Cashpot Kegs

by Kalamba Games

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RTP 95%

Volatility HIGH


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Cashpot Kegs
RTP 95%
Volatility HIGH

Cashpot Kegs

Cashpot Kegs

Cashpot Kegs is a gem of a slot game, offering a breath of fresh air amongst the endless sea of clichéd themes. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, making it accessible to players of all levels. Its classic grid structure with reels makes it easy to understand and navigate, with no complicated rules to muddle through – except maybe for winning that juicy jackpot, of course!

The game offers a unique feature in the form of expressed jackpots, allowing players to keep track of the number of coins required to hit the big win. This feature is invaluable for new players, as it helps to manage expectations and make informed decisions on their betting strategies. In addition to this, Cashpot Kegs offers multiple betting options, adding some much-needed spice to the game. If you’re feeling lucky, why not go all-in and max out those bets?

That’s right – multipliers are a key factor in this game. They can increase the value of your win, making those jackpots even more enticing. So, keep your eyes peeled for these multipliers, and hope that Lady Luck is on your side!

While the graphics may be somewhat basic, you won’t find yourself getting bored – there’s always something happening on the screen. Whether it’s the reels spinning or the sound of coins dropping into your wallet, there’s never a dull moment when playing Cashpot Kegs.

Cashpot Feature

Ah, the elusive Cashpot feature. It’s like spotting a unicorn in a forest full of glitter. But in this case, the unicorn is carrying a bag full of gold coins. Collect those coins on the reels and you’ll unlock the Cashpot feature. The more coins you collect, the bigger the jackpot you could win. It’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, except without having to brave the rain and mud.

Let me tell you, it’s a thrill to see those gold coins pile up on the screen. It’s like watching your savings account grow, but without the pesky waiting period. And the added level of excitement that the Cashpot feature brings is just the cherry on top. It’s like adding sprinkles to your ice cream or bacon to your burger. It just makes everything better.

Betting Options and Multipliers

If you’re someone who cares about your budget (or just likes to save money for more important things like coffee or cat food), then Cashpot Kegs is perfect for you! This slot game has not one, not two, not even three, but four different betting options, making it one of the most flexible slot games out there.

And if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you’ll be even happier to know that each betting option comes with its own multiplier: x1, x2, x3, and x10. Just imagine the thrill of seeing that x10 multiplier pop up on your screen and knowing that the jackpot you just hit is worth ten times more!

Of course, if you’re not a fan of risk and prefer to play it safe, there’s always the x1 multiplier. It might not be as exciting, but it’s still a great way to have some fun without breaking the bank.

Overall, we have to say that the betting options and multipliers in Cashpot Kegs are some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. This game truly caters to players of all levels and budgets.

RTP and Overall Experience

If you’re a gambling enthusiast, you know that the Return to Player (RTP) percentage is one of the critical factors in determining the slot game’s profitability and fun factor. Cashpot Kegs may not be the best when it comes to RTP, but let’s be honest – who really cares about numbers when the game is this entertaining? Am I right or am I right?

The unique features in Cashpot Kegs are undoubtedly the highlight of the game, and I couldn’t agree more. The slot game boasts a variety of special symbols and bonuses that take the gameplay to a whole new level. I mean, cash-filled barrels, gold coins, diamonds – what more could a person want?

Additionally, Cashpot Kegs is incredibly easy to grasp and provides ample opportunities to win big. So, don’t fret if you’re new to slot games or are simply looking for an easier, less complicated experience. If you’re shady like me though, that’s another story – bring on the shenanigans!

Overall, Kalamba Games has done an excellent job at creating a compelling and engaging slot experience. Despite the slightly lower RTP, Cashpot Kegs manages to keep us hooked with its exciting gameplay and generous payouts. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a spin, and you may just end up with a barrel full of cash – or more!


How many betting options are there in Cashpot Kegs?

There are 4 betting options in Cashpot Kegs.

What are the special symbols in Cashpot Kegs?

The special symbols in Cashpot Kegs are Bonus symbols and stars and coins that increase your chances of multiplying and winning the jackpot.

Can you purchase the bonus game in Cashpot Kegs?

Yes, you can purchase the bonus game in Cashpot Kegs. It is the most interesting part of the game, and you have 4 options to choose from.

What is the jackpot feature in Cashpot Kegs?

The jackpot feature in Cashpot Kegs is the Cashpot, which you can win by getting a certain number of gold coins on the reels per spin.

What is the RTP of Cashpot Kegs?

The RTP of Cashpot Kegs is 95%, which is slightly below average.

Is Cashpot Kegs a simple slot game?

Yes, Cashpot Kegs is a simple slot game, which is easy to understand and play.

Is it easy to win the jackpot in Cashpot Kegs?

No, it’s not easy to win the jackpot in Cashpot Kegs. You need to be lucky and patient enough to trigger the bonus game or purchase it.

Can you play Cashpot Kegs on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play Cashpot Kegs on mobile devices, as it has been optimized for mobile use.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay with classic grid structure
  • Interesting betting options and multipliers
  • Exciting bonus game feature with free spins and wild multipliers
  • Cashpot feature adds excitement and potential for big wins

What we don’t like

  • RTP is slightly below average at 95%
  • Minimal graphics with basic symbols
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