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Monster Madness





Monster Madness

Monster Madness

Are you ready for a howling good time? Look no further than Monster Madness, an easy-to-play slot game that's perfect for newbies and veterans alike. With three reels and eight paylines, you'll be spinning your way to fun and (potentially) fortune in no time! And with a low betting requirement, even those on a budget can get in on the action. Who needs expensive vacations when you can experience the excitement of Monster Madness from the comfort of your own couch?

This game has its own Wild side--symbol, that is! The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols on the reels (except the Scatter) to help you achieve big wins. Talk about a monster assistant!


Monster Madness is full of colorful monsters with different values. It's like a crowded Halloween party, but with more money involved. Keep an eye out for the orange monster, it's the highest value monster and can give you up to 24 times your wager if it appears on all three reels. Don't be fooled by the cute little blue monsters, they may be small, but they still pack a punch. They pay out three times the stake, so they're still worth your time.

Payouts: Not the Biggest, but Definitely the Smallest

Don't expect to strike it rich with Monster Madness, unless your definition of riches include winning a few bucks at a time. The payouts are on the lower side, but it's a good choice for players who prefer winning frequently over winning big. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a slot game that's just plain fun?

Let the Game Play Itself With Autoplay!

Do you ever get tired of constantly clicking the Spin button? Well, Monster Madness has you covered with its Autoplay feature! Now you can sit back, relax and watch the monsters do their thing without lifting a finger.

Not only does this feature save you from some unwanted clicking, but it also allows you to multitask while playing. You can catch up on your favorite TV show or treat yourself to a snack while the game plays automatically.

Design: The Monsters Are Here to Party!

Get ready to step into a futuristic world where skyscrapers stretch as far as you can see, and the sky is smokier than a 90's grunge concert. But don't worry, the monsters here are just looking to party - and they're bringing the noise to Monster Madness!

While the graphics may not be the latest and greatest in terms of 3D animations or groundbreaking special effects, the monsters themselves are well-designed and ooze personality. They add an amusing and entertaining element to the game that will keep you coming back for more.

Despite not having the most innovative visuals, Monster Madness is still a well-crafted and visually appealing game. And honestly, who needs 3D graphics when you've got monsters who know how to throw down?


How many reels does Monster Madness have?

Monster Madness has 3 reels.

How many paylines are there in Monster Madness?

Monster Madness has 8 paylines.

What is the Return to Player percentage of Monster Madness?

The Return to Player percentage of Monster Madness is 95.3%.

What are the key features of Monster Madness?

Monster Madness includes scatter and wild symbols, and the potential to get many free spins.

What are the symbols in Monster Madness?

The symbols in Monster Madness include different coloured cute monsters that hold different values for a winning combination.

What is the Wild symbol in Monster Madness?

The Wild symbol in Monster Madness is represented by a sort of badge with the word 'Wild' inside it. It substitutes for all others except the Scatter to complete a winning combination.

What is the Scatter symbol in Monster Madness?

The Scatter symbol in Monster Madness is represented by a green eye, and it allows the player to obtain several free spins.

Is Monster Madness suitable for players looking to win big?

No, Monster Madness is more suitable for players looking for small but regular wins and entertainment rather than the possibility of obtaining substantial earnings.

What we like

  • Simple yet fun gameplay
  • Affordable betting requirement
  • Wild symbol for increased winning potential
  • Autoplay option for convenience

What we don't like

  • Small payouts
  • Lack of 3D animations or unique special effects
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