Genie's Palace

by High 5 Games

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RTP 96%

Volatility HIGH


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Slot review

Genie's Palace
RTP 96%
Volatility HIGH

Genie’s Palace

Genie’s Palace

Step into the magical world of Genie’s Palace, where you’ll find everything you need to take your online slot gaming experience to the next level. This slot game features a traditional structure, with a game grid composed of 5 reels and 5 rows, that will surely keep you entertained for hours on end.

One of the most exciting aspects of Genie’s Palace is the abundance of paylines on offer. With 25 paylines, players are able to make bets ranging from 25 cents up to a maximum of $75, giving you the chance to hit it big and walk away with a significant payout.

Despite the high volatility of the game, the captivating features and unique gameplay mechanics make it worth your time and effort. With potentially rewarding wins of up to 2,000 times the value of the bet, you never know when the magical genie will grant your wish. So, do you have the guts to give the reels a spin and see what destiny awaits?

And while we’re on the topic of wishes, here’s a little secret we learned from the genie himself – rubbing the laptop screen doesn’t work! We tried it, and all we got was a smudged screen and a laugh from the guy next to us (who also didn’t hit it big).

Symbols and Paylines

Are you ready to dive into the world of Genie’s Palace and uncover riches beyond your wildest dreams? With a variety of symbols and paylines, this slot game promises plenty of excitement and entertainment.

The symbols on the reels are represented by a series of differently colored diamonds, each with their unique value. But, let’s be honest, we’re all waiting for the treasure-filled chest, turban, and magic carpet symbols to show up. The magic carpet is the top-paying icon, and it’s no wonder why – who wouldn’t want to ride off into the sunset on a luxurious flying carpet?

The Wild symbol in this game comes in the form of sparkling, colorful gems. Not only does it act as a substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations, but it can also give you a significant payout when it appears on the reels. Talk about a gem of a symbol!

In short, Genie’s Palace is a game that knows how to take care of its players. With plenty of unique symbols and exciting paylines, you’ll never be bored spinning those reels. So, grab your turban, hop on the magic carpet, and start spinning those reels. Who knows what riches you’ll uncover?

Get Ready for a Wild Ride with Genie’s Palace Slot Game

Genie’s Palace offers a thrilling slot game experience that you won’t soon forget. But be warned, this is not a game for the faint of heart. With very high volatility, you’ll find yourself experiencing many losses before hitting it big. It’s like riding a rollercoaster, but instead of screams, there’s the sound of spinning reels and clinking coins.

But hey, that’s what makes it all the more exciting, right? It’s like playing the lottery but with much better odds. And when you do hit a winning combination, oh boy, is it worth it! With the potential to win up to 2,000 times the value of your bet, it’s like striking gold. Just make sure you’re sitting down when it happens because you might just faint from excitement.

In a way, Genie’s Palace is like your own personal genie in a bottle. You might have to rub it the right way a few times before you get what you want, but when you do, it’s like magic.

Special Symbols And Bonuses

If you’re looking for a slot game that offers exciting bonuses and rewards, then Genie’s Palace is the perfect pick for you. This game has plenty of special symbols and features that can help you win big.

One of the most exciting features in Genie’s Palace is the Wild symbol. This symbol can substitute for any regular symbol on the reels, helping you create winning combinations.

In addition to the Wild symbol, there are other special symbols in Genie’s Palace that allow access to extra features and award free spins and rich multipliers. And let me tell you, getting your hands on those multipliers is like hitting the jackpot…literally.

Speaking of jackpots, when you collect 12 or more Wild symbols on the game grid, the jackpot feature is activated, and the highest prize of 2,000 times the bet is awarded. So with some luck and a little bit of genie magic, you could be well on your way to a very generous payout!

RTP and Demo Version

Ready to win some cash and feel like an Arabian Nights hero? Look no further than Genie’s Palace! This online casino game has a theoretical return to the player (RTP) of 96%, which is right on par with most other casino slots. You might not be able to rub a magic lamp and make all your financial dreams come true, but with an RTP like that, you’ll certainly have a shot at making some serious cash.

But what about those players who want to take Genie’s Palace for a test-drive before diving in with their hard-earned money? No worries! This game also has a demo version that allows players to try it out for free! That’s right – you can play Genie’s Palace without spending a single penny, and you don’t even need to register to do so. It’s like getting three wishes from the genie himself!


What is the RTP of Genie’s Palace?

The theoretical return to the player (RTP) of Genie’s Palace is 96%, which is in line with the average.

What is the maximum payout of Genie’s Palace?

The maximum payout of Genie’s Palace is 2,000 times the value of the bet.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Genie’s Palace?

You can place bets ranging from 25 cents up to a maximum of $75.

What is the structure of Genie’s Palace?

Genie’s Palace is a slot machine with a traditional structure, with a game grid composed of 5 reels and 5 rows.

What is the volatility of Genie’s Palace?

Genie’s Palace is characterized by very high volatility, which means you may experience a significant number of losses before obtaining potentially rewarding wins.

Is there a free demo version of Genie’s Palace?

Yes, you can play a demo version of Genie’s Palace for free and without registration.

What is the theme of Genie’s Palace?

Genie’s Palace has an oriental theme, inspired by the story of Aladdin and the genie of the lamp.

What are the special symbols of Genie’s Palace?

The special symbols of Genie’s Palace allow access to extra features and award free spins and rich multipliers.

What we like

  • Traditional slot machine structure
  • High volatility with rewarding wins
  • Special symbols and bonuses
  • Demo version available for free play

What we don’t like

  • Potential for significant number of losses
  • Limited paylines
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