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Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways

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Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways

Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways

Are you tired of playing boring slot games that lack excitement and rewards? Then, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is the game for you! With its variety of fun symbols, including the Wild, Mystery Wild, and Scatter, this game has everything you need to unlock big wins and have a great time.

One of the best things about this game is the extra features and rewarding bonuses that it offers. For example, the Mystery Symbol can transform into any symbol, increasing your chances of creating winning combinations. The Free Spins feature lets you enjoy more rounds of spinning without spending a penny, while the Multipliers can help you increase your winnings exponentially.

Moreover, the cascading reels feature is available in this game, which gives you additional chances to create combos. Every time you win, the winning symbols are removed, and new ones fall into place from above. This means that a single spin can result in multiple winning combinations.

But enough about the mechanics, let's talk about how Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is more fun than a piñata filled with candy. Get ready to indulge yourself in a sweet gameplay experience like never before. It's as satisfying as biting into a candy bar after a long day at work, without the calories.

Overall, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is the perfect game for players who are looking for something other than the usual casino games. This game is packed with mouth-watering rewards, captivating features, and fun graphics.

Number of Reels and Winning Combinations

Looking for a slot game that offers a unique twist on traditional gameplay? Look no further than Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways! This exciting casino game features not just 6 reels, but also an additional horizontal reel, making for an impressive 117,649 winning combinations. Yup, that's right - you read that number correctly. There are literally thousands of ways to win big while enjoying this sweet and oh-so-colorful game theme.

Of course, with so many potential ways to win, it's important to understand the game mechanics before diving in. But trust us when we say that once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are practically endless. Whether you're a seasoned slots player or a newcomer to the world of online gaming, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways offers a fun and unique experience that is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bag of your favorite candy (it's practically a requirement for playing this game) and get ready to spin those reels. With so many opportunities to win big and a truly delightful game theme, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is sure to become your go-to slot game whenever you're in need of a sugar rush (or just a little bit of fun).

Betting Range and Return to Player Percentage

Are you ready to take a spin in this sweet slot game? Well, let's start by talking about the betting range and return to player percentage.

For those who want to take a shot at sweet victory, the minimum bet stands at $0.20, while the high rollers among us can bet up to $20 per spin. That's enough to put a sugar rush in your veins!

As for the return to player percentage, this game has a rate of around 96%. To put it simply, players can expect to receive $96 for every $100 wagered over time. You won't get that kind of payout from your dentist, that's for sure!

Bottom line- Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is a solid choice for anyone craving tasty rewards and a fun gaming experience. Just don't get a cavity!

Special icons

If you have a sweet tooth, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is the perfect game for you. Let me tell you about the special icons featured in this game.

The Wild symbol is like the chocolate sprinkles on a cupcake - it makes everything better. This symbol can replace all other symbols, except the Scatter, to help you form more winning combinations. If you're lucky enough to land a Mystery Wild symbol on the top reel, it gets even sweeter. This symbol randomly chooses an icon and turns all corresponding symbols into Wilds, giving you even more chances to win.

The Scatter symbol is like the cherry on top of a sundae. If you land 4 or more Scatters on the same row, you'll trigger the Free Spins feature. During Free Spins, the Multiplier symbol might make an appearance, providing up to 100x your bet and 15 free spins. That's enough to satisfy any craving!


What is the theme of Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways?

The theme of Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is the world of candy.

How many reels does Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways have?

Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways has 6 reels and an additional horizontal reel.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways?

The minimum bet for Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $20.

What is the return to player rate for Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways?

The return to player rate for Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways is around 96%.

What kind of symbols does Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways have?

Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways has candy symbols with different colors and payouts.

What are the special icons in Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways?

The special icons in Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways include Wilds, Mistery Wilds, and Scatters.

What are the special features of Mistery Wild and Free Spins in Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways?

Mistery Wild can randomly replace any icon with Wilds, while Free Spins can be triggered by Scatter symbols and offer Multipliers up to 100x your bet.

Does Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways have cascading reels?

Yes, Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways has cascading reels that increase the possibility of winning combinations.

What we like

  • Variety of symbols and extra features
  • Impressive number of winning combinations
  • Wide betting range
  • Compatible on PC and mobile devices

What we don't like

  • May not appeal to players who prefer traditional slot game themes
  • Free spins feature may be difficult to trigger
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