Heavy Metal Princess

by PlayPearls

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RTP 95.06%

Volatility MED


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Heavy Metal Princess
RTP 95.06%
Volatility MED

Heavy Metal Princess

Heavy Metal Princess

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because Heavy Metal Princess by PlayPearls is taking us on a wild ride! This epic slot game has it all: 5 reels, 25 paylines, and an RTP of 95.06%. Get ready for some serious bonuses, like the Duel Bonus, free spins, Dragon Bonus, and the mysterious jackpot that will make you feel like you just hit the metal jackpot!

But let’s be real, the true star of the show is the Heavy Metal Princess herself. She won’t just rock your world with her guitar/sword, she’ll dominate it! And who doesn’t love a game where you get to play alongside a rockstar princess? So let’s turn up the volume and dive into this captivating and unusual slot game!

Theme and Visuals

Heavy Metal Princess breaks the mold of your typical princess slot game. Say goodbye to fluffy dresses and hello to a fierce, rebellious princess who isn’t afraid to rock out for some wins. The game’s graphics have a cartoonish charm that’s sure to appeal to PlayPearls fans, but don’t expect Pixar-level quality here. It’s all set in the kingdom of Etheria, a place where metalheads and slot enthusiasts unite to headbang and spin those reels.

Special Symbols

Get ready to rock and roll with Heavy Metal Princesss! This game offers more special symbols than you can shake your devil horns at. The Wild symbol is like the headliner of the show, it can substitute for any symbol except the Scatter and bonus dragon. Speaking of the Scatter, it’s represented by a castle – because every princess needs a castle, right? Three or more castles trigger the free spins round, where you can really amp up your winnings. And then there’s the bonus dragon, which can take you on a fiery adventure to some serious prize money.

The game also features some killer high paying symbols. We’re talking skulls, guitars, and of course, the Heavy Metal Princess herself. These symbols are so hot, they’ll make your speakers melt. Combine them with the special symbols and you could be headbanging all the way to the bank.

Heavy Metal Princess Gets Even More Rockin’ with Bonus Games

Let’s face it, we all know the best part of a slot game is the bonuses. Well, Heavy Metal Princess brings it with Duel Bonus where the tough-as-nails princess goes head-to-head with a dastardly villain to net you even more money. Just sit back and watch her go!

The Dragon Bonus let’s you choose the tune for our princess, and each song hides a secret cash prize. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

And don’t forget about the free spins, baby, starting at a solid 10 and getting even better with Scatters. Heavy Metal Princess is one party that never stops.


Are you ready to rock and roll with Heavy Metal Princess? Keep your eyes peeled for the mysterious jackpot feature which could strike at any moment! Sure, it’s random, but isn’t that what makes it all the more exciting? You never know when you’ll hit that dream jackpot and become the ultimate metal champion. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to experience the thrill of winning big while jamming out to some sick guitar riffs?!


What is the theme of Heavy Metal Princess?

The theme of Heavy Metal Princess is a futuristic and unconventional princess who is a rockstar, ready to dominate the game with her huge guitar/sword.

What are the special features of this slot?

Heavy Metal Princess has two bonuses, including the free spins and the Duel Bonus, where the princess challenges a villain to try to accumulate money. It also has a Dragon Bonus, allowing you to have fun with music and choose prizes and a mysterious jackpot that can be activated at any time.

How many reels and paylines does Heavy Metal Princess have?

Heavy Metal Princess has 5 reels, 25 fixed paylines, and an RTP of 95.06%.

What is the minimum number of free spins you can get?

The minimum number of free spins you can get is 10.

Is Heavy Metal Princess developed in cartoon style?

Yes, Heavy Metal Princess is developed in cartoon style, which is a real must for PlayPearls.

Can the mysterious jackpot be activated in a random way?

Yes, the mysterious jackpot can be activated at any time and allows you to get a dream jackpot in a completely random way.

What is the main objective of Heavy Metal Princess?

In Heavy Metal Princess, your task is to unlock interesting wins while a battle is fought in the kingdom of Etheria.

What is the RTP of Heavy Metal Princess?

The RTP of Heavy Metal Princess is 95.06%.

What we like

  • Interesting bonuses, including Duel Bonus and free spins
  • Unique and captivating theme with a rebellious princess
  • Special symbols can lead to lucrative wins
  • Exciting mysterious jackpot feature

What we don’t like

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