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Queen of Treasure





Queen of Treasure

Queen of Treasure

Hold on to your hats because Queen of Treasure is about to take you on a wild ride! With its 5 game reels and 25 paylines, this online slot game offers a bet range of 0.25 to 100 per single spin. And let's be honest, nothing's more exciting than placing those bets and crossing your fingers for a big payout.

But don't worry, the Queen has got your back. The Cleopatra Wild symbol is there to help create winning combinations, increasing your chances of winning big. Plus, with the Scatter symbol, you can trigger the Wheel of Fortune bonus game, where players can win up to 35 free spins. Multipliers up to 10x for Jolly are also up for grabs. Talk about hitting the jackpot! And if that wasn't enough, you can reactivate the function with another 3 extra Scatters to get another 15 spins with the same multipliers. Let's just say, you won't want to leave the throne of this game anytime soon.

Graphics Worth of a Pharaoh

Prepare your eyes to be dazzled with the graphic and design of Queen of Treasure slot game! Gong Gaming, the developer behind this Egyptian-themed extravaganza, hit the jackpot with its unique art style. With beautiful renderings of Cleopatra and other symbols such as the Lotus Flower, Scarabs, Eye of Ra, Horus and Bastet there’s plenty of eye candy here.

The royal cards from nine to Ace were polished to perfection – no rough edges here. They complete the symbols that pay the most, and are arguably some of the prettiest royalty you'll ever see. And let’s not forget about the slithery snake that hits the line every once in a while, adding a nice touch that will make you hiss in excitement!

RTP and Potential Winnings: Is Queen of Treasure Worth a Spin?

So, you're ready to throw in a few coins, roll some reels and try your luck with Queen of Treasure. Let's talk about the payout first. The RTP of the game stands at 95.50%, which is not too shabby, but it could be better. On the upside, the slot is capable of generating huge wins! And we do mean HUGE. The game holds the potential to reward lucky players with up to 2,500,000 credits, which is equivalent to a whopping 25,000x the original bet. Jackpot, baby!

But don't get too excited. Queen of Treasure's volatility is not for the faint of heart. While this slot can make your wildest dreams come true, it can also send your bankroll down the drain in no time. So, unless you're as bold and daring as the queen herself, make sure to manage your bets and play responsibly, okay?

Why Queen of Treasure Reigns Supreme Among Egyptian-Themed Slots

Let's face it, there are more Egyptian-themed slot games floating around out there than grains of sand in the Sahara. But fear not, dear readers, for Queen of Treasure takes the cake - pyramid cake, that is. Not only are the graphics and design top-notch, but the Wheel of Fortune bonus game is like finding a secret tomb filled with gold. And if you're a fan of riches, keep an eye out for the Cleopatra Wild symbol, which delivers more rewards than a pharaoh's treasure trove. Just don't let the lower volatility of the game mummify your bankroll - it may not be as wild as promised.


What is the return to player (RTP) of Queen of Treasure?

The RTP of Queen of Treasure is 95.50%, which is slightly lower than expected.

What is the maximum credit you can win in Queen of Treasure?

You can potentially win up to 2,500,000 credits in Queen of Treasure, which translates to a return of 25,000x the bet.

What is the bet range in Queen of Treasure?

The bet range in Queen of Treasure is from a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 100 per single spin.

What is the Cleopatra Wild in Queen of Treasure and how does it affect gameplay?

The Cleopatra Wild is a symbol in Queen of Treasure that helps create winning combinations and improve the magnitude of prizes won.

What is the Scatter symbol in Queen of Treasure?

The Scatter symbol in Queen of Treasure helps activate the Wheel of Fortune bonus round when you get 3 or more of them on the reels.

What happens during the Wheel of Fortune bonus round in Queen of Treasure?

During the Wheel of Fortune bonus round in Queen of Treasure, a wheel spins and awards players with up to 35 free spins and multipliers up to 10x for the Cleopatra Wild symbol.

What is the volatility of Queen of Treasure?

The volatility of Queen of Treasure is lower than expected, so it's important to be careful when betting despite its potential for big wins.

What are the main symbols in Queen of Treasure?

The main symbols in Queen of Treasure include Cleopatra as the Wild, the Lotus Flower, Scarabs, Eye of Ra, Horus, Bastet, and playing card symbols ranging from 9 to Ace.

What we like

  • Impressive graphics and design
  • Unique twist on an Egyptian-themed slot game
  • Exciting Wheel of Fortune bonus game
  • Potential for big winnings

What we don't like

  • Lower volatility than expected
  • Slightly lower RTP
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