How to Choose Your Favorite Slot 

Figuring out how to find your preferred online slot is like an experiment where trying out different titles is trial and error. The problem is that the online slot catalog available is too large, with new releases and new versions of the existing ones being added regularly. That’s why we thought we’d offer you some tips to help you choose your favorite slot with no hassle. 

What to Look for in an Online Slot to Play for Real Money 

It may seem strange, but the best way to start isn’t to get overwhelmed by the enormous array of online slot games. You can start by getting a clear understanding of what gaming experience you’d like to have. 

It’s true that online slot players have their preferences, and providers are aware of this. So rest assured that you will find the slots that will suit your gaming needs.  

Below are features to look out for when you’re selecting an online slot machine: 

Action slots 

These are games that will put you on the edge without making you take your eyes off the screen. Regardless of their theme, they are developed with high volatility, low RTP, and special features that are only rarely triggered. 

Jackpot games like Lobstermania 2, Candy Bars, and Champion Race Way are ideal for this type of gaming session. Let it be known that any other game with at least one jackpot and an RTP of less than 94% will suffice; you simply need to find the setting that best suits your needs. 

Slots to pass the time 

These slots are at the opposite end of the spectrum from action-packed games, making them a great choice for unwinding after a tough day and enjoying some easy rewards. The best slots in these cases are games with cheerful and rather comical themes. Try to steer clear of slots that look too good to be true and instead opt for games with a high return to player (RTP) and low volatility, such as Bubble Craze or Starburst.  

Currently, the catalog of slot games with chill motifs and relaxing soundtracks is in full evolution. You can try finding some that excites you and experience a mystical gaming session. Do you want to laugh or spend some time in a harmless and innocent world for a while? For that, try Pharaoh’s Fortune. 

Online Slots to Experience an Interactive Adventure 

Getting the best of online slot games includes having access to all the latest generation slots. Most slot veterans would recommend their favorite series like Crown of Egypt. Many of these are 3D slots, but apart from the cinematic ones, there are also video slots with neat graphics and simple animations that you may find interesting. 

Many of the slots based on classics from literature, TV series and movies meet these requirements. See for yourself by trying CSI, The Family Guy or Jack and the Beanstalk. 

How the Features of a Slot Affect Your Gaming Experience 

The balance between the technical and audio-visual aspects of a slot machine is the secret to the success of many online slots. After a few spins, you will inevitably reach this conclusion on whether or not you like a game.  

If you want to explore in-depth the various factors that determine your likes and dislikes, consider reviewing the following list of key characteristics you could assess: 

Audio-Visual effects 

Make no mistake, if a slot machine flashes before your eyes, it will be hard to get it out of your head until you try it. The theme and visual appeal of a slot’s graphics make up 50% of any online slot (and its eventual success).  

There are slots that could be considered little “works of art” because of the graphics and animation quality. We are not referring only to the productions of large studios like Playtech, NetEnt or Microgaming. Game developers with simpler aesthetics like MGA, Merkur and Novomatic never tire of working on their titles. 

Some time ago some slot machines (but we won’t name names) were only playable with the sound switch down, because they were really unbearable. That has changed in recent years and especially in very recent times. Indeed, except for a few iconic titles where melody is part of their vintage charm, the sound of games has become an essential part of the gaming experience. 

Bonus features 

Additional slots features are important for two reasons: 

  1. The first is the most obvious: They provide the main source of extra winnings for both the base and the bonus games. You should know that the bonuses that will improve the profitability of your bet per spin lies precisely in the symbols and special features. 
  1. The second is that they indicate the level of interaction between the machine and the player. It is this factor that makes players feel they’re having a good time and playing for luck. 

Type of player 

Depending on the slot you are looking for, you may find yourself in one of these categories: 

  • Traditional Slots Players: If you prefer a more passive role when playing on the screen and enjoy seeing prizes without too much complexity or waiting, it would be helpful to choose games with simple grids. These games often feature special symbols that frequently activate bonuses, eliminating the need for extra doubling games. Here, players are satisfied more in terms of structure than in rewards. 
  • Ultimate Online Slots Players: This may sound off to you, especially if you’re one of those players who need to feel like they’re giving everything to win and would never schedule a slot to Auto Spin. Well, in that case you need additional screens for some extra rewards. The animations and sound effects will be of particular importance if you want to be fully involved in the adventure. 

Volatility and game dynamics 

Volatility or variance is one of the main indicators of the style of play. In our view, volatility is one of the most important factors. It is measured on three levels: high, medium and low determines the relationship between spins and rewards. Let’s dive into them shall we?: 

  • Low Volatility: Frequent but not very high payouts. It maintains a more or less constant pace, where approximately every 3 or 5 puffs you get a small reward. 
  • Medium Volatility: Enough rewards to keep attention, but stretching between series of unrewarded twists. They are exciting slots but appropriate for a quiet game. 
  • High Volatility: It will take a while to get a prize, but when it finally comes, it will be comparatively impressive (compared to medium and low volatility slots). Playing a slot game with this level of volatility is a bit like riding a roller coaster, with very pronounced ups and downs. 

Select your preferred slot game based on your current mood. There may be instances where you want to play with minimal thought or strategy, making low volatility games a suitable choice. Other times, you may desire to play with enthusiasm and the chance to win substantial rewards. 

5 Tricks to Choose the Best Online Slot Machine 

Making a selection based on the theme of the games, motifs or basic characteristics such as the number of reels or their graphics is not difficult. The problem arises when you need to evaluate the profitability and frequency of rewards, i.e. the volatility index of the machine. 

Complications with volatility is that slot “info” features do not include details on this type of data. Players would have to investigate the volatility level of each slot by looking for it in the reviews or by calculating it themselves with an analysis of the game’s paytable. 

To know what level of volatility a slot has, just look at its instructions. You can get a feel for it by exploring the bonus features, doing a quick comparison of sections from one winning combination to another, and seeing the paytable’s structure. Players can also consider the following: 

  1. Look at the RTP: Slot machines with an RTP above 96.5% have low volatility and below 94%, high volatility. Our database with all the RTPs of the US slots will be very useful for you. 
  1. Do the maths: Measure the difference between the highest prizes on the paytable and the lowest ones. If the difference is very large, the game will probably have high volatility. 
  1. Evaluate the balance of bonus features: If features with high bonuses are rarely triggered, you are playing on a slot with high volatility. Same for special symbols like the wilds, scatters and special bonus symbols. Notice if they are limited to only a few reels (high volatility), if they are stacked or able to completely cover one or more reels (low volatility). Moreso, if the game has fixed or progressive jackpots, it is most likely to have high volatility. 

The Right Online Slot for Every Player 

Following our comprehensive review of all the available game options and recommendations on selecting a slot machine based on player preferences, we encourage you to rely on your instincts when choosing the best online slot for you. Staying true to your personal taste is key to ensuring a successful gaming experience. 

When choosing a slot, set aside everything that has to do with the game’s interface: theme, graphics, audiovisual effects, special games, and other technical features that affect the pace and performance of the slot machine. It’s the best way to make sure that the online slot you choose actually offers what you want. 

We all play for extra cash on slots, but no tactics can defeat the house edge. Your goal should always be to enjoy the game. Choose the slot according to your mood and the time of day you play, always keeping in mind that new slots will be released every day for you to discover.