplay option allows players to choose from preset automatic spins and add optional settings that can track spending controls.

What is the Clone Bonus feature?

The Clone Bonus feature is triggered when the game matches the word BONUS on one of the paylines. Ten free spins are given during which the clone symbol can land on the reel and expand to cover its entirety. More than one clone symbol appearing on the reels on the same spin means a winning result is just waiting to happen.

What is the winning combination in Clone Bonus?

The winning combination in Clone Bonus is matching three symbols on the reel. There can be more than one payline win per spin, and there's also a wild symbol to help things along.

What we like

  • Unique Clone Bonus feature with high variability
  • Smooth gameplay with energetic music theme
  • Autoplay option with spending controls
  • Wild symbol to help players achieve wins

What we don't like

  • Minimum bet of 25 cents may be high for some players
  • Graphics may not be as flashy as other online slot games
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