Aldo's Journey

by Yggdrasil

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RTP 96.5%

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Aldo's Journey
RTP 96.5%
Volatility MED

Aldo’s Journey

Aldo’s Journey

Are you ready to embark on a journey like no other? In Aldo’s Journey, players get to explore four different regions: Italy, China, Persia, and Mongolia. Each region comes with its unique set of bonuses and features that make the gameplay even more thrilling.

Aldo’s Journey takes you on a cultural adventure, allowing you to experience the unique landscapes and culture of each region. You can almost taste the Italian cuisine and smell the Chinese teas as you progress through the different levels.

Let’s start with Italy, where players get to encounter different Italian landmarks, such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many more. The Italy region also offers multipliers, sticky wilds, and free spins.

The China region allows you to venture through various historic temples and monuments while earning bonus rounds, free spins, and multiplier features. But be careful; the Great Wall of China is not the only obstacle to get through in this region.

Persia brings you to the ancient city of Persepolis, where you get to enjoy the magnificent palace and beautiful gardens. The Persian region offers extra wilds and progressive multipliers, making it easier for you to hit the jackpot.

Lastly, the Mongolia region allows you to explore the vast Gobi desert and the Mongolian steppes. You can trigger free spins and multipliers in this region while discovering the unique culture and traditional costumes of the Mongolian people.

Aldo’s Journey is an adventure that combines history, culture, and entertainment, all in one game. So pack your backpack and join Aldo in his journey around the world, as you collect rewards and bonuses along the way.

Graphics and Symbols

The graphics in Aldo’s Journey are so good, they’ll make you forget about the fact that you’re losing money. Just kidding! But seriously, the cartoonish style is well-defined and every detail is perfect.

The symbols on the grid are just as simple, but they still manage to look awesome. You’ve got coins, diamonds, and of course the Wild and Scatter symbols. The diamonds offer different multipliers, which range from 0.2x all the way up to 2x. So if you’re lucky enough to hit a diamond, you could be looking at some serious winnings!

But let’s talk about the Wild and Scatter symbols. The golden coin symbol with the W is the Wild symbol. It’s like the unicorn of the slot game world – pretty rare, but oh so magical. Why? Because it can replace any missing icon in order to help you achieve a winning combination. It’s like your own personal genie, granting you wishes left and right.

And then there’s the Scatter symbol, which is the compass. Not only is this symbol important for navigation, but it’s also important for winning big bucks. When you hit three or more Scatters, you activate the free spins feature. And who doesn’t love free stuff? Plus, during the free spins, Wilds are sticky, which means they stay in place for the duration of the feature.

Get Wild with the Symbols in Aldo’s Journey!

Hold onto your hats, folks – Aldo’s Journey is about to take you on ride you won’t forget! The game’s Wild symbol, a golden coin with the letter W, is your ticket to major payouts. Bow down to the power of the Wild symbol, as it replaces any other icon on the grid to help you hit that winning combination you’ve been dreaming of. With the Wild symbol in your corner, you’ll never be left hanging again.

The Scatter symbol, a handy compass, is here to save the day and activate the elusive free spins feature. Spin the reels right and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with plenty of free spins to keep the fun going. And keep your eyes peeled, because the Wild symbol can also transform to match Aldo’s location. In China, the Wild symbol will act as Aldo and unlock some seriously sweet winnings. And in Persia, a Sticky Wild may appear, which is a Wild symbol that can remain on the grid for several spins. Now that’s what we call a journey worth taking!

Difficulty Level

If you’re a seasoned gambler who craves a challenge, Aldo’s Journey is your new game. Get ready to go on an adventure with Aldo that will test your skills. From unique features to exciting bonuses that come with each region, this game requires players to put on their thinking caps and strategize to win. But no need to shy away from the challenge! The game’s difficulty level is moderate, giving you a well-balanced experience of thrill and entertainment.

Even seasoned players who have only played traditional slot machines before will find Aldo’s Journey intuitive and simple to play. No need to call your mathematician friend to decipher complex rules and mechanics. Aldo’s Journey will have you spinning the reels in no time!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in with Aldo and take a spin on the wild side. Win or lose, it’s bound to be an adventure, filled with laughs and, eventually, tears. Jokes, we’re kidding; no tears in this game, only winnings!


What is Aldo’s Journey?

Aldo’s Journey is a slot machine produced by Yggdrasil with a protagonist named Aldo on an adventure.

What are the graphics like in Aldo’s Journey?

The graphics are well-defined and feature four different settings: Italy, China, Persia, and Mongolia.

What are the symbols used in Aldo’s Journey?

The symbols used are diamonds, coins, a Wild symbol (golden coin with the W), and a Scatter symbol (the compass).

What is the purpose of the Wild symbol in Aldo’s Journey?

The Wild symbol replaces any missing icon to achieve a winning combination.

What is the purpose of the Scatter symbol in Aldo’s Journey?

The Scatter symbol enables you to get free spins.

What bonuses can be obtained in Italy in Aldo’s Journey?

In Italy, you start with a 2x multiplier, which increases by 1x on each slot spin.

What bonuses can be obtained in China in Aldo’s Journey?

In China, the multiplier increases by 2x each time, and Aldo acts as a wild symbol in addition to the existing one.

What bonuses can be obtained in Mongolia in Aldo’s Journey?

In Mongolia, every symbol that does not belong to a nearly winning combination is eliminated on each slot spin, and when only two are left, a multiplier is added.

What bonuses can be obtained in Persia in Aldo’s Journey?

In Persia, a Sticky Wild may appear, which is a Wild symbol that can remain on the grid for several spins.

What we like

  • Exciting gameplay with unique bonuses in each region
  • Four different regions to explore, offering diverse cultures and landscapes
  • Well-defined and detailed graphics with simple symbols
  • Moderate difficulty level, perfect for experienced gamblers

What we don’t like

  • Limited number of regions to explore
  • Cartoonish graphics may not appeal to all players
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