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Fairy Dust Extreme





Fairy Dust Extreme

Fairy Dust Extreme

Fairy Dust Extreme is not your ordinary slot game. It is a magical world full of creatures and wonders beyond your wildest imagination. The game has five reels and 20 paylines, catering to both casual players and high rollers alike.

The symbols in the game are beautifully designed, with mushrooms, plants, and flowers adding to the enchanting atmosphere. But watch out for the small creatures, as they can be quite mischievous. And of course, the fairies are the most valuable symbols in the game, with their magic dust granting you amazing wins.

Speaking of magic, the game also has Wild symbols that can substitute for any other symbols to create winning combinations. And keep an eye out for the Free Spins symbols, as they can reward you with plenty of extra spins.

But the real fun begins with the unique bonus features that Fairy Dust Extreme has to offer. These features can trigger at any time and provide you with massive wins and hilarious animations. Get ready to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion and entertainment.

In conclusion, Fairy Dust Extreme is a fantastic slot game that is sure to put a smile on your face. With its charming graphics and fun bonus features, you will never get bored playing this game. Give it a spin and see for yourself!


Fairy Dust Extreme is a fantasy-themed online slot game with impressive graphics and animations that immerse the player in a fairy-tale-like cinematic experience.

You know when you look at something and your jaw immediately drops? That's exactly how you'll feel when you start playing Fairy Dust Extreme! The graphics are so stunning that you'll feel like you're watching an animated movie by Pixar.

Even the most insignificant details of the game are incredibly well-designed. The sparkly, magical dust that flies around the screen as you play will have you mesmerized.

The game's graphics and animations are so mind-blowing that they make you forget you're not flying through the air, casting spells with a magic wand. It's no surprise that Fairy Dust Extreme is one of the best fantasy-themed games available on the market currently.

Bonus Features

Are you ready to be dazzled by some bonus features? Well, hold onto your wings, because Fairy Dust Extreme is about to take you on a magical journey where free spins just got a lot more exciting!

As soon as you join the game, you'll be greeted by some charming fairy characters. Each of them has its unique bonus feature, making the gameplay even more unpredictable. The golden fairy, for instance, expands to become a Wild symbol that helps you form winning combinations with ease. It's almost like having your very own fairy godmother!

And that's not all! The ruby fairy is a sassy little thing that turns all low-paying symbols into medium-paying ones. It's refreshing to see a fairy that doesn't play by the rules and likes to mix things up a bit. The sapphire fairy is yet another unique character that turns all low-paying symbols into Wild symbols, increasing your chances of winning even more!

But don't forget about the Wild symbols, which are already buzzing with energy. These symbols substitute all other symbols on the reels. So, if you're one symbol short of that big payout, a Wild symbol might just pop up to save the day. Talk about a game that's full of surprises!

RTP: Return to Pretty Bonuses

How do you know if a slot game is right for you? By taking a look at the RTP. Fairy Dust Extreme offers an RTP of 96.63%, so get ready for some decent returns. It's like getting paid for believing in a fairy tale! Admittedly, while you won't break the bank, you can still win enough to keep the magic going. Experienced gamblers will love this as it provides an estimate of their winning potential and frequency of jumbo fortune. It's no myth -- Fairy Dust Extreme's RTP can make your dreams come true!

Not into feeling like a gambler without a clue? Then this is the slot game for you. With every turn, you get closer to living like a fairy princess. Yep, it's that simple. Ready to dust off your gaming tactics and put them to the test? You'll fall under the Fairy Dust Extreme's RTP spell before you know it.

Betting Limits

Fairy Dust Extreme is a slot game that truly understands its player base. Whether you're a cautious gambler looking to maximize your winnings while minimizing your risks, or a daring high roller ready to go all-in, this game has got you covered.

With a minimum bet of just 0.2 coins, even the most budget-conscious players can jump in on the magical fairy fun. And for those willing to take a little bit more of a risk, the maximum bet of 80 coins provides plenty of opportunities for big wins.

Perhaps the best thing about Fairy Dust Extreme's betting limits, though, is the flexibility it offers. With the ability to manually control your bets throughout each round, you can adjust according to your gut and maximize your winnings, however you prefer to play.

All in all, if you're looking for a game that caters to a wide range of skill levels and playing styles, Fairy Dust Extreme has got you covered. So strap in, hold onto your fairy wings, and get ready to experience some truly extreme wins!


What is the RTP of Fairy Dust Extreme?

The RTP of Fairy Dust Extreme is 96.63%, which is a good indicator of its winning probability.

What is the minimum and maximum bet on Fairy Dust Extreme?

The minimum bet on Fairy Dust Extreme is 0.2 coins, and the maximum bet is 80 coins.

What are the symbols in Fairy Dust Extreme?

The symbols in Fairy Dust Extreme include mushrooms, plants, flowers, small creatures, and fairies, with fairies being the most lucrative symbols.

Are there any free spins in Fairy Dust Extreme?

Yes, there are free spins in Fairy Dust Extreme that are triggered by landing three, four, or five fairies.

What bonus features do the fairies offer in Fairy Dust Extreme?

Each fairy in Fairy Dust Extreme offers its unique bonus feature during the free spins round. For example, the golden fairy becomes an expanding Wild, the ruby fairy makes all low-paying symbols medium, and the sapphire fairy turns all low paying symbols into Wilds.

Is Fairy Dust Extreme suitable for cautious and risky gamblers?

Yes, Fairy Dust Extreme caters to both cautious and risky gamblers with a minimum bet of 0.2 coins and a maximum bet of 80 coins.

Does Spinmatic offer a demo feature for Fairy Dust Extreme?

Yes, Spinmatic offers a demo feature for Fairy Dust Extreme that allows players to enjoy the game for fun without financial obligations.

What makes Fairy Dust Extreme stand out from other online slot games?

Fairy Dust Extreme stands out from other online slot games due to its high-quality graphics, exciting bonus features, and the chance of making decent returns.

What we like

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Impressive graphics and animations
  • Exciting bonus features
  • Decent RTP

What we don't like

  • May not promise massive wins
  • Limited betting limits
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